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CGIAR Review of Total Compensation

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CGIAR Review of Total Compensation. May 10, 2004. Background Approach Survey Results for Phase 1 Diversity Disclosure Principles Next Steps. CGIAR Review of Total Compensation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of CGIAR Review of Total Compensation

  • CGIARReview of Total Compensation

    May 10, 2004

  • CGIAR Review of Total Compensation BackgroundApproachSurvey Results for Phase 1DiversityDisclosure PrinciplesNext Steps

  • BackgroundCGIAR ExCo concluded at its May 2003 meeting that: The Secretariat working with CBC, should prepare a paper of compensation structures and levels and mechanisms for ensuring transparency.

    Compensation data on the CGIAR should be compared with those from appropriate comparator organizations.

    The CGIAR data should be enriched with the expansion of the study to include compensation packages for locally recruited staff.

  • Terms of Reference

    Drafted in consultation with CBC Approved in January 2004 by ExCo

    Review was divided into 4 Phases

    Phase 1-Review of Compensation Structures and Mechanisms for Ensuring Transparency of Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS)Phase 2- Comparison of CGIAR Compensation package for IRS with the MarketPhase 3- Review of CGIAR Compensation Structures for Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS)Phase 4- Integrated Results Report

  • Overall ApproachGovernance of Project: Steering Group

    Collaborative and Technical Support:Focal points from each Center, appointed by DGsSAS-HR Director and G & D Leader

    Professional Anchor: Sandra Lawrence for overall coordination, technical advice and quality control

    Survey and analysis: Persis Mathias, Project Leader from Hewitt Associates, Malaysia

  • Overall Compensation Philosophyfor IRSTo internationally recruit the best qualified staff

    To do so, need to address:Often remote location of centerNeed for enhanced securityLimited opportunity for spouse employmentUprooting of families from home countryPolicies to maintain close contact, both professionally and personally to home country in view of term appointments

    These factors affect the design of overall package of salary, allowance and benefits

  • Phase 1- Survey of Compensation LevelsObjectiveTo collect and analyze compensation cash, benefits & administration information across the centers and system office of CGIAR To cover research, administrative service and management levels

  • Scope

    MappingIRS mapped to 9 Hewitt based CGIAR composite levelsCash compensationActual minimum, median & maximum base salary dataBonusesOther cash paymentsBenefitsAll employee benefits

    Salary administrationCompensation philosophy & structures

  • Process and MethodologySURVEY PLANNINGSURVEY QUESTIONNAIRESURVEY ADMINISTRATIONSURVEY ANALYSISSURVEY DELIVERYPlanning- Finalize scope - Develop and ratify level descriptors- Establish project milestones - Establish center focal points

    Finalized customized questionnaires (Based on ILRI study)Level Equivalence via Hewitts level descriptorsElectronic data collection, Data entrySent and explained the questionnaires to all the Centers

    Data verificationData Clarification- Cash- BenefitsData AnalysisPreliminary AnalysisReport GenerationReport PresentationCommunication and verification of Level Mapping ReportFilled in benefit questionnaires to centers that participated in ILRI study

  • Hewitt/CGIAR Research Level Indicators

    Focus on the Role in terms of degree of challenge/complexity in:Scientific ResearchResource ManagementBuilding collaborations and partnerships

    Other indicative dimensions includedQualifications & experienceDesignation/ Position titleQuantifiable dimensions

  • CGIAR Composite Research Level 3

    Creation & generation of ideas/solutions for new research areas. Highly innovative research. Developing & linking new tools and methods/ new innovations in one large complex project or several disciplinary areas & operating projects. High level development work leading to a defined product. Exacting & precise science.

    Scientific ResearchResource ManagementDirection from supervisor/s is largely through planning & direction. Overall resource management. Fairly high level of leadership in the conceptual development of research projects. Oversight of large budgets and expenditures.Plan and play a major role in securing project funding. May be involved with complex reporting for multiple donors. Responsible for overall resource mobilization for projects one is leading, including initiating proposals for large scale long term projectsScientists at this level may carry significant management responsibility or else be recognized as a senior in providing intellectual input and disciplinary expertise to programs/projects.Focus on Role: Degree of challenge / complexityBuilding collaborations and partnerships

  • CGIAR Composite Research Level 3

    Doctoral course in the assigned subject areaPost doctoral experience of 15 20 yearsScientific & Development RecognitionQualification & experienceOther Indicative DimensionsQuantifiable dimensionsIndicative designations/ titlesFinancial Responsibility Resource Mobilization People Management Project LeaderSenior Scientists

  • Base Salary

    Range of Median Base SalaryShows base salary paid across all Centers and the System office at Minimum, Maximum, Median and Mean of each Level across centersBase salary is the actual annual amount paid to individuals based on their level of responsibilityMean is the average of all individual salaries and median is the 50th percentile

  • Overview Range of Median Base SalaryFigures in USD 000's per annum as of Dec 2003Legend

    Median MeanMinMax

    Base Med

    Overview of Survey Results

    Base Salary (Median)

    Figures in USD 000's per annum as of Dec 2003

    Positions% ofRange across CGIAR Centers



    Level 115%22353665

    Level 223%38474968

    Level 329%29656388

    Level 416%588384151


    Level 14%25444365

    Level 25%29606083

    Level 34%379080105


    Level 13%83113110130

    Level 22%128164159197











    Base Med (2)

    Overview of Survey Results

    Base Salary (Median)

    Figures in USD 000's per annum as of Dec 2003

    PositionsRange across CGIAR Centers



    Level 122353665Research 12243

    Level 238474968Research 23830

    Level 329656388Research 32959

    Level 4588384151Research 45893

    ServicesServices 12540

    Level 125444365Services 22954

    Level 229606083Services 33768

    Level 3379080105Mgmt 18348

    ManagementMgmt 212869

    Level 183113110130

    Level 2128164159197

  • Total Compensation Comparisons

    Variations and differences come to light when one looks at the over view of compensation and the method of delivery- cash allowance vs. benefit

    Some benefits are paid as cash allowances, others are policies

    In order to approximate total compensation, added all cash payments, quantifiable benefits, estimated pension contribution and cost of insurances

  • Comparison of 3 Centers

  • Allowance and Benefits

    tick sheet

    CG CentersXYZ

    Components of pay

    Base SalaryAnnual Base SalaryAAA

    Fixed AllowancesRent AllowanceAA

    Transport / Mobility AllowanceAA

    Consolidated AllowanceA

    Responsibility AllowanceAA

    Medical check/ DentalA

    Other Allowance 1-A

    Mobility Allowance

    Professional DevelopmentA

    Total Fixed Compensation

    Performance BonusAnnual Variable Bonus (Sp. Scheme for a Function)A

    Annual Variable Bonus (Organisation Scheme)

    Total Compensation

    Other Allowances &/ or BenefitsEducation AllowanceABA

    Home Leave AllowanceABB

    Hardship AllowanceABA

    Cost of Living AllowanceA

    Medical PlanBBB






    Hewitt Associates:Car loan

    Hewitt Associates:Housing, Car and Other loan programs exit

    Hewitt Associates:Staff housing provided

  • Overview of Median Total CompensationFigures in USD 000's per annum as of Dec 2003MinMax Legend

    Median Mean











    Approx. Total Compensation

    Overview of Survey Results

    Approx. Total Compensation(Median)

    Figures in USD 000's per annum as of Dec 2003

    Positions% ofRange across CGIAR Centers



    Level 115%295762102Research 12973

    Level 223%487579109Research 24861

    Level 329%6110199139Research 36178

    Level 416%82132128178Research 48295

    ServicesServices 13369

    Level 14%338074102Services 23997

    Level 25%399997136Services 348120

    Level 34%48125122168Mgmt 111956

    ManagementMgmt 2151118

    Level 13%119149149174

    Level 22%151210217269

  • Benefit PoliciesBenefits were analyzed from a policy perspective

    Housing AssistanceChildrens EducationClub MembershipRelocation BenefitsTime Off

    Medical Plans: hospitalization and clinical plansInsurance: Life and DisabilityPension & GratuityTravel AssistanceVacation TravelCenter Provided CarOverall policies for benefits are similar but, -variations in plan design details -different delivery methods across benefits

  • Example of Variation in Plan Detail Home LeaveStaff, spouse and:

    Authorized dependents below 23 years of age (2 Centers)Dependent and resident children below 24 years (2) Eligible dependents up to 21 years of age (3)Dependent residen

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