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[Challenge:Future] Alternative development

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  • 1.

2. What is global problem of the world?

  • The global problems of our time - a set of human problems, the solution of which depends on social progress and the preservation of civilization.

3. The main global problem is destruction of the environment. 4. But an even greater negative impact of providing continuous emissions into the environment. 5. Let us consider the possible causes of the accident :

  • the people even more often move in cities where concentration of harmful substances air, soil, atmosphere, it is direct in premises, together with in other influences is very high ;
  • many kinds of animals and plants disappear, and there are new dangerous microorganisms ;
  • the landscape worsens, the fertile earths turn to piles, the rivers in ditches, changes in places a water mode and a climate.

6. Let's look at what consequences us wait?

  • Climate change of the Earth

7. Solution of a problem for a fuel and energy complex

  • Alternative energy sources :
  • 1) solar power engineering;
  • 2) wind-power engineering;
  • 3) alternative water-power engineering;
  • 4) geothermal power ;
  • 5)biofuels.

8. W ind-power engineering S olar power engineering G eothermal power 9.

  • A lternative water-power engineering

B iofuels 10.

  • Problems of an overpopulation of a planet.

11. Way out of crisis

  • Restrictions of birth rate with simultaneous reduction of death rate and to life improvement of quality
  • OR
  • The create alternative kinds of a food. For example - development aquaculture.

12. I think, by means of the offered decisions it will be undoubtedly possible to avoid accident on our planet! 13. Thanks for attention!