Ch. 8 Talking Heads Review. ATP-Question 1 What is the full name of ATP and what does it do? Group 5 Adenosine triphosphate, stores energy

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  • Ch. 8 Talking Heads Review

  • ATP-Question 1What is the full name of ATP and what does it do?Group 5Adenosine triphosphate, stores energy

  • ATP-Question 2What is the difference between ATP and ADP? Which has more energy?Group 2 ATP has 3 phosphates, ADP has 2 phosphates, ATP has more energy

  • ATP-Question 3Where is the energy stored in ATP?Group 6In bonds between phosphates

  • Photosynthesis-Question 1What is the equation of photosynthesis?Group 16CO2 + 6H2O + Energy C6H12O6 + 6O2

  • Photosynthesis-Question 2What are the 2 phases of photosynthesis?Group 4Light dependent, Light independent

  • Photosynthesis-Question 3What is the purpose of photosynthesis?Group 3To make glucose

  • Photosynthesis-Question 4Where (specifically) do the light dependent reactions take place? Group 5Thylakoid membranes

  • Photosynthesis-Question 5Where (specifically) do the light independent reactions take place? Group 6Stroma

  • Photosynthesis-Question 6What is the main pigment in chloroplasts?Group 1chlorophyll

  • Photosynthesis-Question 7What does chlorophyll do in photosynthesis?Group 2Traps energy from sunlight

  • Photosynthesis-Question 8In what organelle does photosynthesis take place?Group 4Chloroplast

  • Photosynthesis-Question 9

    What is the structure labeled # 1?Group 6Thylakoid

  • Photosynthesis-Question 10

    What is the structure labeled # 2?Group 4Stroma

  • Photosynthesis-Question 11

    What is the structure labeled # 3?Group 1Grana

  • Photosynthesis-Question 13What happens to the ATP made in the light dependent reaction?Group 3Goes to the Calvin cycle to make glucose

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 1In what organelle does cellular respiration take place?Group 5mitochondria

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 2What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?Group 2Aerobic requires oxygen, anaerobic does not

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 3What are the 4 stages of cellular respiration?Group 4Glycolysis, modification of pyruvate, Citric Acid Cycle, electron transport chain

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 4What is the equation of cellular respiration? Group 6C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 5Which type of respiration gives the most amount of energy? How much?Group 3Aerobic, 36 ATP

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 6What is the purpose of oxygen in aerobic respiration?Group 3Accepts electrons from the electron transport chain

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 7What type of anaerobic respiration do animals undergo when the electron transport chain backs up? What is the result?Group 1Lactic Acid Fermentation, muscle cramps

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 8What type of respiration do yeast undergo?Group 5Ethyl Alcohol Fermentation

  • Cellular Respiration-Question 9What are the products of alcoholic fermentation made by yeast?Group 2Carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol


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