Causes of the Civil War & The Civil War 1820-1865

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Text of Causes of the Civil War & The Civil War 1820-1865

  • Causes of the Civil War& The Civil War


  • What was king in the South?


  • The invention of this machine in 1793 greatly increased cotton production in the South.

  • What was one reason that Southerners said they needed slavery?

    a) African-Americans should be treated like dogs b) Slavery was essential to the economy of the Southc) African-Americans wanted to be slavesd) Slaves would be paid for their work

  • Why did the admission of Missouri as a state cause an angry debate in Congress?

    a) it would allow states to decide on slaveryb) it would prohibit slavery in Missouri c) it would upset the balance of free and slave statesd) it would ban the international sale of slaves

  • Causes and Issue leading to the Civil War

  • Henry Clay suggested the Missouri Compromise which kept the balance of slave states and free states in 1820.

    A) Missouri became a slave stateB) Maine became a free stateC) slavery was prohibited in the North

  • Stephen A. Douglas suggested that popular sovereignty be used when Kansas and Nebraska became states in 1854 to let:A) These two states be slave statesB)These two states be free statesC)These states decide whether or not they wanted slavery

  • The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 guaranteed popular sovereignty for these states and by doing so threw out the Missouri Compromise.


  • _________ ________ helped many African-American slaves escape to the North as a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

    a) William Lloyd Garrisonb) Abraham Lincolnc) Harriet Tubmand) Dred Scott

  • This person was the best known Anglo abolitionist and publisher of the newspaper, The Liberator:

    William Lloyd Garrison

  • This former slave was the most well-known African American abolitionist and publisher of the newspaper, the North Star:

    Frederick Douglass

  • This important Supreme Court decision said that slaves were property and therefore had no rights under the Constitution:Dred Scott vs. Sandford (1854)Dred Scott was a slave who sued for his freedom after spending time with his master in a free state

  • This author of Uncle Toms Cabin showed how cruel slavery really could be by following the story of one slave who was traded from master to master:

    Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • Leaders during the Civil War

  • President of the United States-Abraham Lincoln

  • Lincolns election in 1860 caused the South Carolina and other Southern states to secede from the Confederate States of America

  • The main goal of Lincoln at the beginning of the war was to:

    Keep the Union together

  • The capital of the Union during the Civil War was located in Washington, D.C.

  • The President of the Confederate States of America:

    Jefferson Davis

  • Jefferson Davis

  • The capital of the Confederacy was located in __________, only about 100 miles from the Union capital. Richmond, Virginia

  • Commander of the Union Army during the Civil War: Ulysses S. Grant

  • Commander of the Confederate Army during the Civil War:

    Robert E. Lee

  • Events of the Civil War

  • Fort Sumter (in South Carolina) might be considered the first battle of the Civil War, fought in April of 1861.

  • The first major battle of the Civil War was fought just outside Washington, D.C.:1st Bull Run

  • 1st Bull Run

  • The bloodiest battle of the Civil War-Antietam (in Maryland)-about 20,000 men were killed or wounded on a single day-September, 1862

  • The ________ _________ by President Lincoln on January 1, 1863 was supposed to free all African-American slaves in the United States:

    Emancipation Proclamation

  • Up until July of 1863, the South won many of the major battles. Gettysburg (in Pennsylvania), the only major battle to be fought in the North, was the turning point of the War:

  • What speech was given by Lincoln a few months after Gettysburg to honor the dead? The Gettysburg Address

  • Vicksburg (Mississippi)-July 4th, 1863-Grant captures this city along the Mississippi River and divides the South into two separate regions

  • The Union tried to keep supplies out of Southern ports along the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic coast, and the Mississippi by ___________ them. A) blockadingB) bombardingC) taxingD) bribing

  • Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse,Virginia in April of 1865.

  • This event occurred on April 14th, 1865, just five days after Lee surrendered to Grant:

    Abraham Lincoln was assassinated

  • All of these were advantages for the Union EXCEPT:

    A) they didnt have many resourcesB) they didnt have many factories to produce weaponsC) they were unfamiliar with the territory where they foughtD) they didnt have many railroad tracks

  • What was one advantage for the South during the Civil War?

    a) they had a larger railway systemb) they had better generalsc) they had more factories

  • All of these were border states during the Civil War:A) KentuckyB) MissouriC) MarylandD) Delaware