[Challenge:Future] Music + Games = Fun 'n' Learn

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  1. 1. Rethinking Our Working STYLE!!
    =FUN n LEARN
  2. 2. The Idea Fun + Learn
    Almost everybody likes Music and/or playing games.
    The Best methodology is to redefine our working style
    Helps us learn and work while enjoying it
    Finding Jobs and careers in Hobbies is another great way to look at it.
  3. 3. Turning the Music ON
    I wish I could recall my subject, like I recall Songs??? The facts just dont go in
    Ever Thought how easily we remember a song after hearing it a couple of times or a big part of the movie after having seen it once??
    Everyone likes listening to Music in their Leisure!!
    • Combine Music with studies and people would remember a lot of what they learnt for substantially longer time.
    • 4. HOW?? -:Rewriting the concepts of subject on a rhythm (old popular tune like parody or new music)
    • 5. Theres MORE : We listen to music in our leisure after long hours of study or work. Theoretically speaking, Learning would never stop!!!
  4. Whats NEXT!!!
    Wish I could spend hours on work, like I could on Games!! Its all so Boring!
    **GAMES have their special reputation as a FUN hobby**
    Games are very popular because
    • Shorter objectives
    • 6. Sense of achievement and pride for fulfilling them
    • 7. Often a lot of stuff is unanticipated Keeps us stuck to our seats
    Designing Work Objectives on this methodology and Environment!
    Since a lot of daily work is very text based, creating short intervals of game-based work-environments can work wonders. We work in regular hours and we are working even while relaxing.
  5. 8. Who Inspires Me!!!
    Common People from everyday life!!
    The IDEA : How we never feel tired doing what we enjoy doing most!!!
    GAMERS : Spend hours on their screen. If they were paid for it, they would have earned thousands.
    In EPITOME : YOU & ME!!