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August 2012 newsletter issue

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  • As a part of gaining deeper knowledge and skill in the latest carpet cleaning techniques, Guillermo Simpsom, manager of Special Services, participated in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification course. The course is designed to teach the art and science of carpet cleaning to professional service providers, as well as others in related industries. The emphasis of this course is placed on practical application, identifying fiber, yarn and carpet constructions, style types and finishes, soiling conditions, cleaning science and methodology, and other issues and concerns faced by individuals who maintain and clean installed broadloom carpet.The first critical component in programmed maintenance and cleaning is routine vacuum-ing coupled with rapid response to spots and spills. Carpet serves as a sink or collection point for everything that is tracked in or settles from the air. Ultimately, however, even the best maintained carpet must be thoroughly cleaned to empty the sink.Professionals who participate in this program can earn the cleantrust-certified logo and have the equipment, training and experience not only to empty the sink, but also to restore the color and beauty of commercial carpet, while improving overall indoor environ-mental quality in the building.Cavalier Special Services is equipped not only with the latest technology in carpet cleaning but also with techniques to tackle any type of carpet or floor cleaning, maintenance and restoration. Not all carpet stains are equal and knowing how to treat it not only makes a difference in the service but also in our ability to accurately estimate the associated costs, labor and time.

    2722 Merrilee Drive, Suite 300 Fairfax, VA 22031Phone: 703.849.1100 Toll-Free: 888.57.CLEAN Fax: 703.849.1116

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    Special Services

    TeamMates Issue 03 Late Summer 2012

    And the Awards

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    Giving Bright Minds

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    Rohan Construction Group, Inc. has been providing quality services for your projects for over 10 years. We stand by our commitment to high quality work and customer satisfaction. We provide a wide range of general contracting, painting, and renovation services. Whether its a building/home that needs a fresh coat of paint, or in need of more extensive repairs such as framing, or problems caused by water damage, we have the expert painters and carpenters to get the job done on time and on budget.Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

    Construction ServicesEmbracing Certification of TeamMates

    By Bill Warnecki

    When I think about Cavalier differentiators from our competitors, I always think about the profes-sional achievements of our staff in obtaining industry certifications through BSCAI (Building Services Contractors Association International). RBSM (Registered Building Service Manager) and CBSE (Certified Building Service Executive) designations are symbols of excellence in the building services industry. Only building service professionals demonstrating the desire to excel and proven industry competence earn these designations. In keeping with Cavaliers continuous improvement philosophy, RBSM and CBSE certifications are required of Operations TeamMates at all management levels. Applicants who meet length of service requirements must successfully complete and pass a comprehensive full-day examination. The examination covers all aspects of building service contracting including, management, customer, employee and Union relations, chemicals and chemistry, and industry technology. As Facility and Property Managers, why not ask your service contractors for their accomplish-ments? What they have done for their industry and what they have learned that could help you as the manager of assets? Plumbers, electricians, elevator techs all need certification to work in their respective trade, so why not janitorial providers? You ask your property management team members to participate in real estate industry certifications such as CFM (Certified Facility Manager) and RPA (Real Property Administrators). Why not hold your entire team to the same professional standard, including your janitorial managers?I know that the professionalism of our Team is a big differentiator, but I think about it more for the personal standpoint of how proud I am of our Operations team the time, effort and commitment it takes to achieve these certifications. Cavalier embraces the certification process and has put more TeamMates through the process than any other U.S. building services contactor. Turn the page to see the TeamMates who hold the CBSE and RBSM designations.

    Corporate Office2722 Merrilee Drive

    Suite 300Fairfax, VA 22031703.849.1100

    Executive TeamKevin Rohan, CBSE

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bill Warnecki, CBSEPresident

    Paul RenickChief Financial Officer

    Maria TuerosHuman Resources Manager

    Linda Pendergrass, CQMDirector of Performance Management

    Karen Castro Graphic Designer/ Marketing Coordinator

    Regional DirectorsJohn Dublin, RBSM

    Northern Virginia Region

    Sam You, RBSMMaryland Region

    TBDSouthern Virginia Region

    Dorel Watley, RBSMWashington, D.C. Region

    Jeffrey Ritz, RBSMNorth Carolina Region

    Business Development TeamJulie Greaf

    Metropolitan Region

    Johnny AdkinsNorth Carolina Region

    Christina Karnilowicz Market Research Analyst

    TEAMMATESA quarterly publication produced by Cavalier Services, Inc., designed to enhance communication lines and foster a cooperative environment through-out the community of client partners, TeamMates, and vendors. Articles and information for submission should be accompanied by author name and may be mailed or e-mailed. Please send your feedback, comments or suggestions to the editor at: Cavalier Services, Inc., 2722 Merrilee Drive, Suite 300, Fairfax, Virginia 22031 or 2012, Cavalier Services, Inc.

  • Green Corner

    TeamMates Issue 03 Late Summer 2012 7TeamMates Issue 03 Late Summer 2012

    Giving bright minds a chance

    By Maria Cece Tueros

    On July 24, Cavalier Services awarded the 2012 Kylie Page Warnecki Scholarship to two winners.The first winner, Estela Velasquez, is the daughter of Arabela Velasquez, who works as a part-time Teammate at Canal Center properties. Estela graduated from Mount Vernon High School in May 2012, holding a GPA of 4.017. She will attend Virginia Tech University in the fall of 2012.Estela was involved in numerous school activities and organizations, including: the Student Government Association as class Treasurer, Secretary of the National Spanish Honor Society, member of the History Honor Society, member of the Ecology Club, President of Ritmo Latino, and representative of the Latino Leadership Group.Estela was awarded The National History Day Regional, The Pamplin Leader Award and The Academic Excellence IB Spanish. In addition, her community activities include tutoring elementary school students and helping out the environment by picking up trash along the Potomac River.The second winner is William Perdomo, the son of Lillian Perdomo, who serves as our night building supervisor at GenVec properties. William will be attending the University of Maryland as a full time student this fall while working part-time to support his educational goals. William works as a part-time teller at BB&T, he likes to devote his free time to his church youth group and weightlifting club.Cavalier Services congratulates Estela and William for their great educational achievements!

    We all know how beneficial to indoor air quality plants are. At Edmonton International Airport in Canada this concept was taken further. A gorgeous living green wall was installed making the interior of the airport more beautiful and healthier. Created by the Vancouver-based Green Over Grey, it features 8,000 plants representing 32 different species. The plant installation, which is a true work of art, cleans the air from CO2 and pollutants.No soil is used in the project, as the walls are completely hydroponic, and they are monitored closely to ensure that every part receives the right amount of water. The rigid waterproof eco-panels are made from post consumer food grade plastic such as milk jugs, plastic bags, soda bottles, etc. and the moss mimicking rooting material is made from recycled fibres from the textile industry. Most of the species are plants that NASA has proven substantially improve indoor air quality are included.

    From left to right: Bill Warnecki, Estela Velasquez, William Perdomo and Maria Cece Tueros

    the following Customers to our growing list of Cavalier Partners:Cavalier Welcomes

    Powhatan Medical

    Cavalier staff with BSCAI certifications

    In the process of obtaining certification


  • TeamMates Issue 03 Late Summer 2012 3TeamMates Issue 03 Late Summer 2012 6

    Sightseeing: Cleaning is a thing of the pastFor those living in the Washington Metro area, wonderful museums abound. From art, science, history to space, there is a museum for every member of the family. But did you know that in Pocatello, Idaho, there is a 50,000 square foot museum dedicated to cleaning? This massive brick structure that dates back to 1916, houses thou-sands of artifacts, equipment, paintings, sculptures and art from around the world that is cleaning related. This unique collection began when the museun owner, Don Aslett, founder and cha