Chapter 6 Job Cost - horowitk/documents/ Cost Chapter 6 shows you how to use Peachtree’s Job Cost System. Peachtree lets you assign Job ID codes to purchases, sales, and employee hours

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  • Chapter 6

    Job Cost

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  • Job CostChapter 6 shows you how to use Peachtrees

    Job Cost System. Peachtree lets you assign

    Job ID codes to purchases, sales, and

    employee hours. This way, you can track how

    each of these factors impacts costs for a

    specific job.

    Purchases Sales

    Hours Worked



  • Software Objectives, p. 191

    1. Restore data from Exercise 5-2. (This

    backup was made on p. 188.)

    2. Learn about PCA's Job Cost system.

    3. Set up a job.

    4. Coordinate job costs with purchases,

    sales, and payroll.

    5. Display a Job Profitability Report.

    6. Make two backups: Backup Chapter

    6 data; and backup Exercise 6-2.


  • Web Objectives, p. 191

    Use your Internet browser to go to the books

    web site at

    Complete the Internet activity for Business


    Complete the steps shown for this activity.


  • Peachtree Tip

    Jobs can be assigned to purchases of

    inventory, sales to customers, and payroll.


  • Backing Up Chapter 6

    Backup Name KB Page Nos.

    Chapter 6 3, 457 KB 199-200

    Exercise 6-2 3,459 KB 204

    In Chapter 6, you make two backups. The Chapter

    6.ptb backup is made on pages 199-200 and the

    Exercise 6-2.ptb backup is made on page 204. Refer to

    the chart shown on page 2 in the textbook. The

    Exercise 6-2.ptb file backup is used for work in Part 4,

    Chapters 15-18.) Do not delete the Exercise 6-2.ptb file.


  • Chapter 6 Topics

    1. Software & web objectives, p. 191

    2. Getting started, pp. 192-194

    3. Job Costing and Purchases: Purchasing

    Inventory Items for Jobs, pp. 194-196

    4. Job Costing and Sales, pp. 196-197

    5. Job Cost and Payroll, pp. 197-199

    6. Job Cost Reports, p. 199

    7. Backing up Chapter 6 Data, pp. 199-200

    8. Internet Activity, p. 200


  • Chapter 6 Topics

    9. Summary and review, pp. 200-201

    a. Going to the net, p. 201

    b. Short-answer questions, pp. 201-203

    c. Exercise 6-1, p. 203

    d. Exercise 6-2, p. 204

    e. Chapter 6 index, p. 205


  • Completed Maintain Jobs window, p. 193

    From the Customers & Sales page, click then select

    New Job. Complete steps 4 8 on p. 193.

    Save this job.


  • Completed Purchases/Receive Inventory

    window, pp. 194-196

    From the Vendors & Purchases page, select ; New Bill. Complete steps 2 8 on pages 194-195. The Purchases/Receive inventory window is shown on p. 195.

    Click on Save to post this purchase.


  • Completed Sales/Invoicing window, pp. 196-197

    Select ; , New Sales Invoice. Complete steps 2 8 on p. 196. The Sales/Invocing window is shown on p. 197.

    Click on Save to post this invoice. 6-11

  • Job Cost and Payroll, pp. 197-198

    From the Navigation Bar, select ; , Enter Payroll for One Employee. Select Alex C. Kornel as the employee. Type 29 in the Date and Pay Period boxes. Select the Jobs icon. After completing steps 2-7 on p. 198, the Labor Distribution to Jobs window appears, p.198.


  • Job Cost Reports, p. 199From the Reports & Forms menu, select Jobs. The Select a Report or Form window displays.

    In the Job Reports: Project Information list, double-click Job Profitability Report. Scroll down the Job Profitability Report window to Job ID Franklin.


  • Backing Up Chapter 6 Data, pp. 200-201

    Complete steps 1-6 on pp. 200-201 to

    back up your data.

    The suggested file name is Chapter 6.


  • Chapter 6, Internet Activity, p. 2001 Go to the books web site at

    2 Link to Student Edition.


    In the Course-wide content list, link to Internet Activities; then link to Part

    1 Internet Activities for Chapters 1-8. Open or Save. (In the Choose a

    Chapter field if you select Chapter 6 observe that chapter-specific links

    are available; for example, Multiple Choice Quiz, True or False,

    PowerPoint Presentations and Going to the Net Exercises.) The Course-

    wide Content also includes a Glossary link.

    4Scroll down the window to ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BUSINESS CASE

    TERMS Chapter 6. Read steps 1-3.

    5Use the Business Encyclopedia website to look up words related to


    6 Follow the steps on the books web site to complete this Internet activity.


  • Going to the Net, p. 201

    Access the Sage website at Choose your location; for example, select North America. Click Go.

    What two areas does Sage Software focus on?

    Link to


    Select Small Businesses and Medium

    Businesses; then link Accounting & Financials.

    What products does Sage Software offer Small

    and Medium-Sized businesses?