CCBPL Can Help Me Fulfill My Dreams by Doing Many Things

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CCBPL can help me fulfill my dreams by doing many things:

1. Help me recognize what my potential is and what steps I can take to gain the maximum benefit of my potential. 2. Educate me on being responsibile and treat me in a manner that will promote a healthy attitude on life that is respectful not only to myself but to everyone that I come in contact with. 3. Allow me to be an individual and to grow. Knowing that in order to learn some of lifes lessons we need to make mistakes and when I do, offer constructinve positive criticism without judging me. 4. When I am not feeling good about myself help me realize that regardless of how bad something may seem, that there is always someone who is worse off than I am and that in time all things will pass. 5. Guide me do not try and control me. Is it no true if you grab ahold of someone their natural reaction is to pull away and if you chase someone they usually will run away. Help me understand that in order for me to receive I must give. But do not give if you are doing so with the expectation of something in return. I must give with no expectation of receiving anything and I must give from the heart. 6. Help me stay on track and if I start to slip pull me up and let me know because sometimes we get so focused on something that we forget about all of the things that got us to this point in our life. 7. Help promote me in having faith in what I am doing. Encourage me to give it my best do not allow me to give up because I failed. You cannot experience sucess until you have experienced failure they go hand in hand. And last but not least believe in me, be trust in me and have faith and hope that I will become the best possible person that I am capable of and help me to help others. We teach what we need to learn the most. These are the things that I feel CCBPL can do to help me fulfill all of my dreams