Cesar Parra - Horse and Rider Training

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Cesar Parra is an extremely gifted horse trainer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Cesar Parra - Horse and Rider Training

    Cesar Parra has a long history in business of training both horses and riders over the years. Dr. Parra is well-known for his success in equestrian circles and has gathered wide acclaim through his work. Dr. Parra has participated in such events as the 1999, 2003, and 2011 Pan AM Games, 2002 and 2006 World Equestrian Games, the 2004 Olympic Games, the 2005 FEI World Cup, and the 2014 FEI World Cup.

  • Cesar Parra- Dog lover

    Cesar Parra is a well-known horse trainer, famous for his national award-winning horses and international success in the world of equestrian competitions. What many people don t know is that he is also a big fan of dogs and regularly attends and watches dog shows. Parra is a fan of most breeds of dogs and loves the showmanship and training that goes on at these events.

  • Cesar Parra - Salsa Dancer

    Cesar Parra is a nationally recognized horse trainer with many equestrian accolades under his belt over the years. He is also a big fan of salsa music. Whether he is at a wedding, a night on the town, or at home, he loves to salsa dance. For Parra, there is something about the sound of that music that pleases him like nothing else.

  • Cesar Parra - Expert in Dressage

    Cesar Parra is a hugely successful equestrian rider with a long history of success in the horse game. Parra is a member of several dressage organizations, including the US Dressage Federation, the International Dressage Riders Club, the US Equestrian Federation, and the International Dressage Trainers Club. Over the years, he has produced and been behind many nationally ranked award winners in dressage competition and he looks forward to many more years of success ahead.

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