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Charterhouse RESULTS Catalogue May 27th

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CHARTERHOUSEAuctioneers & Valuers

Auction to be held at The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset Thursday 26th May at 10.00 am and Friday 27th May at 10.00 am Viewing Wednesday 25th May 9.00 am 4.00 pm Thursday 26th May 9.00 am 7.00 pmand on the 27th from 8.30am until 9.45am with limited viewing whilst the sale is in progress A buyers premium of 19.5% (plus VAT) is payable on the final bid price of each lot. Lots valued at less than 20 do not have an estimate printed

Delivery can be arranged with the officePostage can be arranged. A minimum charge of 15 per parcel plus postage applies Lots 100 - 289 incur VAT on the hammer price CHARTERHOUSE The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277 Facsimile 01935 389387

1000 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Goody & Timmy Tiptoes, BP-3c, and five others, Cottontail, Mrs Flopsy bunny, Little Black Rabbit, Old Mr Pricklepin, and Fierce Bad Rabbit, 1st version, all BP-3b, all boxed (6) See illustration Sold for 130

1028 A Royal Doulton figure, Marie, HN 1370 and another, This Little Pig, HN 1793 (2) Sold for 1011 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Hunca 30 Munca, style 2, BP-11a, Mrs Tittlemouse, BP-10a, Peter Rabbit Digging, BP-11a, boxed, and Johnny Town-mouse Eating Corn, BP-10a, boxed (4) Sold 1029 A Royal Doulton flamb cat, seating, style 2, for 100 model no 2269 See illustration Sold for 140

1012 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Amiable Guinea-Pig, and three others, Peter in the Watering Can, Peter Rabbit Gardening, and Jemima and her Ducklings, all BP-10a and boxed 1001 A Royal Doulton figure, Hilary, HN2335, (4) Sold for 100 and another, My Love, HN2339 (a.f.) (2) Sold for 30 1013 A Royal Doulton Hereford Calf, lying, matt (second) Sold for 35 1002 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey, white, D6889, boxed with certificate Unsold 1014 A set of four Beswick graduated mallard wall plaques, 596/1-4, all gloss (a.f) (4) Sold for 1003 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey, 110 bronze, D7149, boxed with certificate Unsold 1030 A Royal Doulton flamb Alsatian, seated without collar, HN921 See illustration Sold for 1015 A Beswick Connoisseur Hereford Bull, 380 1004 A large Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure, A2542A, matt (horn restored) Sold for 40 Jeremy Fisher, and another, Tailor Of Gloucester, both BP-6b and boxed (2) Sold for 40 1016 A Beswick character jug, Micawber, 310, a Royal Doulton character jug, Santa Claus, D6705, 1005 A pair of Beswick Alice in Wonderland and others similar (a.f.) (box) Sold for 25 figures, Alice, L2, and Cheshire Cat, LC3, 327/2500, boxed with certificate Sold for 15 1017 A quantity of Beswick and Royal Albert Beatrix Potter boxes (box) Sold for 10 1006 A Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure, Peter with Postbag, and five others, Peter and The Red 1018 A collection of Royal Doulton Brambly Pocket Handkerchief, Peter with Daffodils, Hedge nursery wares, including The Birthday and Gentleman Mouse Made a Bow, Benjamin Wakes The Wedding beakers, and The Snowball plate 1031 A Royal Doulton flamb elephant, trunk Up, and Benjamin Ate a Lettuce Leaf, all BP-6a, down, curled, HN186 See illustration Sold for (box) Sold for 70 four boxed (6) Sold for 60 130 1019 A Royal Doulton figure, Penelope, HN1901 1007 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey, Unsold white, D6889, boxed with certificate See illustration Unsold 1020 A Royal Doulton figure, The Old Balloon Seller, HN1315 Sold for 70 1032 A Royal Doulton flamb tortoise, model no. 1021 A Royal Doulton figure, Southern Belle, 101 See illustration Sold for 480 HN2229, and another, God Bless You, HN3400 (2) Sold for 45 1022 A Royal Doulton figure, Blithe Morning, HN2065 Unsold 1008 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey, 1023 A Royal Doulton figure, Fleur, HN2369, and bronze, D7149, boxed with certificate See another, Christmas Past, HN4063 Sold for 40 illustration Unsold 1024 A Royal Doulton figure, The Leisure Hour, HN2055, 18 cm high Sold for 70 1033 A Royal Doulton flamb dish, decorated a cottage, 10 cm diameter, and a Beswick Old Staffordshire dog, facing left, 1878-5 (2) Sold for 30 1034 A Royal Doulton flamb vase, decorated cattle, 18 cm high (second) Sold for 40

1025 A Royal Doulton figure, The Patchwork Quilt, HN1484 Sold for 60 1035 A Royal Doulton flamb elephant, trunk down, curled, model no. 65 (a.f.) Sold for 30 1026 A Royal Doulton figure, Marie, HN1370, and another, Rose, HN1368 (2) Sold for 30 1036 A Royal Doulton flamb cat, seated, style 1, HN109 Sold for 40 1009 A Royal Doulton figure, Belle O' The Ball, 1027 A Royal Doulton figure, Miss Demure, HN1997 Unsold HN1463 (marked HN1467) (chipped parasol) Sold for 80 1010 A Beswick Alice In Wonderland group, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, LC1, 1963/1998, boxed with certificate Unsold 1037 A Royal Doulton figure, Coralie, HN2307, and three others, Top O' The Hill, HN1934, Miss Muffet, HN1936 (chipped), and Buttercup, HN2309 (4) Sold for 60

1038 A Royal Doulton figure, Tall Story, HN2248 1054 A Beswick Golden Eagle decanter, 2281B, 1071 A Beswick Hereford Calf, roan, 854, gloss Sold for 45 gloss Sold for 10 (nibbles to feet) See illustration Sold for 360 1039 A Royal Doulton figure, Home Again, 1055 A Beswick Charolais Cow, A2648, matt HN2167, and another, Alice, HN2158 (2) Sold for Sold for 70 35 1056 A Beswick Shire Mare, brown, 818, and a 1040 A Royal Doulton double sided figure, Cantering Shire, brown, 975, both gloss (2) Sold Mephistopheles & Marguerite, HN775 See for 40 1072 A Beswick Friesian Bull, Ch Coddington illustration Unsold Hilt Bar, 1439A, matt Unsold 1057 A Beswick Mouse, white, 1628, gloss Sold for 40 1073 A Beswick Red Friesian Cow, 1362, matt See illustration Note: This model was produced in 1058 A Beswick Staffordshire Bull Terrier, dark 1992 for the Netherlands market. Sold for 500 brindle, 3060, gloss Unsold 1059 A Royal Doulton calf, lying, model no. 946 Sold for 100 1060 A Beswick Wessex Saddleback Boar, 1512, 1074 A Royal Doulton Greyhound, HN1075 See gloss (tail restored) Sold for 90 illustration Sold for 380 1041 A Royal Doulton figure, Paisley Shawl, M4 Sold for 60 1061 A Beswick Wensleydale Sheep, 4123, gloss, boxed Sold for 25 1042 A Royal Doulton figure, Giselle, HN2139 Sold for 35 1062 A Beswick Kingfisher, 2371, gloss Sold for 35 1043 A Royal Doulton Hereford Cow, matt Sold for 100 1063 A Beswick Mare, 2nd version, grey, 1991, 1075 A Royal Doulton Sealyham terrier, standing, matt, and a John Beswick donkey (2) Sold for 50 model no. 658 (cracked) another, begging, K3, and 1044 A Beswick Hereford Bull, A2542A, matt a fox terrier, seated, K8 (a.f.) (3) Sold for 40 Sold for 90 1064 A Beswick Aberdeen Angus Bull, 1562, and a Beswick Jersey Bull, 1422 (second), both gloss 1076 A Beswick dog, with ladybird on tail, 709, a 1045 A Royal Doulton figure, Alison, HN2336, (2) Sold for 70 Dachshund, seated, black and tan, 1460, a Beagle, and another, Meditation, HN2330 (2) Sold for 45 1939, two West Highland terriers, 3467, and a 1065 A Beswick Hereford Bull, 2nd version, lamb, 1826, all gloss (5) Sold for 50 1046 A Beswick Cantering Shire, grey, 975, an 1363B, gloss, boxed Sold for 60 owl, 2026, a cockatoo, pink and grey, 1180, all gloss, and a similar foal (a.f.) (4) Sold for 75 1066 A Beswick Galloway Cow, black, 4113B, gloss (BCC 2002), boxed See illustration Sold for 1047 A Royal Doulton flamb bowl, decorated a 110 cottage, signed Noke, 27.5 cm wide Sold for 70 1048 A Beswick group, Baltimore Orioles, brown, 926, a Kingfisher, 2371, (both restored), and a Chickadee, 928, all gloss (3) Sold for 50 1067 A Beswick Highland Calf, 1827D, matt Sold 1049 A Beswick Swish Tail Horse, 1st version, for 70 brown, 1182, and an Arab Bahram, brown, 1771, both gloss (2) Sold for 40 1068 A Beswick Charolais Bull, 2463A, gloss Sold for 100 1050 A Beswick Burnham Beauty, brown, harnessed, 2309, and another, unharnessed (ear restored) (2) Sold for 40 1069 A Beswick Polled Hereford Bull, 2549A, gloss Unsold 1077 A Beswick Persian Cat, standing, ginger, 1898, a Persian Kitten, seated, looking up, white, 1886, and another kitten, seated, ginger, 1436, all gloss (3) Sold for 40 1078 A Beswick Donkey Foal, 2110, a foal, palomino, 996, another, brown 997, and a pheasant, second version, 991B (a.f.) (5) Sold for 45 1079 A Beswick Great Dane, Ruler of Oubourgh, 968, gloss Sold for 35 1080 A Beswick Whippet, Winged Foot Marksman of Allways,1st version, 1786, gloss Sold for 60 1081 A Beswick Arab Xayal, chestnut, 1265, gloss (restored) Sold for 120

1051 A Beswick Large Hunter, brown, 1734, gloss Sold for 50 1070 A Beswick Limousin Calf, 1827E, gloss See illustration Unsold 1082 A Beswick Girl's Pony, brown, 1483, gloss Unsold 1052 A Beswick Burnham Beauty, brown, 2309, a Cantering Shire, brown, 975, and The Winner, brown, 2421 (a.f.), all gloss (3) Sold for 45 1053 A Beswick Thoroughbred Stallion, grey, 1772, and another, Arab Bahram, grey, 1771, both gloss (both restored) (2) Sold for 30

1083 A Beswick Girl's Pony, skewbald, 1483, gloss See illustration Unsold

1107 Six Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures, Squirrel Nutkin, Jeremy Fisher, Hunca Munca, Sweeping, Mrs Rabbit Cooking, Ribby and the Patty Pan, and Mrs Rabbit, (restored) all BP-6a (6) Sold for 70 1092 A Beswick Huntsman, standing, brown, 1084 A Beswick Grazing Shire, opaque, 1050, 1501, gloss (restored) Sold for 90 1108 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Mrs Rabbit, gloss See illustration Sold for 340 another, Peter and the Pocket Handkerchief, both 1093 A Beswick Pinto Pony, 2nd version, BP-9c, another, Hunca Munca Sweeping, BP-9c, skewbald, 1373, a Prancing Arab, brown, 1261, and Peter Rabbit, BP-6b (4) Sold for 35 both gloss, and a Royal Doulton Hackney Pony, DA261 (a.f.) (3) Sold for 50 1109 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Miss Moppet, and another, Peter Rabbit, both BP-3b, 1094 A Beswick Highland Pony, Mackionneach, and eleven Beatrix Potter books (13) Sold for 30 1085