Charge A “Centralized Reservations System & Website”

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Charge A “Centralized Reservations System & Website”. Committee Members : Ruth Hamilton (Exec. Dir., Graham Center) Co-Chair Gitta Montoto (Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost) Co-Chair Elias Bardwil (Dir. BBC Recreation) Marco Benitez, (Dir. Facilities Administration) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Charge A “Centralized Reservations System & Website”

PowerPoint Presentation

ChargeA CentralizedReservations System & Website1

Committee Members:

Ruth Hamilton (Exec. Dir., Graham Center) Co-ChairGitta Montoto (Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost) Co-ChairElias Bardwil (Dir. BBC Recreation)Marco Benitez, (Dir. Facilities Administration)Penny Butler, (Asst. Dir. BBC Operations, Office of the CIO)Julissa Castellanos (Dir. of Operations, Office of the Vice Provost BBC)Alexander Fals (Assoc. Dir. Risk Management, Facilities Administration)Alexis Fulks (Asst. Dir. Student Affairs, Campus Life)Heath Glick (Chief of Staff, Athletics)Maxine Hylton (Dir. Student Affairs, Graham Center)Sandra Jimenez (Dir. Uni. Relations, Community Relations and Special Events) Scott Jones (Dir. Student Affairs, Wolfe Center)Jeff Krablin (Assoc. Vice President, Office of Business Services)Sanyo Mathew (Assoc. Dir. Uni. Comp. Syst., Graham Center)Marta Perez (Dir. Institutional Planning, Office of Classroom Management)Fleta Stamen (Sr. Uni. Counsel, General Counsel)Adriana Ares Trespalacios (Asst. Dir. Bldg. Oper., Graham Center)Vanessa Vazquez (Coord. Event Planning, Graham Center)Ayana Wilson, (Asst. Dir. Campus Life)2

Centralized Reservation and Website Task Force

Phase I Exploratory - Recommendations

Gitta Montoto Co-Chair

Subcommittee Inventory of outdoor and indoor spaces Standardized rental ratesChair: Marco BenitezSubcommittee Standard scheduling software Website design and content Maintenance and updating Chair: Jeff Krablin

BenchmarkingCollection of Data AssessmentAnalysis

Ruth HamiltonCo-Chair

Charge:Create an inventory of outdoor, indoor spaces w/potential for reservationsIdentify a standard scheduling software Develop an umbrella policy and procedureDevelop website design and contentImplement a centralized reservations websiteSubcommittee Umbrella Policy/procedureOperations model: Initial revision and approval process

Chair: Gitta Montoto

May 30th 2013Forum Facility managers/stakeholdersResearch ForSolutions andAlternativesPhase I - ExploratoryApproval by Operations Committee and Deans Advisory CouncilRecommendations to Provost & CFOTask force gathers feedback from stakeholdersDouglas Wartzok, Provost & Executive Vice PresidentKenneth Jessell, Sr. Vice President & CFO


Analyze and prioritize charge/directives from Provost and CFO officesIdentify funding sourcesDefine strategiesEstablish timelineCollaboration and partnershipsRoll up our sleeves and, as Dr. Rosenberg states, Hit the Ground Running and we will be Worlds Ahead on central space reservations Centralized Reservations and Website Task ForcePhase II - Implementation

May 30th 20134

Spring 2013Summer2013Fall2013Spring2014Summer 2014Timeline

May 30th 2013Centralized Reservations and Website Task Force5

A centralized and streamlined process (web based system) for handling all reservations, managing events, resource allocation and billing. Showcases all available venues for reservationsOffers online request and self service reservationsMarkets and promotes University facilities Optimizes the use of facilities and improves utilizationAdds value to event sponsors Generates increased revenuesA complete inventory of indoor and outdoor facilities and space available for events.Real-time space utilization and calendar system.Possible integration with current software and tools currently in use at FIU.Standardized forms, documents, rates and terms and conditions for use of space on campus.Clear policies and procedures regarding use of space on campus. Centralized Reservation and Website Task ForceBenefits

May 30th 20136

Centralized Reservations and Website Task Force

Benchmarked universities Researched major software systems Leaders include EMS, 25 Live and Ungerboeck Salient features include:General room and academic schedulingEvent management including billing, accounts receivable, CRM and reportingOnline reservations, facility information and registration managementMaster calendar Integration with multiple systemsFinalizing comprehensive list of critical needs Testing environments currently active

May 30th 2013Standard Scheduling Software and Website Design, Content and Marketing7

Centralized Reservations and Website Task Force

Inventory of outdoor and indoor spaces & Standardized Rental Rates

Inventory: 319 spaces have been identified and added to the dataset.Collected information: campus, building, room number, floor, SQF, capacity, department, facility manager, restrictions, reservation process, other.Claim your space processMarket benchmark: event and hotel comparable space20 locations within 5 miles from FIU15 locations within 10 miles from FIUParking facilities per campusMMC campus: 5,335 parking spacesBBC & ENG: TBD

May 30th 20138

Policy/Procedure:Creating a university-wide umbrella policy and procedure to ensure efficient use of non-academic space and accountability Guaranteeing highest priority is given to the Universitys educational missionRecognizing existing University policies (i.e. Environmental Mgmt., Access Controls for University Buildings and Facilities, Firearms and Dangerous Weapons, IT Security) and regulations (i.e. Demonstrations, Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus, Commercial Solicitation and Advertising) under one Use of Space umbrella policy

Operations Model:Developing a process thattakes advantage of central reservations as a booking enginemaintains the facility managers autonomy is customer friendly and facility manager orientedCentralized Reservations and Website Task Force

May 30th 2013Policy/Procedure and Operations Model9

Scott Jones

My experience in transitioning to a centralized system

May 30th 201310

May 30th 2013A Million Thanks11