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CCDC Presentation Dec 2015

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    Partnership Proposal Index About CCDC.. 3

    CCDC and MAAT Dance M.E.CA......... 4

    Visiting Guest Artists...5

    Arts Administration, Management & Curation Program.....7

    Artistic Residency and Research Program....9

    CCDC Platform / Euro-Arab International Network Meeting and Performances.11

    MAAT / CCDC Scholarship Students.... 16

    Artistic Director. 17

    Contact Details and Staff 18

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    About CCDC

    The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, CCDC is a new space for contemporary dance in Egypt committed to shaping

    and advancing the future of the art form in the country and the Arab region, by offering young artists unique vocational

    training and opportunities of the highest technical and artistic standards in the field of contemporary dance.

    Next to a residency program and an annual presentation platform (CCDC Platform) aimed to support and give

    visibility to the works of emerging and young Arab artists, whilst stimulating public awareness, reflection and debate

    of contemporary dance practice & theory, reflective and discursive approaches and possibilities for this budding art form

    at an artistic, cultural, cross-disciplinary inter-sectorial level,

    CCDC activities include the organisation of a 3 Year Full-time Professional Training Program in Contemporary

    Dance (5 days a week, 5 hours a day) dedicated to train professional young choreographers, dancers and dance

    teachers. The Full-time program supports the vocational training of approximately 25 promising artists from Egypt, North

    Africa and the Middle East. The course curriculum includes daily contemporary dance & other essential dance training

    techniques, theory classes, as well as research and creation workshops/seminars (with final public showings) with

    experienced resident dance teachers and cutting-edge guest choreographers from the Arab region, Europe and beyond.

    Concurrent with that, CCDC also develops other activities in its Cairo-based space such as; open dance classes, workshops and lectures offered to local independent contemporary dance artists willing to further their research and deepen their experience as well as to a general audience; a Full-Time Intensive Professional Training Program in Arts Administration, Management and Curating applied to Contemporary Dance aimed to train specialized dance managers/administrators and curators in the country and the region. Workshop showing at the Townhouse Gallery Factory Space on 2011 & Interview with Karima Mansour,

    CCDCs artistic director, as part of "The Noise of Cairo" which is a documentary film about the art scene in Cairo

    after the first Egyptian revolution Open video

    Story News about CCDC shot July 2012 Open video


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    An interview with Karima Mansour: Artistic Director of CCDC / Maat Dance M.E.C.A On Gam3 Mo2anth Salem with Reem Maged, DW TV July 2015 Open Video

    Video coverage of the first graduating class of full-time students from CCDC by Medrar TV, September, 2015 Open


    CCDC and MAAT Dance M.E.C.A CCDC is a project under the umbrella of MAAT Dance M.E.C.A.

    With a vision to create a home and community that supports all independent artists busy with contemporary dance in

    Egypt as well as creating a healthy dialogue inside and outside of Egypt regarding the art form, which eventually

    would extend to the much needed development of the cultural scene in Egypt as a whole.

    In continuation with what MAAT DANCE has been busy with throughout the years and since its establishment

    as the first Independent Contemporary Dance Company in Cairo, Egypt in 1999, MAAT for Contemporary Dance

    launched a new initiative in 2004: MAAT Dance M.E.C.A, MAAT Movement for Egyptian Contemporary Art.

    The activities since have been in the form of dance creations, performances, lectures on dance and workshops given

    by Karima Mansour, artistic director of MAAT Dance as well as prominent artists, dancers and choreographers

    from Europe and the Arab World, invited for the purpose of sharing their expertise, experiences as well as being faced

    with a different cultural context like Egypt and how artists work within this environment. Thus, leading to a real two-

    way cultural exchange.

    MAAT Dance M.E.C.A wishes to continue with its work as well as extending its efforts even further to different art

    domains and disciplines from different independent artists in the country who are busy with developing their work

    within the given context we all work in.

    MAAT Dance M.E.C.A also hopes that it would lead to artistic collaborations, enriching experiences, learning from

    each other, eventually elevating the dance scene in particular, and, of course strengthening the very relevant

    independent art scene in Egypt, while giving more credibility to Egyptian artists at home and abroad.


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    In 2014, the CCDC program was partially co-financed by The European Union - European Delegation to Egypt

    CCDC is under the management of Maat Dance M.E.C.A (Cairo / Egypt) with the partnership of the Euro-Arab

    Network for Contemporary Dance and Performance with CCDC / MAAT Dance M.E.C.A acting as the regional

    antenna in North Africa & Middle East of this international network.

    The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, CCDC Egypt, under the umbrella of Maat for Contemporary Art, and

    Karima Mansour are recognized members of the UNESCO International Dance Council.

    CCDC in 2014 was co-funded by the European Union and supported by the Goethe-Institut Kairo, the Embassy of

    France in Cairo and individual donors.

    CCDC in 2015 is co-funded by the Allianz Kulturstiftung and individual donors.


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    Visiting Guest Artists:

    Visiting Guest Artists in 2012 / 2013: Khalid Benghrib (Morocco/France)

    Claude Brumachon (France) Benjamin Lamarche (France) Olivier Dubois (France)

    Visiting Guest Artists in 2014: Mark Tompkins (US/France)

    Athanasia Kenellopoulou (Greece)

    Vincent Mantsoe (South Africa/France)

    Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot (Germany)

    Goran Bogdanovski (Slovenia)

    Frey Faust (US/Germany)

    Olivier Dubois (France)

    Christian Ubl (Austria)

    Visiting Guest Artists in 2015: Claudia Bosse (D/A) Christian Ubl (Austria) Taoufiq Izeddiou (Morocco) Nacera Beleza (Algeria / France) Natasha Gilmore (UK)

    Heres a peek at our informal showing from Goran Bogdanivskis workshop at The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center studio

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    Our CCDC Professional Training Program in Arts Administration, Management and Curation: Ahmed El Attar (Egypt) Mohamed El Ghawy (Egypt) Rui Silveira (Portugal/Germany) Virve Sutinen (Finland/Germany)

    Here are some photos during our Arts Administration, Management and Curation Workshop:

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    CCDC Space is being used as a residency and research space for emerging artists: Here are some photos of resident artists who worked on their projects at CCDC: Mounir Saeed (Egypt) Shaymaa Shoukry (Egypt) Jean Paul Mehansio (Ivory Coast)

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    Photos from the CCDC Platform / Euro - Arab International Network Meeting and Performances at Townhouse, Rawabet Space and Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, December 2014:

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    Student Performances:

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    MAAT / CCDC Scholarship Students:

    Every year Maat Dance M.E.C.A, in collaboration with Dancing on the Edge Foundation, is able to send students from the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center for a 1 month contemporary dance summer intensive, in Amsterdam Holland. Here are some photos of these talented students that we are very proud of, who have benefited from this incredible opportunity during their stay in Holland. Scholarship Recipients:

    2012: Noura Seif Hassanein, Mohamed ousry Shika, Hania Mansour 2013: Amany Atef, Shady Abdelrahman 2014: Marihan Samy


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    Artistic Director Karima Mansour

    Karima Mansour graduated with both a B.A and a Masters degree in Contemporary Dance from the London

    Contemporary Dance School, London, England after having completed her B.A in Film from the High Institute of

    Cinema, Academy of Arts in Cairo, Egypt. Upon her return to Egypt she founded her company

    MAAT for Contemporary Dance in 1999, the first Independent dance company to be established in the country.

    Since then she has created 17 full choreographic works that continue to be performed in various International

    festivals, as well as more than 20 various collaborations in Theatre and Film.

    Karima has also formed MAAT Dance M.E.C.A (MAAT Movement for Egyptian Contemporary Art) which is an

    initiative that continues with the work MAAT has been busy with throughout the years of developing dance through

    choreographic works and organized workshops that are taught by Karima Mansour and/or invited guests from all over

    the world, including dance film screenings and discussions revolving around the topic of dance and choreography.

    Karima Mansour has been a teacher for the Cairo Opera Dance Theatre Company In 98, an Assistant Professor at

    the Ballet Institute, Academy of Arts 1999 to 2000, Adjunct Professor of Dance, as part of PVA (Performance and

    Visual Arts Department) at The American University In Cairo (Fall of 2010) and has been appointed as Artistic Director

    for the Contemporary Dance Development Centre at the Creativity Centre of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture earlier

    before the independence of the project of CCDC, currently operating under the umbrella of Maat Dance M.E.C.A.

    Mansour continues to works as free-lance teacher nationally and internationally while creating, performing and

    developing her own choreographic work and language as an artist.

    For more information on the artist visit: www.karimamansour.com

    CCDC is under the umbrella of MAAT Dance M.E.C.A (Cairo / Egypt) an established and registered legal entity

    in Egypt under the direction of Karima Mansour.

    Contact Details

    CCDC - Cairo Contemporary Dance Center 1 Mousa Galal Square Mohandesin 12655 Cairo - Egypt T: +20 2 33459737 www.cairocontemporarydancecenter.com


    Karima Mansour - Artistic & Managing Director [email protected]

    Mona El Husseini Production and Administration [email protected]

    Amgad Abdel Rasheed - Accountancy & Finances

    For information +20 12 10037778 - [email protected]

    http://www.karimamansour.com/http://www.cairocontemporarydancecenter.com/mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]