Ch. 9 Cellular Respiration The breakdown of food molecules to release energy to the cell.

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  • Ch. 9 Cellular RespirationThe breakdown of food molecules to release energy to the cell.

  • Connection between photosynthesis andcellular respiration

  • In cellular respiration it is NADH NOT NADPH!

  • Anaerobic respiration: 2 kinds

  • Anaerobic respiration is used in wine-making

  • Aerobic Cellular Respiration1. Glycolysis: Glucose is brokencytoplasm2. Transition Reaction: Convert pyruvate to AcetylCoA3. Krebs Cycle: Produce most NADH and FADH24. Electron Transport Chain: Convert NADH and FADH2 to ATP

  • Glycolysis: breaking glucose into pyruvate occurs in cytoplasm

  • Transition Reaction: converts pyruvate to acetylcoAoccurs in intermembrane space of mitochondria

  • Substrate-level phosphorylation: when ATPsynthase makes ATP

  • General Summary of Krebs cycle (Know your blue sheet!)Occurs in matrix of mitochondria

  • Electron Transport Chain: converts NADH and FADH2 to ATPoccurs in cristae

  • Ch. 40,44 Metabolism

  • Strategies for Body TemperatureEndotherm: most body heat obtained internally (from metabolism)Endotherms tend to be homeotherms (maintain a constant body temperature)Ectotherms: most body heat obtained externally (from environment)Ectotherms tend to be poikilotherms (allow body temperature to fluctuate with environmental temperature)

  • Modes of Heat Loss and GainRadiation: heat loss or gain by a difference in body temperature and the environmentConduction: heat loss or gain by direct contact with an objectConvection: heat loss or gain by wind or water currentsEvaporation: heat loss only, cooling mechanism

  • Body Temp = Heat Produced + Heat Gained Heat Lost

    (By Metabolism)(From Environment) (To Environment)

  • Temperature TolerancesCTminCTmax

  • Torpor: HummingbirdsBody temperature and oxygenconsumption (red line) are highwhen hummingbirds are activeduring the day but may drop to 1/20 these levels during periodsof food shortage.Dawn Dusk

  • Osmoregulation: salt and water balance

  • What does osmoregulation for us?

  • Water Balance In The K-Rat

  • Special adaptations: Kangaroo rats

  • Excretion of nitrogenous wastes



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