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    Check Point

    Certified Security Administrator

    Study Guide

    Justin Menga

  • Associate Publisher: Neil EddeAcquisitions Editor: Maureen AdamsDevelopmental Editor: Heather OConnorEditor: Cheryl HauserProduction Editor: Dennis FitzgeraldTechnical Editors: Ted Snider, Gareth BromleyGraphic Illustrator: Tony JonickElectronic Publishing Specialist: Interactive Composition CorporationCD Coordinator: Dan MummertCD Technician: Kevin LyProofreaders: Emily Husan, Dave Nash, Laurie OConnell, Nancy Riddiough Indexer: Ted LauxBook Designer: Bill GibsonCover Design: Archer DesignCover Photograph: Bruce Heinemann, PhotoDisc

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  • To Our Valued Readers:

    The Check Point certification program well deserves its position as the leading vendor-specific security certification in the IT arena. And with the recent release of the Check Point NG exams, current and aspiring security professionals are seeking accurate, thorough, and accessible study material to help them prepare for the new CCSA and CCSE exams.

    Sybex is excited about the opportunity to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills theyll need to succeed in the highly competitive IT security field. It has always been Sybexs mission to teach exam candidates how new technologies work in the real world, not to simply feed them answers to test questions. Sybex was founded on the premise of providing technical skills to IT professionals, and we have continued to build on that foundation. Over the years, we have made significant improvements to our study guides based on feedback from readers, suggestions from instructors, and comments from industry leaders.

    Check Points certification exams are indeed challenging. The Sybex team of authors, editors, and technical reviewers have worked hard to ensure that this Study Guide is comprehensive, in-depth, and pedagogically sound. Were confident that this book, along with the collection of cutting-edge software study tools included on the CD, will meet and exceed the demanding standards of the certification marketplace and help you, the Check Point certification exam candidate, succeed in your endeavors.

    Good luck in pursuit of your Check Point certification!

    Neil EddeAssociate PublisherCertificationSybex, Inc.

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  • This book is dedicated to my first child,


  • Introduction


    elcome to the exciting world of Check Point certification! You have picked up this book because you want something better; namely, a better job with more satisfaction. Rest assured that you have made a good decision. Check Point certification can help you get your first networking or security job, or more money or a promotion if you are already in the field.

    Check Point certification can also improve your understanding of how network security works for more than just Check Point products. For instance, currently over 300 products integrate VPN-1/FireWall-1 through protocols such as voice over IP (VoIP) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), as well as technologies such as network address translation (NAT) and content filtering. Check Points Open Platform for Security (OPSEC), located at

    , is the foundation responsible for creating the standards used to incorporate products from third-party vendors with Check Point products.

    It certainly cant hurt to have Check Point certifications, considering Check Point is the worldwide market leader in firewalls and VPNs and has been since 1995. According to their website, Check Points solutions are sold, integrated and serviced by a network of 2,500 certified partners in 149 countries. Obtaining a Check Point certification makes you a CCP (Check Point Certified Professional), which in turn makes you eligible to use the Certified Professional password-protected website. Here youll find tools, features, transcripts, and other information not available to the general public. Other benefits of being a CCP include access to the Secure-Knowledge database, notification of product updates, use of logos and credentials, and invitations to seminars and other Check Point events. For more information about the CCP program, visit

    .While pursuing Check Point certifications, you will develop a complete

    understanding of networking security. This knowledge is beneficial to every network security job and is the reason that, in recent times, Check Point certification has become so popular. Check Point is one of the leading and most respected firewall and VPN vendors in the world. To ensure that organizations can measure the skill level of Check Point administrators and engineers, Check Point provides various levels of certification that

  • xviii


    quantify network security knowledge and an administrators ability to implement network security using Check Point products.

    How to Use This Book

    If you want a solid foundation for the Check Point Certified Security Admin-istrator (CCSA) exam, then look no further. We have spent hundreds of hours putting together this book with the sole intention of helping you to pass the VPN-1/FireWall-1 Management I NG (156-210) exam.

    This book is loaded with valuable information, and you will get the most out of your studying time if you understand how we put this book together.

    To best benefit from this book, we recommend the following study method:


    Take the assessment test immediately following this introduction. (The answers are at the end of the test.) Its okay if you dont know any of the answers; that is why you bought this book! Carefully read over the explanations for any question you get wrong, and note which chapters the material comes from. This information should help you plan your study strategy.


    Study each chapter thoroughly, making sure that you fully understand the information and the test objectives listed at the beginning of each chapter. Pay extra-close attention to any chapter where you missed questions in the assessment test.


    Complete the exercises included in each chapter on your own equip-ment if possible. If you do not have Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 equipment and software available, be sure to study the examples provided in the book carefully.


    Answer all of the review questions related to each chapter. (The answers appear at the end of each chapter.) Note questions that confuse you and study those sections of the book again. Do not just skim these questions! Make sure you understand completely the reason for each answer.


    Try your hand at the practice exams that are included on the compan-ion CD. The questions in these exams appear only on the CD. These exams will give you a complete overview of what you can expect to see on the real VPN-1/FireWall-1 Management I NG exam.

  • Introduction



    Test yourself using all the flashcards on the CD. There are brand new and updated flashcard programs on the CD to help you prepare completely for the VPN-1/FireWall-1 Management I NG exam. These are great study tools!

    The electronic flashcards can be used on your Windows computer, Pocket PC,

    or Palm device.


    Make sure you read the Key Terms and Exam Essentials lists at the end of the chapters. These study aids will help you finish each chapter with the main points fresh in your mind; theyre also helpful as a quick refresher before heading into the testing center.

    To learn every bit of the material covered in this book, youll have to apply yourself regularly, and with discipline. Try to set aside the same time every day to study, and se...


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