Chapter 9: Manifest Destiny

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Chapter 9: Manifest Destiny. The Market Revolution. Market Revolution. Shift from self-sufficiency to specialization People buying and selling goods for profit rather than making them for own use Effect/Significance: Capitalism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Chapter 9: Manifest Destiny

Chapter 9: Manifest Destiny

Chapter 9: Manifest Destiny1The Market Revolution2Market RevolutionShift from self-sufficiency to specialization

People buying and selling goods for profit rather than making them for own use

Effect/Significance: CapitalismEconomic system in which private citizens & businesses control the means of production3Causes of Capitalism and the Market RevolutionAmerican System Development of Transportation systems since 1800sProtective Tariff aiding American businesses

Industrial RevolutionDevelopment of Factories make more goods fasterGrowth of Railroads & Canals transport more goods faster

EntrepreneursIncrease in wealthy Americans willing to invest

New InventionsMorse Code, Mechanical Reaper, Sewing Machine, vulcanized rubber,

4Trade & Migration: 1850

5Effects of CapitalismCreated New MarketsMidwest, EuropeThe possibility of Asia

Improved CommunicationRailroads, Telegraph

Northeast center of America commerce6Complete the Chart BelowInvention/ImprovementBenefitsVulcanized RubberSewing MachineTelegraphSteamboatCanalsRailroadsSteel Plow7Manifest Destiny8Manifest Destiny

Obvious DestinyExpansion to Pacific Ocean into Mexican Territory

Ultimate fulfillment was the annexation of Texas 9CausesReligious Persecution Panic of 1837Many Americans had lost money from economic crisisAbundance of LandCheap & FertileNew markets for farming, ranching, miningNew MarketsTrade with China & JapanSet up harbors in the Pacific

Panic prime for traders to sell goods to Mexico

Other reasons escape religious persecution (Mormons especially)

Spread democracy10EffectsBlack Hawk WarNative American Rebellion against US in Illinois & Wisconsin

Creation of Middle GroundNeither Native Americans nor Americans dominated

1830s white settlers in Illinois and Iowa are pressuring Native American groups to leave why? They are sitting on valuable land we offered this land to them as part of the Removal Act of 1830, but then quickly realized it was prime farming land and now we want it back. The solution? Push them out even farther west.

In the Black Hawk War, the Sauk have a vision that Black Hawk will lead them to victory and win back the homes of the people. A rebellion is led against the US settlers in Illinois and Wisconsin. The Illinois militia slaughter 200 Sauk and Fox members and thus force them to move west of the Mississippi River.

Black Hawks farewell speech: stresses that he and his people are now prisoners to the white man. Shames the white settlers we do not cheat, steal, lie, etc the way you do to us. If any Indian (his word) acts as bad as you do, he is kicked off the land and cannot be part of the tribe. He fears that one day, the Indians will become like the white man and there will be no more tribes, but an assimilated population of white and Indian 11Treaty of Fort Laramie, 1851Relieved tensions between settlers and Native AmericansGave various Native American nations control of Central PlainsN.A. would not attack settlers & allowed construction of forts/roadsUS sets up boundaries and set up an annual payment plan

As settlers move west, displaced Native American tribes try to fight them

In the 1840s the Cheyenne, Sioux, Crow, Arapaho along with representatives agree to make a lasting peace

12Effects of Manifest Destiny

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!

Democrat James K Polk 1844 platform

Rallying cry for Americans to annex Oregon territoryBritish and the US both control the area around Oregon

1844: Polk wants the territory back

1846: Take 49th parallel as our border 13Effects of Manifest Destiny

Development of Oregon TrailDevelopment of Santa Fe TrailSanta Fe Trail 1830s : Looking for trade routes to Mexico, used mostly by traders and temp settlers.

Mormons came out through the trail as well for their religious freedom (were pushed out of NY and Illinois)14Texas Independence

Mexico gains independence (1821)Improve economy by easing trade restrictionsInvite Americans

Offer land grantsObey Mexican Law & Observe Roman Catholicism Stephen F. Austin empresario

15Texas fights for IndependenceCausesIncreasing White Population from America (land grants) Gone to Texas

Unstable Politics in Mexico

Austin pushes for self-governance

Santa Anna revokes local powers in Texas

16Effects of Texas Fight for IndependenceEffectsRemember the Alamo!

Sam Houston @ San Jacinto

Texas Independence- 1836

Texas Joins Union in 1845

17Unit 3 Day 10Study for TestMexican War18Current PresidentJames K. Polk1845-1849DemocratNorth CarolinaFifty-Four Forty of Fight!19Polk Urges WarCauses for War

Mexican Govt instability

Polks goal for Manifest Destiny

Slidells Rejection