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  • Greased Lightning!During six sell-out shows our students did us proud with this year's school production. Grease is always an entertaining show, but rarely has it been so funny, so vibrant and so full of energy. Congratulations to all members of the team, including all the students and many staff who were involved behind the scenes and front-of-house. You served up a musical treat. Read more inside.

    The official newsletter of King Edward VI SchoolPassionate about learning

    ISSUE 31 | DECEMBER 2014


    The Dragons Descend!

    Shanghai Impact!

    Bouncing to Success!

    Maths Mania!

    Christmas GreetingsChristmas Greetings

  • Celebrating our Students

    HEADLINESWelcome to our Christmas issue of Celebrate! I can't remember a more action-packed term, and it's a tribute to our tremendous staff team that as well as all the hard work inside the classrooms, so much has been taking place outside in sport, music, drama, debating and all the other areas that we see as central to a great school.

    This edition is brimming over with student names in a variety of contexts. We are on a mission to celebrate as many personal successes, large and small, as possible which is why you'll probably agree that this edition has more quirky surprises than usual.

    So another calendar year ends. But the school year moves into a different gear with a term ahead which will focus relentlessly on preparing our students for the summer's examinations.

    Before then, there's a holiday to be had. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement throughout the year, and best wishes to you and your family for a peaceful Christmas and healthy New Year.

    Celebrating AchievementPsychology students turn to crimeby Jess Nixon, Teacher of Psychology

    Almost 100 A Level Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy students were immersed in a world of crime and punishment as ex-offenders and a forensic psychologist shared their experiences of life on both sides of the law. The compelling day, delivered by True Life Conferences was full of intrigue and analysis, and gave a fascinating insight into the workings of the UK's criminal justice system.

    Students advise the Bankby Tony Diver, Head Boy

    The Target 2.0 Challenge, run by the Bank of England and the Times newspaper, is an opportunity for Business students to explore economic ideas beyond the curriculum. In November, Esmae Wallace, Josh Unsworth, Jesse Lapworth and Tony Diver (with help from Ryan McGowan), competed against other schools in the region to advise the Bank of England on monetary policy. They were challenged by a panel that included an economic analyst and a member of the communications department of the Bank of England.

    Into the 'Dragon's Denby Penny Hunt, Teacher of Business Studies

    Year 12 Business students have been preparing business plans since early September with a view to presenting to a tough panel of judges made up from local business leaders and Governors. They have now submitted their formal business plans and presented their ideas, along with their forecast projections of sales and costs. The experience was invaluable in helping them to get to grips with the realities of business outside the classroom setting and in giving them the confidence to pitch ideas to prospective investors.

    French and Germanby Lynda Webb, Head of Modern Foreign LanguagesCongratulations to Georgia Wisker and Stephanie Thompson, recognised for their exceptional effort and contributions. Special thanks also to Stephanie for setting up a French club.

    Students who achieved the best scores in their respective groups in the November vocabulary competition are:

    Year 9Alex Lee, Cameron OConnor, Libby Richards, Grace Rosbrook, David Maybe, Toby Wood, Georgia Holland, George Tricker, Christopher Goodchild, Sam Barrett, Olivia Beales, Zoe Pettit, Thomas Chandler, Megan Housley, James Keeling, Ethan Tang

    Year 10Jake Summerscales, Myka Angelyka Gonzales, Tayla Clarke, Abigail Blake, David Csontos, Jasmin Bulpitt, Toby Wojslaw, Georgia Bowen, Joshua Finch, Holly Dodds

    Year 11Michael Taylor, Michael Brown, Becky Humphreys

    Business Studies Awardsby Michelle Hemmings and Penny Hunt, Teachers of Business Studies

    Congratulations to the following students for all-round excellence this term: Henry Chaves, Matt Field, Cam Haddow, Elliot, Marison, Cam Nicholls, WIll Sealey, Aymen Shah, Ben Sime, Sam Waterson

    GCSE Applied Business Well done to the following students who have worked extremely hard and are achieving well above their target grades: Ania & Misia Fajgier, Tom McGregor, Archie Mijares

    AS BusinessWell done to these students who are surpassing their targets this year, despite not having studied Business at GCSE level: Oliver Barratt, Callum Morton, Dan Davis, Dannii Elliott, Emma McKinstry, Travis Walton

    The following students have been recognised for outstanding commitment and achievement:

    GCSE EconomicsLiza Critchley, Erin Cooper, Harry Stonebridge

    A2 BusinessEsmae Wallace, Alex Smith

    Year 10 Computingby Richard Morgan, Head of ICT

    Thanks go to Tom Caruth (Year 13) for giving an incredible level of support to the Year 10 students who worked outside the curriculum to enter a Microsoft coding competition. The Year 10 students were: Holly Dodds, Alice Booth, Grace Moss

    Artby Kate Brown, Subject Leader for Art

    In addition to their excellent work ethic and devotion to the subject, wed like to recognise the following students for the attributes that have stood them apart this term:

    Year 11Sarah Cooper - continues to demonstrate a rare and superb level of skill. Harry Glover - attends catch-up sessions at lunchtime; his level of work produced is well above his target grade. Billy Fordham - perseverance with painting technique to extend his skill level; excellent work produced and now working above target through sheer hard work. Amelia Austin - extremely hardworking and always meets deadlines; her level of work produced is good well above her target grade. Zoe Beckley - extremely hardworking and always meets deadlines, her level of work is outstanding.

    TextilesYear 11Eloise Dodman - excellent effort, very hardworking and always meets deadlines despite her extensive commitments in the performing arts.

    Becky Marsh - fantastic progress this year; incredibly hardworking and always meets deadlines.

    Year 10 For outstanding effort and commitment to GCSE Art since the start of the course, including participation outside the curriculum: Martha Roberts, Laura Herod, Sarah Moody, Chloe Bunn, Polly Buick, Isaac Cunningham, Sophie Lawson, Megan Stevenson, Lauren Stiles, Lillian Wade, Lucy Ambrose, Jack Barford, Antonia de Freitas, Phoebe Cutler, Josh Finch, Ethan Gee, Lucy Howard, Erin Limmer, Dora Mountford, Evie Nicholas, Rosie Paveley, Megan Poole, Jack Stannard-Brown


  • Celebrating Achievement Celebrating the Performing ArtsGeographyby Mrs Ryan, Teacher of Geography

    Well done to these students who have been recognised by the Geography department for their work this term:

    Year 13For outstanding work ethic and commitment to excellence: Yvie Morgan, Sammy Hepper, Rachel Herod David Strawson, Mark Wreford, Emily Mason, Jenna Brame

    Year 12For making an excellent start to the A Level course: Elliot Gaywood, Ben Francis, Dan Wood, Chantel Law, Ellen Laidlaw, Daniel Davis, Matt Fleur Year 11For their effort on fieldwork and Controlled Assessment: Elizabeth Bevan, Lucy Brown, Will Sealey, Megan Dean, Brad Hammond, Isabelle Copeland, Helen Jones, Kira Steggall Year 10 For an excellent start to the GCSE course:Jack Stanard-Brown, Joseph Kidd, Lucy Howard, Anna Fajgier, Misha Fajgier

    Year 9For outstanding effort so far this year: Sophie Brandon, George Wilson, Lucia Bowler, Lucy Evans, James Marshall, Andrew Rogers, Toby Wood, George Tricker

    Media Studiesby Christine Westwood, Teacher of Media Studies

    Well done to the following students who achieved top marks for production in the Year 10 Music Magazine Covers project:

    Annabel Frogley, Summer Morley, Sophie Lawson, Shanelle Owen, Aimee Malkin, Rosie Wright, Lilly Wade, Ed Tagg, Kendra Goddard, Grace Gould, Bethany Hartley, Ethan Gee, Tom Manning

    Dramaby Jonathan Lodge, Head of Drama

    We would like to say well done to the following students for simply being outstanding in every lesson: Oliver Templeton, Billy Abbott, James Marshall, Andrew Roberts, Hannie Bentley, Adam Levey, Gustavo Da Costa, Tommy Aldea, Douglas Collett, Lucy Tovey, Niamh Fenn, Cameron Dean, Megan Housley, James Richardson, Elisabeth Baxter, Grace Hayden, Niamh Jenkins.

    Identified as having shown high levels of effort and engagement: Sam Alberts, Lucy Ambrose, Jess Cleverdon, Annabel Frogley, Mia Ginders-Alderton, Amy Handley, Chelsea Ribbon, Ellie Barford, Sam Chapman, Joe Kydd, Morgan Smith, Eleni Haines, Megan Barber, Katie Beard, Natasha Buckingham-Redman, Jasmine Doe, Josh Ely, Alice Plampin, Hollie Lister, Christopher Osborn, Joanna Phirippis, Ollie Remington, Ellie Farnell, Maya Dwane.

    Recognised for great commitment to extracurricular activities: Ed Mitchell, Ollie Remington, Chris Osborn, Shey Spears, Toby Skelton, Matt Green, Audrey Woodhouse, Jess Bugg, Grace Buck, Ella Shipley, Jess Cleverdon, Rosie Barnes, Erin Mann, Megan Barber, George Clay, Rachel Marshall, Molly Stacey, Ellie Johnson.

    Recognised for their leadership: Toby Skelton, Rosie Barnes, Shey Spears, Ella Shipley.

    Grease is the word

    After our success with Schools Will Rock You last year, we wondered how on earth we could follow it. Which popular blockbuster could really cut it, and how could we match it? Well, the 120 strong cast and crew from all year groups, and partner school involvement from Ha