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Charterhouse Catalogue April 28th 2011 Results

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Antiques auction results

Text of Charterhouse Catalogue April 28th 2011 Results

CHARTERHOUSEAuctioneers & Valuers

Auction to be held at The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset

Thursday 28 Aprilat 10.00am Viewing Tuesday 26th April 10.00 am 4.00 pm Wednesday 27th April 9.00 am 7.00 pmand on the 28th from 8.30am until 9.45am with limited viewing whilst the sale is in progress


Our offices will then be closed until Tuesday May 3rdA buyers premium of 19.5% (plus VAT) is payable on the final bid price of each lot. Lots valued at less than 20 do not have an estimate printed

Delivery can be arranged with the officePostage can be arranged. A minimum charge of 15 per parcel plus postage applies CHARTERHOUSE The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS

Ceramics and GlassStarting at 10.00am1 A set of eight Stevenson & Hancock Derby coffee cans and saucers, with a matching bread plate (a.f.) Sold for 90

27 Four paperweights, in the form of a seal, a toad, a hedgehog and a pheasant (4) Sold for 60 28 A glass decanter and stopper, with a silver collar, other decanters and stoppers, and a cranberry flashed glass flask, with three matching glasses (9) Sold for 130 29 A large Continental porcelain vase, decorated flowers and foliage, 45 cm high Sold for 30

2 An Adams blue jasperware salad bowl, with servers, a matching biscuit barrel, and a sugar bowl, all with plated mounts Sold for 50 14 An Adams & Co parian bust, Derby, 32 cm 30 A Crown Staffordshire figure, of a girl picking high See illustration Sold for 320 flowers, 15 cm high, and a Grimwades chintz jardiniere, 31 cm diameter (a.f.) (2) Sold for 60 3 A Wedgwood blue jasperware urn and cover, 29 cm high Sold for 160 31 A large tin glazed jar and cover, of octagonal form, decorated birds amongst scrolling flowers 4 A Royal Doulton Childhood Days figure, and foliage, 56 cm high Sold for 70 Dressing Up, HN1964, a Royal Doulton series ware plate, The Hunting Man, a hunting jug, and a Winstanley pottery cat (4) Sold for 70 32 Assorted glass decanter and other stoppers (box) Sold for 20 5 A Japanese porcelain figure, of a geisha girl, 36 cm high, on a wooden base Sold for 70 33 Five blue and white tiles, decorated figures (a.f.) Sold for 90

15 A late 19th century Continental porcelain vase, 6 A pottery cat, with a blue glaze, 25 cm high Sold painted panels decorated a dwelling and a for 25 fisherman with a fisherwoman, with lion head 34 A pair of Imari style vases, a similar pair of cats, and a table lamp (5) Sold for 10 handles, 29.5 cm high (a.f.) Sold for 70 7 A pair of Continental two handled vases, decorated flowers (a.f.), 35 cm high Sold for 25 16 A Chinese vase and cover, and two other vases 35 A Cantonese export oval dish, decorated figures, foliage and birds, 27 cm wide Unsold (a.f.) (3) Sold for 130 8 A late 19th century Chinese mug, decorated figures, other ceramics and a small glass vase, 17 A pair of Chinese porcelain figures of storks, 36 A Chinese porcelain vase, converted to a table decorated an owl (a.f.) (6) Sold for 70 lamp, 52 cm high Unsold 39 cm high (2) Sold for 90 9 A 19th century porcelain desk stand, with three 18 A cranberry glass Jack-in-the-Pulpit style vase, jars and covers and a chamber stick, decorated and other similar items (box) Sold for 50 flowers, foliage and butterflies (a.f.) See illustration Sold for 180 19 A pair of Candy orange glazed vases (a.f.), 14.5 cm high (2) Unsold 37 A Satsuma bowl, decorated figures in a landscape, 18.5 cm diameter, and a similar vase, 37 cm high (a.f.) (2) Unsold 38 A pair of American art pottery vases, decorated flowers, 11.5 cm high Unsold

20 A Victorian majolica sardine dish and cover, 23 39 A German stoneware vase, other ceramics and cm wide Sold for 90 items (box) Unsold 10 A Chinese pedestal bowl, decorated dragons (chip), 23 cm diameter Unsold 21 A Victorian porcelain botanical service, with painted and gilt decoration, including a pedestal 40 A Chinese famille rose plate, 21.5 cm diameter 11 Four Japanese Imari plates, of shaped circular bowl and two sauce tureens and covers (a.f.) Sold Unsold for 170 form Sold for 90 41 A glass claret jug, with silver plated mounts, 12 Six Chinese celadon ground plates, decorated 22 A set of twelve Chinese glass bowls, and engraved with ferns, two others similar, and a cut glass decanter, with silver collar (4) Sold for 160 twelve plates (a.f.) Unsold birds, foliage and butterflies (a.f.) Sold for 50 13 A Robinson & Leadbeater parian bust, Rt Hon 23 A Chinese famille verte charger, decorated 42 A Chinese famille rose porcelain bowl, B Disraeli, 38 cm high See illustration Sold for birds and foliage (a.f.), 35 cm diameter, with an decorated figures, 23 cm diameter Sold for 120 associated stand Sold for 120 280 43 A stoneware flagon, Liddiadd & Co, two vases, 24 A frosted glass dish, cover and stand, a pottery and a plaster group (4) Sold for 45 cat, a bowl and a vase (a.f.), a saucer dish and two brass pill boxes and covers (qty) Sold for 25 44 A cranberry glass pedestal dish, and other glass Sold for 20 25 An Iznik style pottery vase, decorated figures and foliage (a.f.), 34 cm high Sold for 40 45 A box and cover, with gilt decoration, 25 cm diameter Sold for 30 26 A Staffordshire pottery parrot (a.f.), 23.5 cm high Sold for 30 46 An Imari plate, 28 cm diameter Sold for 40

63 An Austrian pottery group, of two flamingoes, 21.5 cm high, a pair of Continental porcelain 47 A Chinese charger, decorated dragons and figures, and other items (box) Sold for 60 82 A slipware vase, 23 cm high Unsold foliage in underglaze blue (chipped), 31 cm diameter Sold for 25 64 A Gladstone for the Million pressed glass dish, 83 A condiment stand, decorated a pig, and other 22.5 cm diameter, a similar mug, and two other similar ceramics Unsold 48 A Portmeirion Magic City coffee service (box) dishes (4) Sold for 15 Sold for 20 84 A Chinese ginger jar, decorated prunus in 65 A Staffordshire type figure, of a seated girl underglaze blue, with a pierced hardwood cover, 49 A pair of porcelain tobacco jars, in the form of with a dog, 16 cm high, a Dresden plate, and a converted to a table lamp Sold for 60 babies, 14 cm high Unsold Wedgwood Imari pattern cup and saucer (3) Sold for 40 50 A Hans Coper style pottery vase, 36 cm high Unsold 66 Four Rye figures, a Paragon George VI commemorative cup and saucer and a glass goblet 51 A Poole pottery plate, a Carltonware pub Sold for 80 ashtray, a similar money bank and a Beswick vase (4) Sold for 50 67 A Victorian pressed glass dish, Roberts Pretoria 85 A Chalet art glass vase, 24 cm high, and a similar free form vase (2) Sold for 15 86 A Wedgwood blue jasper ware commemorative mug, for the wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, and other commemorative mugs (box) Sold for 20

Ended June 5 1900, 26 cm diameter, and other 52 A Delft tile, and other ceramics (box) Sold for similar items (a.f.) (8) Sold for 10 87 20 68 A Carter, Stabler and Adams Poole Pottery 88 53 A Scandinavian glass vase, 24.5 cm high Sold plate, of octagonal form, decorated flowers, 30 cm wide Sold for 50 for 240 89 54 A Chinese ginger jar, with associated cover 69 A Chinese porcelain plate, decorated flowers and foliage, on a yellow ground (a.f.) 22 cm 90 Sold for 30 diameter Sold for 15 91 55 An Imari plate, and three other plates (a.f.) (4) 70 A Spode Rome (Tiber) pattern tureen and cover Sold for 10 and other similar items (box) Sold for 150 92 A large quantity of studio pottery (2 boxes) Sold for 30 56 A pair of Chinese blue and white vases, a similar pair of ginger jars and covers, and a plate 71 A Victorian pressed glass commemorative dish, The Silver Wedding of The Prince & Princess of 93 A majolica plate, a set of brass scales, cased, (a.f.) (5) Sold for 130 Wales, and other commemorative items (a.f.) (8) other ceramics, glass and items (box) Sold for 20 Sold for 10 57 A Lladro figure, of a girl with a lamb, 24.5 cm high, and two others (3) Sold for 100 94 Assorted Indian Tree pattern teawares, other 72 A Grainger & Co Worcester dessert service, ceramics and items (2 boxes) Sold for 60 painted insects, flowers and foliage, on a blue 58 A pair of Staffordshire pottery figures, Elijah, ground, with gilt decoration (a.f.) (18) Unsold 26 cm high, and Widow, 24 cm high (a.f.) (2) See 95 Assorted ceramics, silver plate, a brass trivet, illustration Unsold and an engraving Sold for 80 73 A glass basket, 24 cm high Unsold 96 A Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern storage 74 A bisque oval biscuit jar, with plated mounts jar and cover, other ceramics and metalwares Sold for 100 (box) Sold for 50 75 A Victorian commemorative pressed glass dish, 97 A Price Cottage Ware biscuit barrel, other The Queen's Jubilee 1837-1887, and other Victoria ceramics and items (box) Sold for 40 related items (a.f.) (7) Sold for 10 59 A Coalport tea service, a Coalport vase, a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern cup and 76 A graduated set of five pottery jugs Unsold assorted Limoges coffeewares (box) Sold for 150 77 A Copeland Eight Quart cream separator, 60 A Royal Doulton Harry Potter group, The stamped Dairy Supply Co Limited Museum St Journey to Hogwarts, 1914/5000, another, Rescue London (a.f.) 42 cm wide Sold for 170 in the Forbidden Forrest, 602/5000, another, Harry's 11th Birthday, 3617/5000, another group 78 A set of six wine glasses Sold for 25 and two Coalport Wallace & Gromit figures, all with original packaging Sold for 150 79 An Imari plate, 21.5 cm diameter, and two others similar (3) Unsold 61 Three amber glass decanters and stoppers, with etched foliage decoration (3) Sold for 180 80 A Royal Doulton Bunnykins Will Read Tears, and another, Scout Leader, with boxes (2) Unsold 62 A Royal Doulton stoneware jug, with a silver collar, a similar mug, and a Copeland Spode desk 81 A Musterschutz plaque, decorated a figure, 40 stand (a.f.) (3) Sold for 40 cm diameter, and another similar (2) Sold for 30 98 Assorted commemorative