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  • 1. Building Genius in you AVI EdlogIQ Pvt. Ltd. Business Plan2012-2013www.edlogiq.inedlogiq@gmail.com+918791023407+917669583910

2. Mission and VisionOur mission is to find, inspire and developthe genius within each one of us.Our vision is to bring a positive change tothe current education system. We at Ed-LogIQ believe that the current education system is unable tounleash the full potential of students. We ,with help of innovative products and services, aim to provide a logicaland intelligent way of learning.2 3. Market AnalysisMarket Size:According to Ernst and Young Edge 2011report Indias education(K12) sectorcurrently offers an estimated INR 46,200crores with a potential 16% five-yearCAGR.Private Equity Investments:17 deals worth more than INR6,000crore in 2011.Attracting Foreign Corporates:Apple introduced its interactivetextbooks application for the iPad iBooks2.Government Investments:Tamil Nadu government recentlyallotedINR36.17crore forappointing 1,267 teachers in 1050higher secondary and secondaryschool.INR491 crore for free productssuch as footwear and bags to thestudents.3 4. NeedDescribe the needs you are trying to fulfill. How are these needs metcurrently?Confusion on our own talent and abilities is widespread in India. Schooland college students are unaware of consequences of theirsubjects/courses and end up following popular trends. Even many workingprofessionals face a daily dilemma regarding their work satisfaction.Career Counselling is only prominent in the metros. And the current careercounselling options are restricted to the internet and expensive one on onecounselling sessions. We wish tap into not only metros but tier 2-3 cities.We wish to provide cost effective career counselling methods to attract themasses. Once we have introduced them to career counselling we wish toretain them and further build on them with various other developmentproducts. 4 5. NeedWho are your target customers? What is the market potential?A recent survey by National Council of Applied Economic Research states-1/3rd of the total number of students who take up science after 10th, take itup for reasons other than interest in the subjects. The education market isvast but it has been unidirectional in focusing on number of schools andcolleges. The secondary education market is still vastly untapped.We are planning to target 1 lac students with our career counseling test inthe first year. We wish to attract large number of students who would beusing a career counseling product for the first time. Our product would bean introduction to them (and their schools) after which we would build onthem with other products.5 6. Our Solution Find Develop Inspire Analyze6 7. Our SolutionFinding where students heart lies. Project Prodigy Psychometric TestsDeveloping talent and skillsWorkshopsIQ labsBrain training games 7 8. Our SolutionInspiring to achieve greater heightsGuest and Video LecturesAnalyzing your improvement Microscope 8 9. Project ProdigyProject Prodigy is:A national level intelligencecompetition (class 9th-12th) based on ourconcept of Multiple Intelligence. We seekan all rounder; those students who areexcellent in various fields.Based on this test and a non evaluativepersonality section, providing a detailedcareer/subject counseling report to allstudents appearing for the test.Providing a confidential report toschools on their studentsperformances, aptitude/skill demographs, etc. and suggesting solutions forimprovements.9 10. Project ProdigyConcept of Project Prodigy:The exam is to held on a national level scaleto attract large number of customers. The testis based of Howard Gardeners multipleIntelligence theory. The test consists of twosections the evaluative and non evaluativesection. The evaluative section would testsvarious aptitudes of the student and thissection would be used for the competition.The non evaluative section would have apersonality and motivation mapping section. Itwould be combined with the aptitude sectionto generate a report. The test is scheduled tohappen later this year.10 11. MARKET SURVEYOrganized Strykerz IQ challenge:IQ calculation of 5043 students of top 8 schoolsof Ranchi in July 2010Comparison of IQ of studentsOverwhelming response from schools and theirstudents 12. Project ProdigyProcess & TimelineR&D DATE EVENT September 1: RegistrationsSurveysbegin October 10:End ofCertificationsRegistrationsTie-ups November 5-12Level 1 December 3rd Results + ReportDistribution Networkweek dispatch JanuaryZonal FinalsMarketing February 2nd National Finals weekExecution 12 13. Project ProdigyA look at some National level Competitions: Competition Type ClassFeesRegion Number ofTestTakers DainikPhysics, 1 to 12thStd 1 to 5 Rs 300 Madhya 23,000 Bhaskar Chemistry,Std 5 to 8 Rs 400 Pradesh Scholorship Mathematics Std 9 to 12Rs & Exam 2010 500 Chhattisgarh NTSE 2010 All Regular10th Std Rs 100All India1.5 Lakh Subjects (Currentlyfor 8th Std) NSTSE 2010Different test 1 to 12thRs 100All India3.5 Lakh for Different Subjects13 14. Project Prodigy SUBSCRIPTIO SUBSCRIPTION MODEL N MODEL Expe c te d Num be r ofRegistration Fee:Stude ntsRs 300400000300000200000100000 Stud e nts 0 Ye ar Ye ar Ye ar 1 2 314 15. Project ProdigyDistribution Strategy Distribution outsourced to SALES AGENT INDIA (www.salesagentindia.com) Partnership with Media and Publishing Houses Partnerships with All India Teachers Associations Marketing Strategy Conducting Local events Online Publicity and Social Marketing NGOs Publicity through other EdlogIQ products15 16. Project Prodigy COST SHARING MODEL:Distributors:A revenue sharing model would be applied. The distributor would be required to get aminimum number of students in an area through contact (association) with schools orstudents directly. Then a share of students fees would be awarded to the distributors.The percentage share would increase with increase in number of student enrolledthrough the distributor.Schools:Participation fee is Rs 300 per studentStudents applying though schools would get Rs 50 discount. The teacher in charge ofthat school would collect the fees.School having more than 40 students giving the test:School shall retain Rs 30 per student for conduction of the test, compensation forinvigilators, incidental expenses, etc.Less than 40 or not willing to conduct test at their own school or students directlyapplying the students would be transfer to another school in a nearby area. Rs 40 perstudent would be paid to the new host school. 16 17. Project ProdigyHow is it different from the rest: Does not require any prerequisite knowledge Will not only be finding a winner but also helping all participants by proving career counseling report. Also by providing correct direction to schools to help their students. Under process of getting certified by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOMETRY. Would be the only career counseling test of its kind certified.Why would students give our test? Some may come for winning the competition while others for the career counseling. It would attract students of various capabilities. A student good at mathematics or one at language would be equally attracted to the test. Also the cost of the test is very low compared to the other career counseling services17 18. Project ProdigyFollow up on students: Project Prodigy would help students find what they are good at.To develop, inspire and guide them EdlogIQ provides variousdifferent products. So we wish to attract then retain ourcustomers till they finally reach their dream career. We alsowould be connecting with the schools by providing them ananalysis of their students. Schools would also show interest inhelping the students to their dreams. So attachments to schoolsare also very important to us. Incentives to students: We plan to associate with various companies and institutes especially to offer scholarships and career exposure visits for students and also organize various workshops and seminars. Lateral entry for students to High IQ Societies. Various cash and kind prizes with the support of our sponsors and partners would be offered to top performers. 18 19. Project ProdigyWhy are we mixing career counseling with a competition? Currently students especially in tier 1 and tier 2 do not realize the importance of career counseling. But they flock to competitions in large numbers. Effectively we are creating a market for ourselves by making the people aware of the benefits through the form of a competition.Launch Pad for EdlogIQProject Prodigy would create a name and brand for EdlogIQ in themarket.It would make large number of students and schools aware of the benefitof career counseling.It would be a perfect time for EdlogIQ to launch various other productsfor the newly created market.After having found a talent of an individual they can move to ourdevelopment and inspirational products for further help to achieve hisdream career 19 20. Other Products and ServicesThe next slides consists of otherproducts and services to be launchedafter execution of Project Prodigy. Wewould look to retain our customer basecreated by Project Prodigy. We wouldalso look to benefit from credibilitygenerated from it. 20 21. Mental GymAny average teenager goes to a regulargym and tones his biceps, triceps andabs. But what about the most importantmuscle in the body, our brain. Have youever felt fatigued in our mind? Lackingcreativity at times or maybe just feelingdistracted?Any average person these days suffersfrom some form of mental stress andperformance reduction. No one reallyfocuses on fact that these problems canbe easily solved by just training andexercising your brain muscles.21 22. Mental GymThe concept: In the gymnasium of life, you need to flex your mental muscles in different ways depending on the needs at hand. Sometimes you push hard by thinking critically and dealing with cold logic. At other times you relax and let go