Central Connection - February 2011

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The February 2011 issue of The Salvation Army USA Central Territory's Central Connection newspaper.

Text of Central Connection - February 2011

  • THE SALVATION ARMY10 W. Algonquin RoadDes Plaines, Illinois 60016

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    by Karen Floyd-Sanders

    More than 160 people,including officers, staff,volunteers, communityleaders and representa-tives from local organizations,attended the recent dedication of theHarbor Light in Monroe, Mich.Local veterans also were on hand totour the new facility, which will behome to one of Harbor Light sys-tems five developing veterans tran-sitional housing programs.The addition of this magnificent

    center of Christian service brings tofour the number of harbor light cam-puses offering hope to hundreds ofsoutheastern Michigans disadvan-taged whose lives have been ravagedby addiction, homelessness and des-

    peration, said Lt. Colonel NormanS. Marshall, Eastern Michigan divi-sional commander.The Monroe Harbor Light offers

    several substance abuse treatmentoptions including detox and resi-dential and outpatient treatmentprograms, including a deaf andhard of hearing substance abusetreatment program, the only one ofits kind in Michigan. Additionally,the veterans program will offertransitional housing for 30 eligibleveterans, helping them achieve res-idential stability, increase skillsand/or income, and obtain greaterself-determination.The new building allows for con-

    solidation of services previouslyoffered at three separate rented

    spaces into one comprehensive ser-vice center better enabling a seam-less continuum of care.Having all of our programs in one

    building will be a lot more conve-nient, said Renee Shaw, Monroe

    Harbor Light administrator since2000. Our clients can literally walkdown the hall to begin the next stageof their recovery, making the transi-tion from a life of addiction to a lifein recovery a lot easier.

    Canadian-born Commis-sioner Linda Bond will beThe Salvation Armys 19thGeneral. She will be thethird woman and the fourthCanadian to hold the post of Generalsince The Salvation Army wasfounded 146 years ago.Commissioner Bond, Australia

    Eastern territorial commander, waselected by The High Council of TheSalvation Army made up of seniorleaders from around the world whomet at the end of January inSunbury-on-Thames near London.Commissioner Bond, 64, will suc-ceed General Shaw Clifton, whoretires at the beginning of April. She

    comes to the role of General with 42years of experience in Christian min-istry and leadership.Since 2008 Commissioner Bond

    has led the Armys work in EasternAustralia, a huge territory withheadquarters in Sydney. Thisincludes the recently devastatedstate of Queensland where TheSalvation Army continues to beheavily involved in assisting sur-vivors of widespread flooding.Prior to this, the commissioner

    was stationed at InternationalHeadquarters (IHQ) in London assecretary for spiritual life develop-ment and international external rela-tions. This was her second spell atIHQ where she had previouslyserved as under secretary for per-sonnel in the mid 1990s. She alsohas served in corps, and on staff ofdivisional and territorial headquar-ters and at the College for OfficerTraining in her home territory ofCanada and Bermuda. During thoseyears she also served as a divisionalcommander and subsequently aschief secretary in Canada andBermuda. Other appointments haveincluded divisional leadership rolesin the Manchester region of the

    United Kingdom between 1998 and1999, and as territorial commanderin the USA Western Territory.The announcement of the new

    General of The Salvation Army wasbroadcast live on the worldwideweb.Speaking just after her election

    Commissioner Bond said, I love theLord Jesus Christ and pledge myutmost obedience to Him. I amabsolutely committed to a life ofpraise and thanksgiving to God. We,The Salvation Army, need to be anArmy of praise and thanksgiving toGod, and we must place our trust inGod. We need His Holy Spirit tocome mightily on The SalvationArmy.We know the General-elect to be

    a gifted communicator of thegospel of Jesus Christ. She has awillingness to try new things. Sheis easily approachable with a

    New Harbor Light offers a safe haven

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    Volume 41, Number 2 February 2011

    Commissioner Linda Bondelected 19th General

    We are all one body, we have the same Spirit, and we have all been called to the same glorious future. Eph. 4:3,4 (NLT)

    The Salvation Army / USA Central Territory

    News and Views from the Midwest



    General-elect Commissioner Linda Bond salutes the world immediately following the publicannouncement of her election to be the 19th General.

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    by Commissioner Carol SeilerTerritorial President of Womens Ministries

    With World Services/Self-Denial ingatheringapproaching, I want toshare just a briefthought from our visit to the IndiaCentral Territory and specifically tothe Armys Evangeline BoothHospital in the Bapatla village area.Considering how much we are ableto share from our own resources, ithelps sometimes to put into perspec-tive what it means in another coun-try where our dollars benefit others.In the most basic terms, an infant

    and mother need food, shelter andwarmth. For women and children

    limbs and small cries, as hisor her journey begins.Can we make a difference inthe outcome of that journey?Can we connect with mothersand children understandingas partners in mission weshare common bonds andfacilitate life itself?

    Watch for more on the IndiaCentral Territory in the Marchissue. For more on WorldServices now, turn to page 8.

    Making a differencein the journey

    there is a start on a journey fromdependency to independency. Allaround the world mothers havehopes and dreams for their childrenfrom their very birth. It is amazingto me how mothers, no matter whatlanguage they speak, understandwhat is part of the package whenthey pick up a newborn.Imagine what that means in a set-

    ting where resources are scarce,where sanitation is almost non-exis-tent, and where birth rates are muchlarger than in the U.S.Imagine what those hopes and

    dreams look like under a single low-watt bulb, with mon-soon rain filling por-tions of the floor,with a thin blanketfor the baby, and dif-ficulty in producingbreast milk due tomalnutrition.Imagine what a

    salary of $2 a day isin that situation. Yet,with a steadyresource there ishope in the motherseyes.Imagine the softskin of the newborn,without layette out-fit, but with wiggling

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    Inc., and Majors John and JeanetteMcDonald who opened the MonroeHarbor Light more than threedecades ago and led it from19751989.The building will be fully opera-

    tional by the end of March 2011.

    The harbor light occupies a formernursing home abandoned threeyears before its acquisition. Uponinitial inspection, the building wasin obvious disrepair and occupied bymischievous raccoons and stray cats.However, Colonel Marshall saw itspotential and championed its acqui-sition and renovation. The totalprice, including purchase and reno-vation, was $4.6 million, with$397,289 in grants awarded by theU.S. Department of Veterans Affairsaiding in the renovation.Majors Ed and Sandra Rowland,

    director and pastoral care director ofthe Detroit Harbor Light System,played key roles in the dedication.Commissioner Ken Baillie, repre-senting territorial headquarters,delivered the address before ColonelMarshall gave a dedicatory prayer.Remarks also were shared byCommissioner William H. Roberts,executive director of the HarborLight system 1954-1962, andFrenchtown Township SupervisorJames McDevitt and Monroe CountyCommissioner Floreine Mentel,both of whom helped bring the pro-ject to fruition.Monroe Mayor Robert E. Clark

    and Chief of Police Thomas C.Moore were in attendance. Alsoshowing support were Beth Baker ofthe Veterans Affairs Administration,Wayne Blank, director of Veterans

    New Harbor Light

    At the Monroe Harbor Light dedication (l to r):Lt. Colonels Norman S. and Diane Marshall,Eastern Michigan (EMI) divisional leaders; Jeff Sangster, chairman of Harbor Light AdvisoryCouncil; Chris LaBelle, general contractor; Major Edward Rowland, Detroit Harbor LightSystem director; Commissioner Ken Baillie; Scott Sherman, architect; Major Sandra Rowland,Detroit Harbor Light System pastoral care director; Geoff Gallinger, Metro Detroit AdvisoryBoard chairman; Commissioner William H. Roberts, former Harbor Light officer; Major JohnTurner, EMI general secretary; Major John McDonald, former Harbor Light officer.

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