Cellular Respiration Its how our cells release energy from food! BrainPOP: Cellular Respiration.

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Cellular Respiration

Cellular RespirationIts how our cells release energy from food!

BrainPOP: Cellular RespirationDo you remember???What types of organisms do photosynthesis?Why do plants do photosynthesis?What are the reactants (what goes in)?What are the products (what goes out)?Which plant organelle is the site of photosynthesis?

How do animals get their energy?How do they get food?Which organelle releases energy from food?The process by which cells

release from glucose (sugar).Cellular RespirationenergyThis process happens in BOTH PLANT and ANIMAL cells!Where do plants and animals obtain glucose?FOOD!

Animals get it from the food they eat!Plants get it from the food they make!

Glucose is the most common sugar found in food!

C6H12O6Besides glucose, what else do cells use for cellular respiration?Oxygen

How do we get oxygen?Breathing

energyfoodoxygenbreathingTwo Stages of Cellular RespirationStage 1:In the cytoplasmGlucose is broken down into smaller molecules

A small amount of energy is releasedStage 2:In the mitochondriaThe smaller molecules react and produce carbon dioxide, water and large amounts of energy.Use your textbooks page 382!

What are the reactants and products of cellular respiration?C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy

+ + + glucoseoxygencarbon dioxide water energy

Is matter conserved after this chemical reaction?Cellular Respiration Equation

Reactants (what goes in)Products (what comes out)This energy is also known as ATP!Compare and Contrast:Cellular Respiration & PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesisCellular RespirationReactantsProductsOrganelle in which it occursType of organismlight energy, CO2, H2O

glucose, O2

glucose, O2

energy, CO2, H2O



producers such as plants and algae

both plants and animals

Create a Venn Diagramto compare and contrast Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

bothExit SlipP= Photoysnthesis onlyC= Cellular respiration only

DescriptionAnswers1. Releases energy from food2. Makes food energy for the organism3. Performed by autotrophs (plants) only4. Produces carbon dioxide5. Produces glucose and oxygen6. Occurs in the chloroplast7. Occurs in the mitochondrion8. Uses glucose and oxygen9. Uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide10. Performed by both autotrophs (plants) and heterotrophs (animals)CCCCPPPPPC


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