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  • Christopher Columbus Middle School



    Dear CCMS Community 1

    What’s Up, CCMS? 2

    CCMS Happenings 3

    CCMS Interests 4

    CCMS Fiction 5

    CCMS Reviews 6

    CCMS Opinions 7

    May 2019 Volume 8, Issue 2

    Ms. Lalama - Co-Advisor Mr. Giblin - Co-Advisor

    Dear CCMS Community, Spring has sprung! April and May is a

    great time to be a CCMS student. Students had a nice spring break to recharge and now we are back in action for the rest of the school year. The Columbus Columns is here to inform all of our community about the cool things that happen here, and the wild stuff our students are interested in.

    This edition is a great reminder of all the fun things our reporters have gotten into these past few months. They were excited to show our community how much hard work went into this issue.

    We would like to thank all of the teachers, administration, parents, and the Clifton community for supporting our students as they work hard to create this newspaper.

    This issue and past issues of the Columbus Columns can be found online at the CCMS web site. Please visit the link to download your copy. Please share with families and friends, too!

    C Columbusolumns create your own


    -Ms. Lalama & Mr. Giblin

  • What’s up, CCMS? Page 2 of 7CCMS Columns

    Students in Mr. Giblin’s 7th grade Technology Education class use Photoshop to make their own movies. Well... not really, but they did make a poster! Students were able to come up with an idea for a “flick” and use Photoshop to create a Movie Poster advertisement for the idea.

    In order to make the poster, students had to find images on the internet that would fit their movie. They had to decide on a setting for the background, an actor for the main role, and had to add some “flavor” so you could tell what type of movie

    CCMS “Goes to the Movies” Mr. Giblin’s 7th Grade

    Sixth Grade students at CCMS had a great time doing some very interesting projects. Using candy the students in Ms. Paul’s class created some very cool STEM projects, like cars and bridges.

    STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math... and these students sure had to use all of them in order to make a bridge. They only used candy jellies and tooth picks in order to make a bridge that could stand between two binders.

    They also had to create an assembly line in order to make a few cars out of candies. It’s amazing how tasty a little engineering can be!

    STEM at CCMS CCMS Staff

    it is just from looking at the poster. Some kids had UFOs, others had cars, or some even had vampires and ghosts! Once the images were done, students had to make a title and a tag line. See you at the theater, CCMS!

  • CCMS Columns CCMS Happenings Page 3 of 7 Mr. Emmanuel, Macy’s Engineer and 3D Projects

    Marco Stefanacci

    It all started on a beautiful CCMS day when Mrs. Nicolette received a package containing our school’s first ever 3D printer. I happily unpacked it and set it up. Since then, I have made many plastic models, and keychains with this amazing device. Every day I am learning something new.

    On Saturdays, I go to CCMS’ Saturday Academy and help Mrs. Nicolette and Mrs. Kershaw by printing 3D models for their STEM activities, and to perform any software updates on the printer. During the month of March, Mr. Emmanuel came to our school, thanks to the wonderful Mr. Labriola. Mr. Emmanuel is an engineer who designs floats for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and uses 3D printing every day to make small models of real-life floats.

    He talked to the class about many engineering equations and talked especially to me about our 3D printer. Through this special visit and our conversation, I learned how 3D printing projects can turn into real life- sized objects. I am currently working on a presentation for the teachers and staff, that will show them how to use and maintain the 3D printer, so that they may be able to use it on their own when I move on to high school this September.

    I hope that the entire CCMS school body will appreciate this great learning tool and use it to incorporate its possible applications into the STEM program that the school is implementing. Thanks to all of the wonderful CCMS staff, I was encouraged to do more with 3D printing and shape the foundations for new technological advancements with the faculty.

    The accelerated field trip, courtesy of the TAG program, was full of activities and adventure! After weeks of preparation, the trip felt earned and deserved. Every student was required to go to 4 meetings during lunch or after school to learn about the Temptations. In addition, each student only had to pay $20 and that money went towards their lunch at Olive Garden. Overall, Mrs. Schwarz was very fair in the requirements to go on the field trip. She even allowed kids from other teams to come along.

    On Wednesday morning, everyone was dressed up in fancy clothes and waited in the auditorium. Our first stop was Olive Garden, after the bus ride of excitement and anticipation. Everyone got to choose their own order, making it more work for the waiters, but more enjoyable for the picky eaters. After that, we got to walk through New York City on a beautiful day. Then we

    arrived at the M&M's store. There were three levels filled with souvenirs, photo booths, and M&M’s, of course!

    When we finally arrived at The Imperial Theater, where we were directed up a few flights of stairs and escorted to our seats. The theater was astonishing with beautiful details around every corner. I especially appreciated it because I learned its history during our meetings with Mrs. Schwarz. The show itself was full of talented singers, great choreography, storyline, and coordination. The plot was easy to follow for someone who didn’t know much about the Temptations. It’s also cool that it was the original cast. If I had the chance, I would even see it again! Overall, the day was a great experience that I was lucky to have.

    Ain’t Too Proud - A Trip to Remember AJ McGuinness

  • CCMS InterestsCCMS Columns Page 4 of 7

    Have you heard about the new Warrior series by Erin Hunter? This is a great series, which involves cats, but they could be symbols for humans too. The best part about this series is that it doesn’t focus on just one cat, it focuses on four clans filled with cats. This review will be about the first book in the first arc, “Warriors-The Prophecies Begin: Into the Wild”.

    This book is the best book I’ve read so far in the series, but this is just the first book I’m writing about! The book has a good introduction and you get to meet new characters throughout the book. There is good balance of good and evil, and perfect amount of suspense just to keep you wondering what’s going to happen next?

    The main character, Rusty is invited to join the clans but he still has his doubts, but in the end Rusty obviously chooses the clan over his comfortable house. Rusty is now known as Firepaw. He is settling into clan-life, but something sinister lurks in the shadows, someone is not who they seem to be. As Firepaw goes along in his adventure, he makes friends and enemies, and uncovers the dark history of one of his

    Warriors into the Wild - Review Isabel Taveras

    On February 27, 2019, we learned about the upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. They will be called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Your adventure will be taking place in the Galar region. Just like every Pokemon game, we have three starters. First is our grass type Grookey. This guy will be a monkey. Our fire type is Scorbunny. Obviously by the name, it is a bunny. Finally, our water type is Sobble. This little guy is a lizard.

    The style for the game looks different from the old games. Our last couple of main Pokemon games were on the Nintendo Ds, so let’s hope it will work out on the Switch. For now, this is all we know. Hopefully we will get more news when E3 comes out in June. This will be a lot of fun and you can challenge your friends.

    Pokemon Generation 8 Braden Miller

    fellow clan mates. As the story unfolds you can just tell what an amazing story it will be, and it keeps you wondering will justice prevail or will evil win in the end.

    While Firepaw meets new friends, makes enemies, and goes along in his adventure, so much of it focuses around the story of Firepaw and his adopted clan as the book goes on. He uncovers clan secrets, betrayal, and hidden evil and in the end, there is always hope for Firepaw and his clan.

    At the end of each chapter, this book hooks its readers on every word. It is up to the reader to figure out whether this is the best book they’ve ever read or whether it’s the worst book they have ever wasted their time on. Everyone has their preferences. My heart will always lie with the Warriors series, where does yours lie?

  • CCMS FictionCCMS Columns Page 5 of 7

    It was a beautiful day out; the sun was shining, and the birds were singing. I decided to go for a hike. On my hike up the mountain, I collected berries and apples. After the hike I was planning to make mixed berry and apple pies. I saw stunning birds with beautifully colored feathers, and a herd of deer. I was so happy picking apples and berries, and looking at the animals, that I didn’t notice that time went by so fa

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