Challenges and Overview From Technical Coordination 27/08/2013 -FH1

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Challenges and OverviewFrom Technical Coordination27/08/2013 -FH1OverviewDetector InstallationCEDAR / GTK / CHANTICompletion of Vacuum Tank / LAV / STRAWRICH vessel installation and Al Beam pipeCHOD, LAV12, IRCLKRInstallation of MUV to SAC areaInstallation Schedule27/08/2013 -FH2How about the Beam ?See Laus presentation.27/08/2013 -FH3CEDAR / GTK / CHANTICEDAR -> WG meetingBesides detector issues: Buffer Volume, Fast Valve (?), Gas System,.GTK (CHIP fabrication/bonding contract/ test systems) -> WG meetingOverall schedule very tight.GTK cooling system / CERN in-house fabrication still not guarantied.CHANTI: Need housing drawing (3D model) from Naples for GTK3 and CHANTI

27/08/2013 -FH4!Completion of the Vacuum tank (1)New Vacuum tanks #26 + #28 are tendered, order in Sept., delivery expected for Feb. 2014. (thanks to Flavio + Fabrizio).LAV9, 10 + 11 will be at CERN in Sept. 2013Challenge: STRAW schedule

IIIIIIIVStrawLAV91011#24#26#27#2827/08/2013 -FH5!Straw Fabrication, Dressing + StackingStrawModuleFabrication Ready Electronics +DeliveryStacking, DressingReadyInstallationI1 (u,v)CERNfinishedFE cover Oct. 13Dec. 13Jan. 142 (x,y)CERNfinishedFE cover Oct. 13II3 (u,v)JINRfinishedDelivery Sept.13FE cover Oct. 13Jan. 14Feb.144 (x,y)JINROct. 13Delivery Dec. 13III5 (u,v)CERNfinishedFE cover Dec. 13Feb. 14Feb.146 (x,y)CERNDec. 13FE cover Dec. 13IV7 (u,v)JINRMar. 14Delivery Jul.14Aug. 14Aug. 148 (x,y)JINRJun. 14Delivery Jul. 14We have made good progress in the last 6 months, but the remaining schedule remains tough!(There is no time for respite).The delivery schedule for Straw IV is a firm deadline, because otherwise we cannot close the vacuum tank.27/08/2013 -FH6Overall schedule still very tightVacuum Tank Completion (2)Install (position) LAV 9, 10 + 11 in Sept. or Oct. 2013. (the neighboring elements are incomplete)Install Straw I, II + III between Jan. - Mar. 2014Vac. tank interface must be ordered in Sept. 2013The New Vacuum tanks (#26, 28) are expected to arrive in February, and will be installed immediately.

In April 14, close vacuum tank (after LAV11) to do vacuum test of the full tank (except Straw IV).

27/08/2013 -FH7Summary!RICH27/08/2013 -FH8RICH Vessel Delivery + InstallationVessel delivery (contractual: 30/08/2013)Vacuum test in Spain was negotiated (+4 weeks)Realistically expect delivery not before end of NovemberRICH entrance window has been hydroformedRICH Straw Link is delivered and at CERNConstruction in Spain followed very close by Piet.

27/08/2013 -FH9Al Window Hydroforming27/08/2013 -FH10

Piet WertelaersJerome NoelRICH Mirror SupportsIntensive design and prototype work for the mirror supports in Florence, Perugia, Ferrara and CERN. (good progress in last 6 months). -> WGMirror coating will be done in autumnMust start in September!Next Challenge:Design and the fabrication of mirror support panel. (preparatory work from the Task-Force P.W. et al. exists)Expected delivery to CERN in < 6 months !

mirror positioning tool27/08/2013 -FH11!!Vessel InstallationPreparation: supports, etc. Installation of Drums 1,2,3+4 Close vessel: upstream + downstream2nd Vacuum test at CERN

Open both end caps again:Downstream window has to go for machining to the work-shop. -> September

~8 -10 weeksFinish by end January 2014 (1 month later than previously foreseen)27/08/2013 -FH12Al Beam Pipe

Three section inside the RICHTwo short sections after the RICH20 m of light Al Beam PipePiet Wertelaers27/08/2013 -FH13Status Report Al Beam PipeNews from Piet (end of July):17 tube "segments" needed for Experiment (L=1500mm).Segments delivered as "hollow jet" (minimal order quantity).At least 1 segment to be sacrificed to take test samples for welding.All segments machined at inner bore (outside company) and measured (CERN).A few slightly out of tolerance.2 mandrels manufactured (for lathe machining at CERN)First hot shuffling tests underway using the "worst" tubes.Outer machining (CERN lathe) of segment to be sacrificed underway.Final machining (CERN lathe) : start not before September 2013Completion expected for end June 2014 (+ 2 months!)Managed by Piet WertelaersRaw tubes made in Industry Precise machining in CERN work-shopAdditional Challenge:Inter Connections and rolling seal (for RICH exit window) still in prototype phase -> PH-DTCritical timing!27/08/2013 -FH14!

27/08/2013 -FH15LAV12 / CHOD / IRCLAV12 freeze design now -> WG meetingNA48-CHOD: Do we have electronics and power supply for the operation?IRC:ADC read outBeam tube 0.8mm thickness Detector fabrication and assembly LAV12/IRC installation in Aug. - Sept. 1427/08/2013 -FH16!LKR / CREAM InstallationConsolidation of Cooling system (ongoing)Consolidation Electrical supplies (after cooling)Warning: no cooling water from Oct. 13 to Mai 14LKR Vacuum system should be protected by UPS (since July new leak on HV feed-throughs)

Challenges: CREAM hardware tests -> reports in WG meetingLKR L0 trigger -> first tests in Nov. Dry Run (update in TDAQ ?)27/08/2013 -FH17LKrMUV1MUV2Iron wallMUV3MagnetFISCMonitorMUV installation (1)18Present SituationMBPL27/08/2013 -FHMuon Installation SequenceMagnetFrom the Current Situation to the Final InstallationLKrMUV1MUV2Iron wallMUV3MBPLFISC27/08/2013 -FH19Muon InstallationMUV1 installation foreseen in March/April 2014.Need urgently further drawings on MUV1: Support and adjustment details PMT cover / cabling details

Challenge: is speed up manufacturing work on MUV1; target is delivery to CERN in March 2014

MUV1 is critical element3 Problem areas: support / beam tube / inner tube diameter

27/08/2013 -FH20!!Platform and lifting toolto be installedMBPL to SACMBPLT1 ( = 320)T2 ( = 600)T3 ( = 600)DumpNew below connectionRotation angle changedHAC Supportand DetectorSACCryo ControlRack to be movedFrom the Current Situation to the Final Installation27/08/2013 -FH21MBPL to SAC (2)Nothing particular critical, except resources.Work should be done in the shadow of other installation work, i.e.Modification beam pipeHAC Platform and lifting toolCryo rack displacement

HAC and SAC installationShould be done this yearIn 201427/08/2013 -FH22How about TDAQ ?27/08/2013 -FH23See Marcos presentation.Installation Schedule (1)27/08/2013 -FH24Installation Schedule (2)27/08/2013 -FH25