CBSE SCIENCE PROJECT - Nirmal Bhartia .CBSE SCIENCE PROJECT . Objectives •Understand nutritional

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Text of CBSE SCIENCE PROJECT - Nirmal Bhartia .CBSE SCIENCE PROJECT . Objectives...

  • Driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition, the

    students of classes IX and XI developed a low cost

    nutritional supplement



  • Objectives Understand nutritional requirements and relate early

    childhood and school age dietary needs and choices

    with deficiency diseases.

    Explore low cost nutritious food supplements.

    Develop a recipe book and formulate an alternative to

    expensive health drinks.

    Illustrate facts about good and bad eating habits.

  • Research

    Students collected news articles and researched how

    dietary deficiencies impair childrens physical,

    mental and cognitive development and also their

    impact on survival rates.

  • Figures given are in percentage of the total population.

  • Students analyzed the relation of deficiency diseases with

    wealth index and dietary habits.

    Parameters were defined to diagnose various deficiencies and

    the data was analyzed to relate early childhood with school

    age nutritional needs and dietary choices.

  • Deficiency diseases and their


    Vitamin Deficiency Disease Symptoms

    Vitamin-A Night blindness Poor vision

    Vitamin-B Beriberi Weak muscles


    Scurvy Bleeding gums


    Rickets Soft and brittle bones

  • Mineral Deficiency Disease Symptoms

    Iron Anemia Weakness

    Iodine Goiter Swollen glands of neck,

    weight loss

    Calcium Decay of bones and teeth Weak bones, decaying teeth

    Deficiency diseases and their


  • Recipe Book

    The students also

    put together their

    own recipe book of

    low cost nutritious

    food items.


    Extensive research

    was done on the

    nutrients present in

    health supplements

    available in the

    market, on the basis

    of which, we

    developed our own

    health supplement.

  • Ingredients :

    Wheat flour(Whole)-100 g.

    Bengal gram (Roasted & de-husked)-30 g.

    Groundnut(Roasted)-20 g.



    Ragi -70g

    Roasted til powder-10g


    Salt -A pinch

  • Recipe

    1. Roast wheat flour.

    2. Remove the skin of groundnut.

    3. Crush chidwa and soyabean and mix with


    4. Make powder of roasted Bengal grams and

    groundnut. Mix with Wheat flour thoroughly.

    5. Add til powder.

    6. Store in an airtight container.

  • Nutritive Value Per 100 gms :

    Calories 377

    Protein 16.1 g.

    Iron 5.54 mg.

    Carotene 41 .93 g.

    Cost per packet: Rs. 125 for 500 grams.