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  • Changinglives

    for thebetter

    b y L e a d i n g t h e W a y

  • to our generous donors

  • a c e l e b r a t i o n o f t h e

    Leading the Wayc a m p a i g n

  • We invited you to join usin leading the Way to a better World

    Changing lives for the better2

  • you did. a celebration 3

  • Changing lives for the better4We asked you to imagine the differenceyou could make and become involved

  • you have. a celebration 5

  • Changing lives for the better6together We are moving toWards a better future

    for neW Zealand and the World

  • This book celebrates the impact of what has been an outstanding philanthropic campaign for The University of Auckland. With the fundraising total passing the $200 million mark, it is, in all likelihood, the most successful such campaign in New Zealands history.

    It is our great pleasure, on behalf of the Campaign Leadership Committee, the University, and the Foundations that have supported the campaign to thank the many donors, numbering in excess of 3,000, who have contributed so generously to this marvellous achievement.

    The Campaign was titled Leading the Way, a title which reflected the desire of the University to support outstanding research and teaching which would make a major contribution to the wellbeing of people in New Zealand and throughout the world. And that it has done. Your generosity has allowed us to create scholarships to attract and support talented undergraduate and postgraduate students, to bring to New Zealand some of the worlds finest researchers, to support top academics at home, and to create truly world-class teaching and research facilities. The ideas generated as a result will benefit our society for many years to come.

    But the Campaign has done much more than even that. It has created in the University, and

    in our community, a greater understanding of the power of philanthropy. It has built stronger linkages between the University and the many communities we serve. And it has laid the platform for the creation of a genuinely world-class university in New Zealand.

    Our thanks go to you all for the hard work and generosity which have made this Campaign such a success. We will continue to ensure that we create the greatest possible benefits from your support and hope that in the years to come you will continue to feel that your support of this great University is well worthwhile.

    We trust that you will enjoy reading just some of the success stories that you, our donors, have helped to create. Of course it is not possible for us to report here on every project that has been supported by our many donors, but please know that we are very grateful to each and every one of you.

    a celebration 7

    roger franCeChancellor

    stuart mcCutCheonVice-Chancellor

  • Leading the Way Campaign Leadership Committee:

    PatronsDame Jenny Gibbs DNZMSir John Graham KNZM, CBEChris Liddell

    ChaIrmanGeoff Ricketts

    CommIttee memBersSir John BuchananSir Ron Carter KNZMPeter CooperDr John DunnThe Right Honourable Paul East QC, CNZMGraeme EdwardsHugh FletcherAndrew GrantGreg HortonRoxane HortonBridget Liddell CFAChris Mace CNZMPeter MasfenDavid McConnellScott PerkinsSir Noel Robinson KNZMScott St JohnMark Weldon QSO

    representing the university of auckland:Roger FranceStuart McCutcheon John TaylorBill Thurston

    Changing lives for the better8

    John taylorCampaign Director

    geoff rICkettsCampaign Chair

  • a CeleBratIon 9

    as a result of your collective generosity, the Leading the Way campaign has proved even more successful than We true believers imagined.geoff ricketts, Campaign Chair

    for me, one of the most exciting features of the campaign Was the magic Which resulted When potential donors met leading teachers and researchers. John taylor, Campaign Director

  • the message of hope is that there is noW a clear path forWard in drug development, Which Will be guided by results from patients.

    Distinguished Professor Bill Denny, Director, auckland Cancer society research Centre

    there is nothing that can replace the interaction that i have With patients and families and i learn valuable lessons that Will never

    come from the lab bench. hopefully, i can in turn give back, by doing top-quality research that might make a difference to the

    lives of people Who struggle With neurological conditions. Dr Jessie Jacobsen, 2012 neurological foundation repatriation fellow

    Changing lives for the better10

    From left: Dr Jessie Jacobsen, Distinguished Professor Richard Faull, and Distinguished Professor Bill Denny in the atrium or heart of the newly redeveloped Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (FMHS) campus at Grafton.

    Opened by Prime Minister John Key on 3 July 2012, the complex is designed to support sophisticated teaching and research requirements and to foster collegiality. The challenge ahead for us is to ensure that these beautiful

    facilities remain populated with our nations best brains, says FMHS Dean Professor John Fraser.

  • t h e h e a l t h

    o f o u r n a t I o n

  • Changing lives for the better12

    Are cures for brain diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons any closer?Could we be on the verge of a breakthrough in cancer treatment?Can corneal blindness be reversed?

    Generous support from a number of our most significant donors means that University of Auckland researchers are making a real impact in the global quest for cures.

    In August 2012, it was announced that approval had been given to begin human clinical trials of an anticancer stealth drug developed at the University and known as PR610, with patients at Auckland City Hospital, Waikato Hospital and in the United States about to become the first participants. This is one of an impressive 12 cancer drugs taken to clinical trials to date by our researchers at the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC), the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery and Cancer Trials New Zealand.

    Hypoxia-activated prodrugs have for many years been a promising concept for selective chemotherapy. With three such drugs in trial, we have a chance to turn such promise into reality, says the Director of the ACSRC, Distinguished Professor Bill Denny.

    So where will cancer therapy be in ten years time? Bill believes a new era in targeted drug design

    is opening up as gene scanning is becoming cheaper and quicker.

    Its really going to change drug development in the medium term. Looking globally at cancer therapy, if everything goes right we would hope that anyone who comes into hospital will be able to have their cancer genome scanned to help decide what initial therapy would be. If and when they relapse, the relapsed tumour will be gene scanned to look at the changes. Then, ideally, theyll be able to be placed on a different combination of drugs that will be able to combat those changes and put them back in remission. And, in theory, theres no reason why you cant keep repeating that process.

    The appointment of a Senior Research Fellow in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics will mean that drug development at the University will be guided by the latest developments. There are a number of complementary initiatives all donor supported that will have a major effect on the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in the future. These include the appointment of Professor Stefan Bohlander to the new Marijana Kumerich Chair in Lymphoma and Leukaemia Research, new

    ProfessorCharles mCghee

    Cornea stem cellsImage courtesy of Dr Jinny Yoon, Department of Ophthalmology

  • a celebration 13

    funding to investigate the causes and treatment of neuroendocrine cancers, and strengthening of the breast modelling project at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

    At the Universitys Centre for Brain Research (CBR), a unique facility launched in 2009, brain researchers work with medicinal chemists and other scientists at the University, and with neurologists, neurosurgeons and other specialists who look after people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and stroke.

    To completely cure these diseases is of course the ultimate challenge. But thats a huge challenge, says the Director of the CBR, Distinguished Professor Richard Faull. What is realistic is that within the next five years we will develop methods of slowing disease processes down and of looking at promoting new brain cells to repair the brain.

    Pivotal to the research is the work that takes place in the Hugh Green Charitable Trust Biobank, established in 2011 and one of the first such facilities in the world. Its work is focused on keeping brain cells from donated tissue alive so that they can be studied in the laboratory for testing new drugs and new types of therapies, and for unravelling why these brain cells die.

    A promising new venture at the University is a human genetics research project aimed at uncovering the underlying genetic causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the New Zealand population. Neurological Foundation Repatriation Fellow Dr Jessie Jacobsen, who has recently returned from her postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts

    General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, will help to establish a new research network at Auckland, bringing hope for improved diagnosis and better targeted treatments for ASD.

    The Maurice Paykel Foundation Professor and Chair of Ophthalmology, Professor Charles McGhee, and his team of laboratory and clinical scientists are providing another example of the tangible impact of philanthropy. With blindness or severe visual impairment a growing problem in an ageing population, they are pushing diagnostic and treatment frontiers and have had some outstanding results, including successfully reversing corneal blindness in a number of cases. A key research goal, aided by a newly-established Freemasons Fellowship, will be to explore ways of retarding or even preventing age-related macular degeneration.

    Our primary mission is to strengthen our world-class reputation in teaching and research, says the Dean of Medical and Health Sciences, Professor John Fraser. Philanthropic generosity provides us with opportunities to establish new academic and research positions in areas that are of particular importance or relevance to our immediate community, such as the Lion Foundation Chair in Emergency Medicine, the Heart Foundation Chair in Heart Health, and the Stevenson Foundation Chair in Health Innovation. For this we are hugely grateful.

  • it is a great privilege to be able to undertake research that Will make things better for mothers

    and babies, noW, and for the rest of their lives.Distinguished Professor Jane harding

    Changing lives for the better14

    Students from Aorere College (back: Monleigh Ikiua; front: Duane Hapimana and Nelly Lam-Sam) explore the wonders of the human brain at the

    Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom at the Liggins Institute, guided by scientist and mentor Dr Donna Rose Addis, Senior Lecturer & Rutherford Discovery

    Fellow at the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Brain Research.

  • t h e D e v e l o P m e n t

    o f o u r C h I l D r e n

  • Changing lives for the better16

    There are thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of parents around New Zealandand the world who owe the survival of their children to the work of the late Mont Liggins.

    Professor Sir Graham Liggins, or Mont as he was known, was one of the worlds finest physiologists. When he died in 2010, he left behind an enormous legacy: the discovery that it is the baby, not the mother, who initiates the birth process, a discovery which allowed him to develop ways to treat mothers in premature labour and vastly improve the chances of their babies survival.

    Today, at the Liggins Institute, the story of scientific discovery for the benefit of the community continues. Distinguished Professor Jane Harding, with her team and the backing of donors, has been developing simple, non-invasive treatments that can reverse low blood sugar levels in newborn babies, a condition which can cause brain damage if severe enough. We expect that this will revolutionise treatment of many newborn babies, allowing them to avoid admission to intensive care units, and improving outcomes for families. Looking ahead, she hopes to develop approaches to prevent, not just treat, neonatal hypoglycaemia.

    The Maurice and Agnes Paykel Clinical Research Unit at the Liggins Institute has become the largest child-focused research unit in Australasia with 900 children participating in studies in 2011. Our researchers are focusing on trying to understand why children who are born early, late, or small who collectively account for 10percent of all NewZealanders are at higher risk of common diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity later in life, and how these diseases can be prevented, says the Director of the Liggins Institute, Professor Wayne Cutfield.

    At the Universitys Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, recent research has shown that women who sleep on their left side on the last night of their pregnancy have a halved risk of late stillbirth compared with women who do not. The finding is from the first stillbirth case control study in the world to look at maternal sleeping patterns, says Cure Kids Chair in Child Health Research, Professor Ed Mitchell. It presents an exciting

    Professor wayne CutfIelDLiggins Institute Director

    DIstInguIsheD Professor Jane harDIngDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

  • a celebration 17

    opportunity for further studies that could mean a significant reduction in the number of stillbirths.

    The Inaugural Goodfellow Repatriation Fellow, DrJo James, also in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, is focusing her work on the very beginnings of life in the womb, on understanding how the human placenta develops in early pregnancy by isolating and characterising the stem cells from which it develops. We can then study the factors that cause implantation failure and miscarriage, and help improve the ability of couples who suffer from these causes of infertility to have a child. Furthermore, many pregnancy disorders that occur near term, such as growth restriction that results in small babies, and pre-eclampsia, are a result of inadequate placental development early in pregnancy.

    The placenta truly is the foundation for pregnancy success. Understanding the basic biology behind this foundation has implications right throughout pregnancy, and consequently throughout a babys life.

    While pushing knowledge forward sometimes with life-changing results is at the centre of our researchers work, ensuring that research is applied in New Zealand communities is also crucial. Over the past seven years the Liggins Education Network for Science (LENScience) programme has been phenomenally successful in this area, engaging with more than 40,000 students from 200 secondary schools.

    Through our partnerships, students are sharing our research stories with their families, changing

    health behaviours and seeing a future in science and health careers, says LENScience Director Jacquie Bay.

    At the Faculty of Education, our researchers are finding ways to raise educational performance in areas that most need support. The team at the Woolf Fisher Research Centre has shown through its work with more than 10,000 Mori and Pacific students in Auckland and on the West Coast of the South Island that low-decile schools can substantially raise students literacy levels. Now, through the Woolf Fisher Lead Teachers Masters Scholarships, the Centre is offering exceptional teachers a one-year masters level programme in research methods. The idea is that these teachers will go back to their communities and act as leaders in using evidence from their own schools to find the most effective ways of teaching and learning.

    In May 2012 the Starpath Project launched a Samoan translation of its popular Understanding NCEA book, one of its latest initiatives aimed at lifting aspirations and achievements among secondary students. Starpath, with the support of the ASB Community Trust, is now working in partnership with 39 schools, using proven strategies to help students to achieve meaningful qualifications and provide a platform for future careers.

    Professor stuart mCnaughtonWoolf Fisher Research Centre Director

  • our benefactors Want to make a difference today and in the long term. they knoW that by investing in and

    partnering With our people, our programmes, and our netWorks, they have established a legacy

    for a more productive and prosperous neW Zealand.Dean of the Business school, Professor greg whittred

    Changing lives for the better18

    From left: The Fletcher Building Education Trust Chair in Leadership, Professor Brad Jackson;the Director of the Centre for Marine Science, Professor John Montgomery;

    and the Dean of Science, Professor Grant Guilford; backed by the inspirational words ofSir Ernest Rutherford in the Owen G Glenn Building, the home of the Business School.

  • t h e g r o w t h o f o u r e C o n o m y

  • Changing lives for the better20

    Imagine living by the waters edge on a small island, spending your days making wine.

    It sounds like an idyllic lifestyle played out somewhere in the Mediterranean but it is all part of the Wine Science programme at the Universitys Waiheke Island campus, established at the Goldie Winery through the generosity of pioneering winemakers Kim and Jeanette Goldwater. Students live and work together, sharing knowledge, skills and meals and a true immersion experience in wine making alongside the professional wine-growing operation of Goldie Wines.

    With 25 other wineries on the island also providing work and educational opportunities, this is an exceptional preparation for a career in what is now New Zealands eighth most valuable export sector, explains the Universitys Wine Science Director, Randy Weaver. Despite accounting for less than 1percent of global wine production, NewZealand is now the worlds 10th largest exporter by value and the 11th largest exporter by volume.

    Findings from recent research at the Universitys School of Chemical Sciences have the potential to revolutionise aspects of winemaking. Lead researcher Associate Professor Paul Kilmartin has shown that machine harvesting of Sauvignon Blanc grapes produces higher levels of the aromas that are characteristic of this award-winning NewZealand wine, challenging the traditional view that hand-picking this variety is best. Adding sulphur dioxide as soon as the grapes are harvested also results in higher levels of these aromas.

    Further north and in an equally stunning part of our natural environment is the Universitys Centre for Marine Science, adjacent to the Goat Island Marine Reserve at Leigh. When it marked its 50th anniversary in June 2012, there was plenty to celebrate. The Leigh Laboratory has been through a major transformation in the past few years including bringing its science to visitors and schools through the new Edith Winstone Blackwell Marine Discovery Centre, which opened in 2011. The anniversary was also a time to reflect on the contributions of the University to marine science. New Zealand is a world leader in marine conservation and fisheries management, and research at Leigh has influenced research domains internationally. This expanding global knowledge envelope provides the on-going opportunities for sustainable economic growth and environmental benefits, says the Director, Professor John Montgomery.

    At the City Campus, Aucklands place as the countrys commercial hub is being enhanced through funding to establish the Chapman Tripp Chair in Corporate and Commercial Law at the Law School. The position will make a tangible difference in an area of law where new thinking and application can have a direct impact on business growth.

    The passion and vision of philanthropists like Owen Glenn, and Neal and Annette Plowman, truly led the way in creating a world-class business school at Auckland and a platform for building our economic wellbeing. Research and learning in economics

    Goldie Winery on Waiheke Island

  • a celebration 21

    has been supported through the newly-established Matthew S. Abel Chair in Macroeconomics, held by Professor Robert MacCulloch, and through new postgraduate scholarships in economics funded through the Trust of the late Sir Henry Kelliher, best known as the founder of Dominion Breweries and the driving force behind free milk in schools. The development of Open Software Systems in NewZealand has also received a major boost, with the establishment of the Clinton Bedogni Fellowship and Prize in memory of a young man who was himself passionate about computer science.

    In 2011 the Fletcher Building Employee Education Fund endowed New Zealands first and only chair in leadership, after five years of sponsoring the position. The incumbent, Professor Brad Jackson, co-directs with Adjunct Professor Lester Levy, the New Zealand Leadership Institute, which has given 400 research-based presentations to 150 organisations over the past eight years. Brad believes that NewZealand has the opportunity to become an international centre for leadership development excellence and, in April 2013, the eyes of the international leadership community will be on NewZealand when the Business School hosts the International Leadership Associations first Oceania conference.

    Because of our remoteness, the efficiency of New Zealand supply chains is of significant importance in creating a thriving New Zealand economy. The appointment of a Ports of Auckland Chair in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, held by Professor Tava Olsen, has strengthened research to improve

    the competitive position of New Zealand firms, which are increasingly influenced by the speed and cost of getting goods and services to market.

    Making it globally is a big dream and an even bigger challenge for many small New Zealand companies. Through the vision of ex-pat international financier Charles Bidwill and, more recently, the support of an anonymous business leader, some of these companies are getting the financial assistance and mentoring that they need to succeed in overseas markets. Since the launch of The University of Auckland Business School Entrepreneurs Challenge in 2009, ten companies have been loaned capital to take their businesses to the world. In late 2012, the latest round of shortlisted companies will find out if their pitch was exceptional enough to secure a share of this years $1 million fund.

    Small and medium businesses are also benefitting from the work of the ASB Careers Centre. The Director, James Hairsine, explains that the centre has become the go to source for employers who need exceptional graduates but who dont have the resource to undertake time-consuming and costly recruitment. The centre is also a connector with major professional firms, many of whom draw 50 percent or more of their graduate intake from our University.

    Centre for MarineScience at Leigh

    Professor tava olsenPorts of Auckland Chair in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Academic Director, Centre for Supply Chain Management

  • great cities are crafted by human ingenuity Where innovation and purpose in urban planning and architectural design

    meet With the vision and commitment of institutional and philanthropic leaders. as neW Zealands foremost university in

    its only global city, the university of auckland is transforming urban environments and creating a sustainable future.

    elizabeth aitken rose, senior lecturer, school of architecture and Planning

    Changing lives for the better22

    From left: The Energy Education Trust Chair in Energy & Resource Economics and Director of the Universitys Energy Centre, Professor Basil Sharp, and School of Architecture and Planning Senior Lecturer Elizabeth Aitken Rose.

    In the background is Colony 2004, by Paul Hartigan. The neon installation at the Faculty of Engineering is a vibrant feature of the central Auckland learning quarter. The artist explains that the work

    suggests a collection of related entities with similar goals, cohabiting in a new found territory.

  • t h e f u t u r e

    o f o u r C I t I e s

  • Changing lives for the better24

    Are we using our existing infrastructure efficiently?Could we be using it better?

    These are questions that are front-of-mind for the Universitys Energy Education Trust Chair in Energy and Resource Economics, Professor Basil Sharp.

    Cities have to get smarter at using their infrastructure, Basil says. Auckland is actually relatively well endowed; we need to focus on how we are using what we have rather than necessarily investing in new infrastructure.

    Finding ways to better manage peak demand on roading networks, exploring the influences on peoples decisions to use public transport versus their private vehicles, and assessing the impact that urban form has on traffic, are among the programmes of research at the Universitys Energy Centre, where Basil holds the endowed Chair.

    Central to the Centres focus are energy markets. Seventy percent of New Zealands electricity comes from renewable sources, the second highest percentage in the OECD. Increasingly, geothermal and wind-sourced electricity will feature if the governments goal of 90 percent from renewable resources is to be achieved. In August 2012, four internationally-recognised economists in the field of renewable energy joined our own researchers and stakeholders to address industry developments

    and challenges at the Economics of Change: Towards a Renewable Energy Future workshop. As solar energy becomes increasingly important, the Centre is considering the use of solar panels on the rooftops of households as a way that Auckland could contribute to electricity supply.

    Thanks to support from Mighty River Power, a Chair in Geothermal Reservoir Engineering is to be established at the University, which will build New Zealands geothermal energy development capacity through a greater depth of knowledge and a greater number of highly skilled graduates.

    Much as the Energy Centre benefits from the enthusiasm that its graduate students bring to issues related to cities and to energy many of them supported through Energy Education Trust of New Zealand scholarships the Director says he is also pleased when they leave and go out to contribute to society. In the end the Centres work is about improving quality of life in Auckland, and in New Zealand, and making it a better place to live, Basil says.

    According to the Economist Intelligence Units Global Liveability Survey, Auckland is one of the best cities in which to live, ranked 10th most

  • a celebration 25

    liveable city in the world in 2012. The survey assessed 140 cities around the world and rated them across five broad categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure. While there are challenges to address, it is good to reflect also on all the positive aspects of our urban environment.

    One of the major contributors to the life of the city is The University of Auckland with the support of the more than 3,000 donors to the Leading the Way Campaign. The University contributes an estimated $6 billion to the Auckland economy annually, and is the citys second largest employer. Our academics from a range of disciplines are involved in numerous initiatives that are helping to shape the citys future, in the areas of urban design, housing affordability strategies, urban growth management, and heritage and arts policy. Former South Australia Premier Mike Rann CNZM, a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Political Studies, is also adding to the discussion about revitalising our cities, drawing on strategies already implemented in Adelaide.

    With more than 32,000 students and 4,700 staff, we also make our presence felt socially and culturally. The live installations on the fan trail of the 2011 Rugby World Cup showed some of ourNational Institute of Creative Arts and Industries students at their exuberant best, with tens of thousands of locals and visitors from around the world experiencing rugby fever Kiwi style en route to Eden Park.

    Through the generosity of donors, the Universitys Hood Fellowship programme brings outstanding academics and thought leaders to Auckland to share their skills and passions with the University community and the wider public. Likewise, the Seelye Fellowship programme supports intellectual rigour and creative enterprise in Auckland through a similar vision.

    Our University has also played its part in assisting in Christchurch, following the devastating earthquake in February 2011. Three of our staff from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering were in the Christchurch central city when the quake struck, delivering a seminar on how to strengthen earthquake-risk buildings. They are among the many staff from areas such as engineering, planning, architecture, dance studies, education, computer science, and medicine, who have been involved with responding to the crisis and helping to rebuild structures and lives.

    A gift from an anonymous overseas donor made life a little easier for 29 students affected by the earthquake. Some were Canterbury University students who had taken up the offer of a temporary exchange to The University of Auckland; others were University of Auckland students with a Christchurch home address. All were appreciative of the helping hand that was extended to them during a tough time.

    2011 Rugby World Cup fan trail

  • creative thinkers challenge all of us to reach beyond knoWn boundaries and embrace radically different futures.

    our philanthropic partners recognise the critical importance of investing in creative leaders Who Will

    transform cultural, economic, and social conditions so that all neW Zealanders may flourish.

    Dean of the national Institute of Creative arts and Industries, Professor Jenny Dixon

    Changing lives for the better26

    Success at university requires talent and drive and sometimes the backing of donors whose support gives a boost to confidence and financial security,

    or access to special opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. Back row: Sam Viskovich (John Drake Memorial Scholarship);

    Alex MacDonald (Winifred Stiles Viola Scholarship); Mathew Polwart-Matich (John Drake Memorial Scholarship). Middle row: Hetal Harkison (Alumni Scholarship);

    Crystal Lin (Walter Kirby Singing Scholarship and Springs Scholarship for String Players); Gina Donk (Alumni Scholarship); Nelson Lam (Bishop Scholarship for Composition).

    Front row: Rebecca Lawson (Alumni Scholarship); Ella Tunnicliffe-Glass (Anthony Jennings Memorial Scholarship), Steven Zehrab (Alumni Scholarship).

  • t h e e X P r e s s I o n

    o f w h o w e a r e

  • Len Lye the operaproduction

    Changing lives for the better28

    The Universitys built environment says much about our history, our people and the communities we serve. The ClockTower Building is a reminder of our beginnings, while the magnificent Owen G Glenn Building and the striking Grafton campus are state of the art facilities that support our goal to contribute even more in the future.

    Waipapa Marae, named after the original landing place of canoes in Auckland, was opened in 1988 and continues to be an important teaching and ceremonial space. The Fale Pasifika another traditional meeting house on a grand scale brings together students and staff as part of the Centre for Pacific Studies, and acts as a focal point for the wide range of Pacific-related research being undertaken across the University.

    Mori and Pacific cultures have long been a key feature of the New Zealand identity and of The University of Aucklands teaching and research. Our University is the largest provider of degree level education to Mori and Pacific communities in the country. Ng Pae o te Mramatanga, a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence, is based at The University of Auckland. With donor support, our researchers are playing an important part in supporting educational development, enhancing health and wellbeing, growing business expertise and enabling creative potential in Mori and Pacific communities.

    Increasingly, the many identities and cultures of Asia are also integral to the life of our city and our University. Early each year, Albert Park and Princes Street come to life with the exotic aromas and colourful displays of the Auckland Lantern Festival. One of the popular attractions at the 2012 festival was a tea ceremony hosted by the Confucius Institute, which is located at

    The University of Auckland and generously supported by Hanban in China. The Institute plays a leading role in fostering closer cultural, social and business relations between China and New Zealand by promoting the study of Chinese language and culture.

    Creative arts are a key component of the identity of New Zealanders. With the support of the Chartwell Trust and the enthusiastic involvement of staff in a range of disciplines across the University, the Dean of the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI) and newly-appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Engagement), Professor Jenny Dixon, is heading up a comprehensive project that will promote a deeper understanding of the arts and their role in creative thinking.

    New Zealands ability to succeed and prosper in the future will depend on its population being able to adapt to environments not yet imagined and solve problems not yet predicted. The vision for the project is to put creative thinking at the centre of

    Professor Jenny DIXonDean of the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Engagement)

  • a celebration 29

    education, alongside literacy and numeracy, and at the centre of business and society. In 2013 the priority for the Creative Thinking Programme will be to launch a Creative Fellows Programme, bringing some of the worlds leading thinkers in creativity to New Zealand to work with and inspire our communities.

    The creative talents of composer Eve De Castro-Robinson, librettist Roger Horrocks, artistic director Uwe Grodd, and stage director Murray Edmond, among others, earned full houses and glowing reviews with the Len Lye the opera production at the Maidment Theatre in September. Len Lye was a major force in experimental film and kinetic art and the donor-supported NICAI production was intended to honour an incredible man as well as being a unique event. New Zealand Herald reviewer William Dart described the show as an arresting piece of musical theatre, while the National Business Reviews John Daly-Peoples said that the work has entered the annals of New Zealand opera with eloquent music and an intelligent libretto.

    A few hundred metres away and still close to the heart of the city campus, the Gus Fisher Gallery at the Kenneth Myers Centre has recently featured the creative output of another extraordinary NewZealander: Douglas Wright,

    one of the countrys best-known dancers and choreographers. The gallery is an icon of the University, both through the contribution that its activities make to visual arts and as a superb venue for special events.

    Our School of Music has long caught the attention of generous supporters who recognise the role that they can play in creating the top performers of tomorrow. Some funds assist students from secondary school into undergraduate study, such as the new First in Family Scholarship, and others, such as the Anne Bellam scholarships, give some of our best graduates the opportunity to learn and grow overseas.

    Performers, composers and musicologists all benefit immensely from studying overseas, says the Head of the School of Music, Dr Allan Badley. It is not just having access to inspired teaching and a phenomenal concert life that makes the difference to our students, but also the chance to experience music in a much broader cultural and intellectual context.

    The Universitys growing profile as an institution that nurtures a broad range of talents has been underlined in recent years through the John Drake Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is offered by the University and the Auckland University Rugby Club and provides support to individuals who are exceptional both on and off the field. Rallying support for the scholarship has also provided some memorable occasions for donors, particularly those who joined the 1987 former All Blacks team for a fundraising gala dinner in the lead-up to the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

    Len Lye the operaproduction

  • Changing lives for the better30

  • thank you. a celebration 31

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    Anonymous (305)Abbott, DavidAbernethy, MelanieAbrahams, ValerieAcharya, VisheshAdams, JohnAdams, LorraineAhlquist, LoisAhn, KylieAimer, PeterAitken, AlecAitken, BruceAitken, EmaAkel, WilliamAkhniotis, EraclisAlexander, CarolynAlexander, FraserAlexander-Graham, JudithAley, PatriciaAli, AbdulAlison, ElizabethAlison, JackAl-Khateeb, IhsanAllan, GeorgeAllardice, MartinAllen, HarryAllen, WarrenAllison, DavidAllison, JeanetteAllison-Maxwell, WillAlmunif, KhaledAlpe, VirginiaAmor, RobertAmputch, ArthurAnderson, ChristianAnderson, JaneAnderson, JohnAnderson, SandraAnderson, SophieAnderson, StephenAndrew, JenniferAndrew, RobinAndrews, GayeAndrews, LesAng, JAng, LipAng, Yen Peng

    antonievich, jackieantonievich, milanapperley, rogerarchibald, ianarchibald, munroeargar, paularmishaw, davidarmishaw, richardarnett, stewartarnott, brucearnott, juditharnoux, rosemaryarroll, brucearthur, gregarumugam, abelashby, colinasher, innesasher, monicaasher, raynorashley Wilson, angelaashworth, arthuraspden, robertaston, davidatchison, cunninghamatkins, davidatkinson, ianatkinson, joeatwill, nigelaatwool, bernersau, ceciliaaudley, sandraauton, leighaylward, malcolmbaay, fransbaba, kamaruzamanbacarji, elenabaddeley, josephinebaguley, brucebahuguna, nalinbai, juhongbaird, donaldbaird, tonybaker, alexanderbaker, bridgetbaker, clivebaker, grahambaker, kenneth

    bakker, vilasball, christineballagh, chloeballantyne, davidballard, robertabamfield, duncanbamfield, mareebamfield, robertbanbrook, anthonybanbury, anitabanbury, grantbanks, dougbanwell, martinbaragwanath, davidbaran, peterbarber, markbarden, katherinebarfoot, nicholasbarker, georgebarker, helenbarker, ianbarlow, geoffreybarnard, graemebarnes, moniquebarnett, johnbarnett, leannebarnett, margaretbarnett, ruthbarrett, paulbarrett, paulbarrett, rorybarron, donaldbarry, brianbartlett, peterbartley, bryanbartley, tonybascand, lawrencebasham, joannebasrur, adityabassett, ronaldbatchelar, markbates, denesebates, terrybatkin, gregorybawden, patriciabaxter, rogerbayly, trevor

    bayne, bronwynbayrante, laurobeal, glenbealing, elizabethbeasley, kentbeaven, elizabethbeck, jamesbeck, johnbeckett, desmondbecroft, andrewbeder, estellebedford, albertbedford, helenbedggood, margaretbeer gamal, magdabeer, alexiabeeson, gerrardbegic, Zoranbeilenson, lynairbell, alanbell, annebell, davidbell, francesbell, graemebell, graemebell, leonardbellam, anne bellamy, janebellew, elizabethbellringer, brianben tal, alonabenard, nancybenge, francesbennett, barbarabennett, bettybennett, christopherbennett, ronaldbenton, johnberber, stevanberg, peterberindei, florentaberry, kevinberry, simonbeyers, jasonbidwell, terribidwill, annabidwill, charles

    bieleski, karenbieleski, roderickbierens, peterbiggar, grantbigg-Wither, grantbiland, alexbilleh, eliasbird, clintonbird, graemebirse, sallybishop, lewisbisley, charlesbisphan, alfredblack, graemeblack, ianblack, philippablack, sebastianblackburne, melanieblackman, johnblackshaw, quentinblackwell, campbellblackwell, jamesblackwell, lizblackwell, susannablair, sueblakeley, margaretblanchard, peterblaschke, anthonyblockley, craigblomfield, alexanderbloomfield, ashleybloomfield, irirangiblumenfeld, ninablythe, ivanblythen, heatherboag, elisabethboddie, shirleybody, jackbody, simonbojsen-moller, kirstenbollard, annebollard, johnbolt, basilbond, grahamebond, marjoriebone, elizabethbonita beaglehole, ruth

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    brothers, margaretbroughton, henarebrown, alistairbrown, allanbrown, andrewbrown, bettinabrown, dennisbrown, douglasbrown, johnbrown, junebrown, marjoriebrown, rogerbrown, stuartbrowne, colinbrowne, denisbrowne, kevinbrowne-russell, elizabethbrownlie, albertbruce, davidbruell, clairebruell, ezrabruen, elizabethbryant, doreenbryant, garrybryant, haydenbryant, murraybryant, paulbublitz, barrybuchanan, douglasbuchanan, lancebuddle, peterbudiono, bambangburdon, rosburgess, berylburgess, grahamburling, kylieburns, johnburrell, margaretburrett, hughburridge, scottburrows, grahamburry, alistairburt, alisonburton, johnbus, vincentbusche, holgerbush, graham

    buswell, keithbutcher, markbutler, beverleybutler, michaelbutt, ronniebutton, johnbyrne, chrisbyrne, johncaccia-birch, colleencadness, phaedracairney, jamescalcinai, judithcalder, alexandercalder, jonathancaldwell, phylliscallaghan, moeawacallan, louisecallander, stephencameron, graycameron, mariecameron, robertcameron, timcameron-gavin, dorothycamp, stuartcampbell, dyancampbell, graemecarapiet, joncargill, johncargill, thomascarmichael, howardcarnachan, johncarnahan, johncarr, alexandercarroll, dwaynecarroll, seancarruthers, helencarter, davidcarter, johncarter, murraycarter, noelcarter, roncarter, rosemarycaswell, suecastle, malcomcato, brucecaughey, catherinecaughey, celia

    caughey, christinecaughey, michaelcaughey, rosslyncawkwell, georgecawley, robertchalcroft, jameschallis, johnchambers, robertchambers, rogerchan, bandychan, hua tackchan, irischan, suetchandulal, annachang, daveychang, markchaplin, joannachaplow, rebeccachapman, guychapman, ralphcharleston, donaldcharlick, paulcharlton, margerycharman, leslechatfield, graemechaudhary, rajendracheang, geraldchen, anniechen, chung Waichen, davidchen, kevinchen, kokchen, min-hueychen, richardchen, yanchen, yin-hsienchen-Wishart, mindycheon, jincheshire, philipcheung, antoniocheung, dianacheung, gin hocheung, ingridcheung, johncheung, kwan hangchew, robertchia, boon

    chia, patriciachik, Wan yanchilds, johnchilwell, muirchin, raphaelching, Wainchisholm, donnachong, kongchow, ottochrisp, roderickchristianson, murielchristie, lyallchristopher, nancychristopherson, susanchuang, jeromechurch, toniclapshaw, peterclare, ronaldclaridge, graemeclarihew, anneclark, kerryclark, normanclark, paulclark, richardclark, rossclark, tomclarke, kathclarke, philipclarke, tedclarkson, daleclarkson, patriciacleary, mikeclegg, jamesclendon, genecliff, carole clift, frankclift, maxclose, ronclotworthy, lewisclover, billclucas, rodneycockfield, terencecoers, johncohen, marcuscoldham, margaretcoldicutt, helencole, alan

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    couper, blaircowan, ericacowen, davidcowley, petercown, paulacox, fionacraig, jamescraig, rosscraig, roycrampton, philipcrawford, matthewcreagh, philipcreasy, robertcrick, timothycrimmins, judithcrompton, davidcronin, garethcropp, glynniscropper, faycross, davidcrossley, markcrosthwaite, jancrotty, malcolmcruickshank, johncuajungco, mathcui, xiao lingculpan, rogercumming, dorothycunningham jr, Williamcunningham, philippacurnow, jenifercurrie, davidcurrie, Winifredcurtis, donaldcusack, noeldahms, fredricdainty, geoffreydale, pameladaly, barbaradaly, marydaly, michelledalziel, raewyndang, daviddarcy, marydarlow, bobdart, jamesdavenport, john

    davenport, katedavidson, angusdavidson, iandavidson, jeanettedavies, carolinedavies, elaine davies, elizabethdavies, glyndavies, jimdavies, johndavies, justeendavies, robertdavis, briandavis, gabrielledavis, joandavis, kathryndawn, barbaradawson, dougdawson, francisdawson, russde courcy, katherinede graaf, danielde kock, jillde ridder, keithde souza, josephdean, miriamdebney, dennisdejong, lexdempsey, johndenham, ronalddennehy, bernarddenton, margaretdevenish-meares, ritadezoete, frederickdhar, urmiladick, raewyndickens, pauldickinson, hughdickison, johndiesto, ericdikmans, lauradil, lindsaydillon-mayne, matthewdinesh, dorothydingwall, iandisciullo, Williamdittrich, ronald

    divich, andrewdobbie, gaydobbin, murraydobson, judedodd, josephinedodd, lynleydonald, tomdonnelly, philipdonovan, kimdonovan, robindoo, lesleydoogue, jan mariedoran, bobdoran-read, siobhandouglas, richarddouglas, graeme and ngairedove, cynthiadowdell, quentondower, susandowie, susandowrick, daviddowrick, noeldowsett, peterdrake, alandrake, georgedrake, johndreyer, Waynedriver, justinedruce, timothydrupsteen, thijsduder, johndullabh, arvindduncan, gwynn duncan, jennyduncan, robertduncan, rosemarydunlop, alistairdunn, gregordunning, matthewdunworth, treasadureau, christineduxbury, markdye, murrayeagar, raewyneast, pauleaston, christineebbett, richard

    edgar, johnedgcumbe, margaretedwards, dianaedwards, graemeedwards, louiseedwards, matthewedwards, terenceeggers, geoffreyeisenberg, carolekambi, glennekeroma, alecelcoat, stephenelder, hinemoaelias, victoriaelley, Warwickellis, gavinellis, lauraellis, michaelellis, rickellis-pegler, elaineemens-mcadam, janiceeng, stevenengland, margaretennis, johnenright, darrellensor, hamisherceg, ivanerceg, sylviaerikson, alisonerikson, kathrynerlam, rosemaryessuman, adelaideevans, davidevans, jillianevans, jimevans, margareteyre, elizabetheyre, maryezaki, taichifaasse, robertfaesen kloet, jeannettefair, trinafairburn, hannofaire, johnfairweather, keithfaithfull, barbarafalconer, feriel

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    falkner, clarefan, michellefardell, katefarmer, keithafaulknor, rexfaull, shirleyfearon, michaelfearon, paulfehl, peterfenelon, louisfenton, annafenton, rogerfenwick, robertferguson, claireferguson, georgeferguson, johnferguson, stephanieferguson, Williamfergusson, brucefernandez, dorothyferns, karenferrer, eileenferrier, maryfetui, vavaofinley, chrisfirth, derekfish, jocelynfisher, charlottefisher, gus and irene fisher, robfisk, catherinefitzgerald, tonyfitzgibbon, annafitzmaurice, johnfitzpatrick, brianfitzpatrick, nickfitzsimons, jeanettefitzsimons, peterfleming, grahamfletcher, bronwynfletcher, sian elias and hughflett, alastairflower, richardfoggo, brucefoley, guyon

    fong, robertfoo, ngeefoote, georgeforeman, billforrest, ianforsman, edforsyth, richardfoster, deanfoster, michaelfoster, robertfotu, joelfowlds, davidfowler, michaelfox, gwynfrance, davidfrance, johnfrance, margaretfrance, rossfrancesco, janetfrancis, susanfrankham, bevfrankish, paulfranklin, alanfranklin, colinfranklin, herbertfranklin, kennethfrankovich, matefrants, leonidfraser, adamfraser, andrewfraser, brysonfraser, donaldfreckleton, peterfree, kevinfrench, christinefrengley, sallyfriedlander, jasonfry, lynfuimaono, samfunder, johnfuscic, peterfuyala, tomfyers, Wendygabb, annagaeta, helengair, georgegalbraith, alan

    galbraith, donaldgallot, helengamble, douglasgamman, florencegardner, elizabethgarland, annagarrett, elisabethgarrett, jennifergarrett, rossgarthwaite, kathryngault, elleriegault, iangautier, alangeddes, annegelb, johngemmell, arthurgenter, juliegentles, beverlygeorge, iangeorge, kennethgerard, johngerbic, ailsagervai, pamelageurts, jacquelineghai, yashgibb, neilgibbons, buntygibbs, angelagibbs, jenny gibson, jennifergibson, patrickgibson, petergidman, valmagilberd, brucegilbert, brucegilbert, davidgilbert, stephengiles, alexandergill, michaelgillespie, helengillies, joangillingham, kennygilmore, lynnegilmore, nataliegilroy, kathryngimblett, maxgiven, helen

    glasgow, marjoryglasgow, mattglazebrook, susanglenn, owen g. gluckman, annglynn, robyngoddard, lowellgodinot, antoinegodley, ericgodwin, jennyleegoing, lindagoldsman, margaretgoldwater, haroldgoldwater, kim and

    jeanette goldwater, nickgong, jianhuagonzalezvargas, carlosgoodall, kaarengoodfellow, brucegoodfellow, mariongoodison, douglasgoodson, matthewgoodyear, alangoodyer, juliegordon, andrewgould, bryangoulding, johngourdie, trudigourley, michaelgovender, loganathangow, jamesgowan, stephaniegrace, susannagraham, douglasgraham, jeaninegraham, jennigraham, johngraham, kerrigraham, petergraham, ruthgraham, thomasgrant, andrew and ellegrant, barbaragrant, camerongrant, iangrantham, edmond

    gravatt, lancegray, gregorygray, iangray, sheilagray, stuartgray, susangray, viviennegreen, diana green, marygreen, rogergregory, johngreig, davidgrenfell, kimgriffin, brucegriffiths, gaegriffiths, lewisgriffiths, Williamgrigg, robyngrigor, jamesgrimes, fromagrimes, ronaldgrinter, desmondgrotta, ernestgrove, arthurguicherit, marjolijnguild, reneegunasekara, leelagunman, andrewgunn, madelinegupta, rohitgust, judithguthrie, jeannegutmann, stephenhablous, nevillehacking, roberthadden, bruce and Wendyhaddon, raymondhadfield, garryhadlow, karolhaigh, davidhaigh, johnhall, annettehall, grahamhall, henryhall, ianhall, susanhamblin, norah

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    anneliese hand, rodneyhankey, patrickhanna, johnhannken, Winifredhansen, davidhansen, rodhanson, joanhanson, markhardie, donnaharding, jennyharding, louisaharding, maryhardman, adamharkness, leoneharland, ann christineharmos, andrewharper, tobiasharre, romharris, arohaharris, markharris, maryharris, matthewharris, normanharris, rosemaryharris, stellaharris, terryharrison, geoffreyharrison, joelharrison, malcolmharrison, peterharrop, kenhart, charlottehart, jennyhart, pamelaharte, elizabethharte, michaelhartill, penelopeharvey, celiaharvey, davidharvey, yvonneharvison, roger

    harwood, ianhaslam, alastairhasnain, syedhassall, cedrichassed, deirdrehaughey, brucehaw, judithhawk, johnhawkeswood, rachelhawkins, allanhawkins, glennhawkins, rebeccahawley, antoinettehawley, johnhawley, thomashay, audreyhay, davidhay, peterhaycock, davidhaydon, ronhaydon, ronaldhayes, bettyhayman, brianhayman, karenhays, peterhayward, donaldhayward, paulhayward, rebeccahayward, susanhaywood, royhe, jonashe, lianneheath, paulheaven, christinaheenan, toniahenare, manukahendry, ianheng, chyehenrys, janehenshall, donheppleston, annettehercock, paulhernandez revuelta, raquelheron, fionaheron, mariaherring, lloyd hetherington, gerry

    heynen, garryheywood, jean hickman, dianahickman, frederickhicks, jocelynhickson, paulhiggins, christinehight, nikolashikaka, greghill, bobhill, bob j mhill, jameshill, janettehill, juliehill, maureenhill, stephenhillier, christopherhinds, geoffreyhine, jameshinton, annehirsch, ruthhirst, jerryhirst, nigelho, gaikho, kin-chaihoadley, judithhobbis, leohobbs, normanhobbs, stewarthoben, samhoddle, markhodge, billhogan, allanhogan, francishogben, lawrenceholborow, cliveholborow, lesholdaway, annholland, christineholland, patrickhollies, marilynhollings, debhollis, franceshollis, stephanieholmes, johnholmes, murielholmes, victor

    holroyd, simonholster, trishholt, jillhoneyfield, johannahood, franceshood, georgehood, ianhood, johnhooi, jeehooker, roydenhooper, antonyhooper, joannehooper, robinhooton, davidhopkins, barriehopkins, raymondhoride-hobley, kieronhorne, rolandhorrocks, nickolahorsburgh, margarethorsley, maryhorton, cathyhorton, franceshorton, greg and shelleyhorton, janehorton, michael horwell, peterhoskin, richardhosking, jameshosking, johnhoskins, cedrichotchkiss, gaylenehounsell, judithhoward, carolhowe, paorahowells, graemehowie, helenahowie, rosshowley, lyndalhoyle, davidhsiang, yorkhu, aiguo patrickhu, julianhuang, carolynhuang, haisonghuang, liang-yuhuang, vincent

    huang, Weiweihubbard, dianahuddleston, janicehudson, mikehudson, switzerhuerta, monicahughes, annehughes, mikehughes, stephenhughes, Waynehulbert, brenthume, johnhume, Williamhumm, lizhunt, alisterhunt, janethunt, jonathanhunter, stephenhuntsman, judithhuppert, tomashuq, lailahusain, mahlaqahuscroft, granthutchins, janethutchinson, stuarthutchison, davidhutton, rogerhyatt, cynthiahyland, brettimpey, brentingavat, nuttingham, brianingram, simonip, manyingirving, johnirwin, geoffreyirwin, janetisaacs, robin and ruthishak, mohidinishibashi, sarahito, karinoivory, elizabethjackson, alanjackson, brentjackson, peterjacobs, susanjames, abraham

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  • james, garethjames, glennjames, margaretjames, sallyjames, Warwickjameson, michaeljamieson, meganjanes, hannejarvis, stephenjayasena, chinthanajelley, sujelleyman, juanitajenkin, christinejenkinson, meganjenns, timjoffe, dylanjohansson, coryjohnson, beverleyjohnson, gaeljohnson, gayjohnson, russelljohnston, junejohnston, maureenjohnston, murrayjoiner, duncanjones, annejones, gudrunjones, janejones, mervjones, nancy jones, nicholasjones, ripleyjones, rirajones, russelljones, robert jonkers, ericjordan, cedricjordan, markjordan, maryjordan, Winniejoseph, andrewjosephson, elizabethjull, denisjunge, cameronkahan, michaelkamiryo, hideyukikapadia, champak

    kar, juliakaralus, noelkaretai, margaretkarl, davidkarndacharuk, siriwatkassiotis-procuta, viktoraskaye, hannahkazmierow, mariakeam, alishakean, pamkeane, patrickkearney, mary-louisekebbell, jeankedgley, grahamkeith, kennethkelderman, maatjekeller, bettykelly, claudiakelly, sarahkemp, richardkennedy, carolekennedy, paulkennerley, melaniekensington, johnkent, jonnykent, stephenkernot, berniekerr, grantkerridge, paulkeys, erickhaled, ahmedkhaleghian, elahekhan, sarahkhoo, ah angkhorshid, nawalkhouri, philipkibblewhite, alickkibblewhite, peterkidd, helenkidd, jameskilleen, anitakim, jung yeeking, thomaskinghorn, Williamkingsbury, benedictkirby, richardkirkby, ian

    kirkness, johnkirkpatrick, robertkirman-martin, clairekistler, joergkitterman, josephkitto, graemekivell, deniseklippel, bronwenklisser during, helenklisser, johanklouwens, jonathankong, nyuk chingkool, bridgetkorpus, sheronkrishnan, eesvankumarich, katekusabs, peterkuschel, gerdakwan, cheng faikwee, sandrakydd, robertla roche, johnla roche, suelack, boblackey, ianlaery, pennylai, maggielai, yih-lianglaing, christopherlaity, anthonylalor, eoinlam, patricklamberton, tonylambie, katelameko-vaai, maryannlamwilai, pratanalander, gillianlane, denislane, veronicalangton, elainelankovsky, annelatimer, janelau, shuk yeelau, trevorlaurence, davidlaurenson, helenlaw, clarissa

    law, siu dealaw, song senglaw, Wailawrence, janeleach, thomasleak, martinleaming, elvalee, barbaralee, caitlynlee, chuan senglee, davidlee, dongjinlee, jimlee, kittylee, kok yinglee, laurenlee, shao chinlee, Wenglee, yan yanlee-joe, gilbertlees, joanleighton, kevinlennon, jamesleung, anthonyleung, leoleung, yew kwonglevenberg, rhonalevene, marklevene, david lewis, burnlewis, gillianleyland, mauryleys, vivienneli, boli, huili, jessicali, menglian, bee lengliang, reneeliddell, chrisliggins, jackielight, dereklilley, jeayslim, bok kialim, kee-sinlim, peterlin, frank

    lin, johnlin, leonardlin, peijielin, runfenglin, vincentlin, Wensonlind, hannahlindesay, isabelllindsay, johnlindsay, robertlinehan, brianlinklater, hamishlist, carolinelister, paulliu, daniellloyd, peterlobb, stuartlockhart, andrewlodge, davinloh, kuin pheilomax, phillondon, joycelong, julianlongcroft, joan-marylongo, lawrencelord, grahamlord, hazellord, jim and hazel lou, kitlovell-smith, janelow, gary cklow, swee ngeelow, Wong fooklowe, elsielowe, malcolmlowe, mavislowery, martinlowery, samlubeck, nicholasludher-chandra, sharonluke, joyceluke, rosslum, kok Wahlum, kwailum, lindalupis, nicholaslusk, hamish

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    manning, julianmansell, stephenmantell, colinmarinovich, vinkamarks, judithmarkson, stephaniemarshall, georgemarshall, margaretmarshall, richardmarsich, annamartin, denisemartin, harrymartin, janmartin, johnmartin, rachelmasfen-yan, eugeniemason, barbaramason, cliffordmason, jonathanmataga, desmather, davidmathieson, donaldmathieson, garthmatich, miroslavmatteson, sharonmatthews, barbaramatthews, jamesmatthews, johnmatthews, petermatuschka, trevormaud, cristophermaud, patriciamaule, rachelmawdsley, robertmawston, ianmax, lesleymaxwell, petermaxwell, trevormaxwell-jackson, quentinmay, emilymayes, ronaldmayo, john and marylynmcadam, brucemcadam, roderickmcalpine, donaldmcbeath, ngaire mccabe, elise

    mccall, janicemcclintock, terrimcclymont, robertmccoach, hughmcconnell, beverleymcconnell, robertmccowan, lesleymccrone, annmccubeary, jean mccullagh, anthonymcculloch, murraymccutcheon, stuart and deborahmcdonald, hilairemcdowell, juliemcelrea, frederickmcelroy, rosemarymcfadden, madeleinemcghee, charlesmcgiven, davidmcgrath, dennismcguigan, robertmcguire, christophermcguire-ketchum, janemcinness, tonymcintosh, elizabethmcintosh, stephenmcintyre, lisamckechnie, paulmckee, derrickmckegg, alysonmckegg, maxmckenzie, martamckibbin, robertmclaren, rebeccamclaren, stuartmclaughlin, johnmclay, ruthmclean, johnmclean, margotmcleay, roderickmcleod, brucemcmullen, valeriemcmullin, duncanmcnaughton, stuartmcsoriley, brianmeale, helen

    medlicott, jannmehta, sangeetamellsop, johnmenezes, anitamercer, christophermetcalfe, colleenmetge, joanmetge, nigelmethven, jimmeuli, pierremeyer, janicemeyer, raymichie, rodneymiddlemiss, joanmihec, damianmilbank, gorhammilicich, ronaldmillar, jamesmillar, johnmillar, lesliemillar, paulinemillar, petermillener, ngairemiller, helenmiller, johnmiller, lynairemiller, markmiller, nataliemiller, odettemiller, raymondmiller, ruthmiller, thomasmilligan allen, juliemills, stephenmilmine, malcolmmilne, chrismilne, jonathanmilne, petermilroy, stephaniemitchell-lowe, margaretmodrich, anthonymoffat, deirdremoffitt, allanmonaghan, vincemontague, christinemontgomery, marymoody, susan

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    Changing lives for the better38

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    norton, michaelnunns, alannunweek, bryannutbeam, melanienutsford, simonnuttall, maryoates, gregobrien, annisobrien, matthewobrien, patrickobrien, patrickocarroll, philipockinga, boyooconnor, charmianoconnor, margaretoconnor, patriciaoconnor, shirleyoconnor, simonoconnor, thomasodonnell, joanneogden, stuartogilvie, angusogilvie, ireneogle, rossoh, moanaoh, yongohagan, brianokeeffe, katherineoldham, margaretoliver, robinolney, desmondolsen, jonolssen, erikoneil, kathyong, boon khengong, Weng fooonneweer, peteroppenheim, ameliaoptican, scottorange, alanorange, claudiaorchiston, hectorord, tomorourke, harryorourke, jackieorr, michaelostermann, amanda

    ostermann, samuelosullivan, brendanosullivan, geoffosullivan, kevinosullivan, mikeottaway, kayeoverton, stephanieowens, rachelowsianowski, lucasozumba, edwinozumba, jenniepage, miltonpaine, sallypaki, paeapalmer, colinpalmer, georgepalmer, johnpalmer, kenpalmer, leepalmer, Warwickpanckhurst, davidpang, piowparekowhai, michaelpark, arthurpark, jeongparke, stephenparker, richardparker, sharonparkes, karenparkinson, claireparkinson, frankparkinson, johnparkinson, Williamparmenter, raymondparrish, murrayparry, bryanparsons, alanparsons, anthonypartridge, johnpassa, josephpatchett, elizabethpatel, ashokpatel, hematlalpatel, shobhnapaterson, bettypaterson, bronwynpaterson, margaret

    paterson, paulpaterson, ronaldpaton, johnpatrick, jopatterson, davidpatterson, jocelynpatterson, ronaldpaul, eddiepaul, teresapaykel, agnespayne, oliviapeach, rogerpeacock, blaynepeacock, rosapearce, careypearce, david v. pearl, annpearman, mariepeart, alanpeddie, davidpeeters, johnpenberthy, paulpender, jannepender, michaelpendergrast, jamespenfold, merimeripenny, davidpercival, roypereira, anthonyperkins, markperkins, scottperry, grahampeters, andrewpeterson, kevinpezaro, johnpham, longpham, nhatphibbs, helenphillips, alisonphillips, dawnphillips, richardphillips, yvonnepickens, ivanpicot, brian and sue pike, ianpike, russellpinder, heather

    pinder, jenniferpinfold, elizabethping, joanpirrit, lindapirrit, pennypitt-payne, timothyplimmer, johnplowman, annette and nealpoff, russellpoh, feliciapoletti, alanpoletti, mauricepollard, joanpond freeman, dianapongsupaht, apinantpope, sandraporsolt, rogerpotter, alisonpotter, johnpotter, marinapotter, ursulapowell, berylprado, elenapratt, richardpratt, Williamprebble, johnprebble, kateprebble, maryprebble, tomprentice, beverlyprerssilp, sanhachaipriestley, alastairpriestley, johnprince, marjorie pring, kathprinn, ronaldprint, lyndalprosser, judithpugh, jeffreypurcell, shonapurvis, olivepybus, johnpye, trevorquentin-baxter, alisonradford, colinrae, kennethraeburn, john

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    tarrant, ceciliatauber, davidtauroa, lanetaylor, davidtaylor, elizabethtaylor, faithtaylor, janetaylor, peterte amo, elizabethte kani, suzannetee, matthewtehara, sewateirney, raewyntemm, jonathantempler, lindatesiram, pravirthng, chiok mengthomas, lloydthomas, lucythomas, markthomas, ryannthompson, curtisthompson, dennisthompson, dianathompson, joanthompson, katethompson, murraythompson, tanyathomson, maxwellthomson, sarahthornley, rosserthorp, thomasthorpe, geoffthurston, billthurston, phreadthwaite, gregorytiedemann, petertietjens, marytills, atholtimmins, raymatingey, murraytipping-clatworthy, erintitchener, kerrytitter, margarettobin, helentodd, mareetodhunter, anne

    tokomikahere-layton, bradleytolich, davidtomas, nintombs, Winifredtongue, joytonkin, johntopping, lesleytorrance, jantoso, meripatovey, angelikatownend, hughtownsend, stephentraeger, maxtran, binhtrembath, Wiltontremewan, lisatrepanier, felixtresadern, alantrevarthen-traub, janetribe, petertrippner, georgetrott, donaldtrotter, margarettrotter, maureentrounson, gregorytsai, sutsang, hing lung erictsang, tin sangtsui, josephtsui, meitsui, raymondtucker, iantudehope, brucetuilotolava, marytulloch, iainturkington, donturley, ingridturnbull, johnturner, philipturner, robintweedie-cullen, rytwiss, greertwist, grahamtylee, colleenuhe, georgeurlich, rayurlich, rochelle

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    Wang, yangWang, yong meiWard, elizabethWard, francesWard, jackWardlaw, melissaWareham, jamesWarmington, andrewWarrington, paulineWasher, brianWatson, andrewWatson, jamesWatson, margaretWatson, peterWatt, russellWatt, stephenWatts, peterWearne, stephanieWebb, dickWebb, lindaWebb, peterWebb, raymondWeber, rosemaryWebster, craigWebster, emilyWedekind, andrewWeeks, hilaryWei, jimmyWei, leiWeiner, davidWeldschidt, lloydWells, kateWells, maryWells, murrayWells, philipWentworth, mavisWerry, johnWesley, alisonWest, ireneWest, johnWest, raeWest, stevenWestbrooke, johnWeston, michaelWestra, rintjeWetzstein, steffenWhale, michael

    Whale, philipWhaley, alexaWhaley, owenWhimp, dianaWhineray, WilsonWhite, choiWhite, grahamWhite, michaelWhite, percyWhite, robertWhite, WarwickWhite, WilliamWhitehead, heatherWhitelaw, richardWhitwell, patWhyte, jocelynWi, sonyaWickham, newtonWignall, jeanWilberg, hannaWilcox, johnWilcox, michaelWild, allanWiles, nicholasWilkes, joanneWilkes, jocelynWilkin, johnWilkinson, lizWilkinson, shirleyWilley, haydenWilliams, bruceWilliams, cecilWilliams, davidWilliams, elizabethWilliams, grahemeWilliams, janeWilliams, julianWilliams, michaelWilliams, ngaireWilliams, nigelWilliams, peterWilliamson, beverleyWilliamson, johnWilliamson, peterWilliamson, sarahWills, peterWilson, anne

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    Wilson, cecilyWilson, dougWilson, jamesWilson, jeanWilson, karenWilson, lindaWilson, marieWilson, peterWilson, reneWilson, stephenWilton, robertWinder, peterWinkelmann, adrienneWinkelmann, helenWinlove, johnWinstone, davidWinstone, dorothyWinterbourn, christineWintle, WilliamWiseman, jenniferWishart, catherineWitherow, robinWithy, markWong, berinWong, chinWong, chinWong, colinWong, coralWong, WingWong, WinnieWong-toi, reginaldWood, agnesWood, antonyWood, cyrilWood, nicolaWoodcock, peterWooderson, myraWoodhouse, peterWoods, alecWoods, leslie Woodward, jackWoodward, maryWoodward, maryWoodworth, glennWooldridge, keithWoolhouse, lynnWorger, geoff

    Wright, elizabethWright, elsieWright, hughWright, jeneferWright, judithWright, mattWright, michaelWright, peterWright, robertWu, michaelWyatt, kennethWyatt, nidaWyborn, samWylie, lornaWyman, georgexanthopol, anthonyxanthopol, johnxie, johnxie, ya-qunxu, jayeeyang, chrisyang, Zhangyardley, Warrenyeats, leslieyee, thomasyek, siewyen, douglasyock, philyong, k cyoo, yongyoon, inshilyoung, darrynyoung, jenniferyoung, mei lingyoung, nicholasyoung, sarahyoung, thomasyu, davidyu, kennyyu, shui-sumyule, robertZapol, WarrenZeng, WenZhang, yanxinZhang, ZhongliZhao, fangZivic, martina

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    anonymous (8)a j parkacademy of korean studiesagape health limitedagilent technologiesagmardtalcon laboratoriesalexanderdorrington lawyersallergan australiaallergan new Zealandallied gold limitedalzheimers new Zealand incorporatedamerican gastroenterological associationamerican neurogastroenterology and motility societyamerican society of echocardiographyamtrust pacific limitedantarctic science ltdanthem foundation for objectivist scholarshipanZ banking group (nZ) ltdaoraki partnership trustaotearoa fisheries ltdareva t&d ltdargosy property trustarrow Wrights limitedarthritis foundation of new Zealandasb bankasb community trustaspect medical systemsassociation for international cancer researchassociation of chartered certified accountantsastraZenecaastraZeneca singapore pte ltdatwaters musicWorksauckand heart groupauckland chinese medical association incorporatedauckland city councilauckland classical associationauckland councilauckland district health board charitable trustauckland district law societyauckland district society of notariesauckland eye ltdauckland medical aid centre limitedauckland medical aid trustauckland medical research foundationauckland private education charitable trustauckland regional council

    auckland university engineers associationauckland university engineers association charitable trustauckland War memorial museumauckland Women lawyers association incaurere lawaustralasian gynaecological endoscopy & surgery society ltdaustralian and new Zealand college of anaesthetistaustralian institute of nuclear science and engineeringaustralian laboratory services (nZ) ltdaustralian paediatric endocrine groupbaldwins intellectual property ltdbank of new Zealandbarfoot & thompsonbat conservation international incbausch & lomb new Zealand ltdbaxter healthcare ltdbayleys real estate ltdbeca groupbell gullybertelsmann stiftungbig hearts charity ballbill & melinda gates foundationbio strategy ltdblock foundationblue berry & associates ltdblue scope steelbmW new Zealand ltdboehringer ingelheim nZ ltdbollard charitable trustbrain injury association of new Zealandbreast cancer research trustbrian johns fellowship trustbrooke gifford gallerybrookfield office propertiesbuckley systemsbuilding researchbupacancer society aucklandcancer society of new Zealandcarl Zeiss p/lcarter holt harveycascadia research collectivecatspaw communications ltdcawthron institutececil Watson palmer trustcentre for clinical research and effective practicecentury foundation

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  • cerebral palsy society of new Zealand incorporatedchapman trippchiang ching-kuo foundation for international scholarly exchangechisholm Whitney family charitable trustchristchurch cathedralciba vision australia pty ltdcochlear ltdcoda therapeuticscognition institutecoker charitable trustcolliers internationalcolorectal surgical society of australia & nZ foundationcomvita new Zealand limitedconferenzconservation internationalconstruction information ltdcontact energycoopervisioncornea & contact lens society of new Zealand inccovec ltdcovidien new Zealand limitedcpa australiacreative new Zealandcrescendo enterprisescrowdfundedcsr building products nZ ltdcure kidscystinosis research foundationdavid & genevieve becroft foundationdb breweriesdeafness research foundationdelegats Wine estate limiteddeloittedepartment of conservationdesigns for visiondeutsche bankdevelopment West coastdoc rx limiteddolphin explorerdominion grand black chapter of new Zealand incdonny charitable trustdoshisha universitydow agrosciences nZ ltdeastland infrastructure ltdeclipse fund ltdeconomech services ltdedith Winstone blackwell foundation trust board

    electricity engineers associationeli lilly & co ltdembassy of united states of americaemerald capital investments limitedemployers and manufacturers association (northern)energy education trust of new Zealandepcglobalepsom girls grammar school old girls associationequinox capital limitedernst & youngessence communications nZ limitedessiloreuroplan industries ltdevelyn m harrison scholarship trusteye doctors limitedeye instituteferner consultants limitedfertility associatesfisher & paykel appliancesfletcher building employee educational fundfletcher concrete and infrastructure limitedfmhs alumnifolded Wings association incfonterra co-operative group ltdfoundation for research science & technologyfour Winds communicationsfraser charitable trustfraser thomas ltdfreemasonsfriedlander foundationfriends of the university of auckland (us)gaze burt lawyersge healthcaregenesis energygenesis oncology trustgentrack limitedgeorge mason charitable trustgeotechnical consulting groupghd (australia)ghd limitedglaucoma trust of new Zealandglavish family trustglaxosmithkline new Zealandglendowie collegeglobal biodiversity information facilityglobal science & technology ltdgoldman sachs

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  • good neighbour charitable trustgoodfellow familygoodman property services (nZ) ltdgrafton consulting groupgranulosa cell tumor of the ovary foundationgreat potentials foundationgreen lane research and educational fundgrey group new Zealandh b Williams turanga trusthaines planning consultants ltdhamblin chiropractic research fund trusthanbanharmos horton luskhawkes bay medical research foundationhawkins Watts limitedhealtheries of nZ ltdheb contractors ltdhenry hughes ltdhill young cooper ltdhiway stabilzers ltdholmes consulting grouphorton media ltdhoya lens australia ptyhp new Zealandhuman resources institute of new Zealandhumanwarehuntingtons disease association (auckland) inciag new Zealand limiteding (nZ) ltdinsight nZ limitedinternational college of aucklandinternational continence societyinternational research foundation for english language educationinternational union for conservation of natureinvitrogenj campbell barrett Wellington anaesthesia trustj n Williams memorial trustjackson russelljade software corporation ltdjames trading trustjasmax ltdjeremy howard educational trustjohn baros trustjohn leech galleryjohn templeton foundationjohnson and johnson (nZ) ltdjohnston prichard fee

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