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CBHS Cricket Club. Player welfare and preseason conditioning programme. The Problem. See PowerPoint from Blair Jarratt (Physio South) CBHS example… Grayson Papatua Alex Hooper Mike Vorster Harry Betty Alex Boyle And others?. Objectives. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • CBHS Cricket Club

    Player welfare and preseason conditioning programme

  • The ProblemSee PowerPoint from Blair Jarratt (Physio South)CBHS exampleGrayson PapatuaAlex HooperMike VorsterHarry BettyAlex BoyleAnd others?...

  • ObjectivesTo educate parents, coaches and PLAYERS, about the risks associated with bowling workloadsDecrease the frequency of stress fractures or stress responses within our bowlersEngrain good habits and change the training culture of our players (top down process)Limit the number of shoulder and elbow injuries caused by poor throwing technique and improve throwing quality

  • The PlanDevelop and implement a pre-season (PREHAB) programme for all our leading players at all year levels3 componentsCore training: Generic programme for all players. Immediate start. Leading onto more specific or advanced work later.Throwing programme: Also for all players. August startBowling loading: Pace and spin bowlers. Begin early August

  • BarriersWinter sports commitmentsPlayers must still maintain all requirements of winter sports and complete this programme as an extraClash of seasons policyCould be avoided when you sell it with player welfare in mindOther strength programmes overloadingTalk to Martin Stokes and get him to supervise players and ensure that this is the priority for cricketersOther winter training programmesIncrease communication with CCA to manage players. Some responsibility will lie with the players themselves here

  • What I need to make this workBuy in! If we are going to do this we need to do it well. i.e. Boys MUST start counting their deliveries and commit to doing the sometimes boring and arduous exercises. Coaches MUST adhere to guidelines! Parents MUST understand why little Johnny isnt bowling this week!All players (parents) will need to purchase:Bungee - I can buy and supply for small chargeSoftball mit $60-$200 depending on quality (I have a limited supply of poor quality mits so this is optional but is now becoming part of a cricketers kit bag)Umpires counter (good for bowlers to keep track of balls bowled)A spaceWhere will I do this? Gyms? Tennis courts? New nets in good weather? May need some new composite balls for indoor