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  • 1. The CharterhouseSOCIAL MEDIA PLANBy A. DAVIS

2. OUTLINE 3. DIGITAL MARKETINGMarketing Component ObjectiveEmail Marketing: should consist ofCustomer Retention: draw traffic and delivera segmented databasemeasurable resultsOnline Advertising: includes SEOBranding and Acquisitionand all placed ads on all platformsincluding Social mediaAffiliate Marketing: finders fee Sales and BrandingreferralSEO: this applies to each socialCustomer Retention, Acquisition and Awarenessmedia platform now, for Facebookits known as EdgeRankPPC: pay per click on each advert Customer Retention and Acquisitionrather than a set costSocial Media: best used for Branding and Participation and Awareness. Itscollaboration and engaging with general purpose is to allow users to becomeothers. Most content should beinvolved with the content creation anduser-generated, as posts should storytelling. The viral and shareable nature allowencourage participation.for rapid awareness. This process can bemonitored through social analytics which is notnecessarily linked to monetary returnORM: Online ReputationCustomer Retention, Branding and ParticipationManagement refers to a process ofWebPR Acquisition and Branding 4. CREATING A STRATEGY Branding- who are we?Target Market- the needs and wants? Context Competitors- who are they?Social media is Get to know our market thoughcontinuously evolving, as engagement and trackingContinuewell as the application of Objectives Create awareness of our offerings optimizationthese platforms. It can be aEstablish strategy around ourmatter of trial and error toUSP-Location.establish what works bestfor our organization.Once readership is establishedand objectives are clarifiedsecondary objective to support Value- main objectives should be Metricsexchangeestablished to add value toTools will be used as qualitative metrics. E.g. goal: create awareness of allour services Tactics andsecondary goal: get readers to evaluationshare comments and makeenthusiasts our ambassadors Tactics as mentioned in the beginning refers to elements used in the process. Social media platforms usage will be continuously assessed for suitability. 5. OUR AIMS Charterhouse aims to support the wellbeing and lifestyle of the Brothers.BRANDING Restore and maintain a landmark/ legacy and provide a vivid, engaging experience of AIMSa piece of Londons history. VALUES This is done by raising awareness ofLOGO services we offer that sustain this initiative. SLOGAN OUR CORE VALUESCOLOUR PALETTE Caring for Brothers and providing anTONE enjoyable retirement.KEYWORDS Legacy preservation goes hand in hand with charity associated with the founding. Community engagement and providing a greater service to public. Charity forms the basis of The Charterhouse 6. OUR LOGOBRANDING OUR SLOGAN Insert here: COLOUR PALETTE STYLE AND TONE Smart in general. Informal/intimate for Facebook, formal for LinkedIn et al. KEYWORDS: (positioning map, USP) needs to be established through consensus and research 7. ACQUIRE CLIENTSAND DONATIONSBy building a strong and welcomingOBJECTIVESidentity we can leverage social media tounderstand the preferences of our target Donationsgroup and market our services/our cause.Engage AudienceENGAGEAwareness ROI. Interact with those interested in ourorganization through story telling andstimulating engagementAWARENESSIncrease awareness through onlinepresence, regular posts, tracking,monitoring, campaigning, linking variouschosen networks and linking back towebsite and email marketing. 8. TARGET GROUPSCorporates Educational institutionsSocieties 9. CORPORATESHighlight the exclusivity andTARGET GROUPS uniqueness of The Charterhouse as alocation for corporate events.A multifaceted experience.EDUCATIONALINSTITUTIONSThe Charterhouse provides a wealth ofhistory that is linked to a fascinatingmix of iconic figures. The architecture,art and location provide beautifulinsight to accompany learning.SOCIETIESCertain societies will have both directand indirect associations with TheCharterhouse and would value thelocation as a setting for events ormeeting place. 10. TARGET PROFILEInterested in history, art,INTELLIGENT architecture, culture. Valuesheritage and learning. Warm-Care about people andhearted/CHARITABL community progression EHave made a difference inprofessional environment, ACCOMPLISHEDcommunity or the arts andseek to add value to thelives of others throughinvolvement 11. CONTENT FOCUS CONTENTSTRATEGIESStimulate engagement.Content should be educational, Content Focusentertaining, inspirational orpromotional.Content TypePosting Frequency Demonstrate knowledge andthought leadership.Content CalenderEstablish ourselves as experts in therelated areas (Charterhouse history,retirement and unique exclusiveevents).Consistent with the mission andculture of The Charterhouse.Maintain consistency in character,image, and personality with ourorganization-carried through eachpost. 12. CONTENT TYPE CONTENT70/20/10 RATIO:70% User orientated: Provide usefulSTRATEGIESinformation that caters to interests andneeds of target audience. How- Content Focustos, academic debate topics, quotes.Content Type20% Content from other sources-relatedarticles/people/business e.g. TimeoutPosting Frequency listing of The CharterhouseContent Calender10% Promotional offers for being afollower/sharing/checking-in/reviewingFREQUENCY OFPOSTINGDaily: Tweet daily. Quotes fromThatcher, Bishops, monks. Links to ourpostsWeekly: good articles, comparison dishesfrom chefs weekly special, tutorialsMonthly: Timeline storytelling posts 13. CONTENT CALENDER: CONTENTSTRATEGIES Use Wordpress plugin or other online (access anywhere for admins) calendar utility to plan posts and track updating. CONTENT BRAINSTORM :Cook-offsDone daily for weekly comparisonWeekly In another BrothersshoesRelated art/artifactsWeekly History of CHstorytellingInterestingarticles/literatureIn monthly postsDailyFamous/funny alumni quotes 14. Use it to: engageaudience, connect withgroups of similarinterest and as a pageconnecting to all otherPLATFORMS platforms. Add apps forsecondary engagement.Timeline to correlateFacebookwith CH history TwitterLinkedIn Use it to: find audience through twitter searchesYoutubeand keywords. Daily updates with feeds linked Pininterest to Facebook and LinkedIn page. AnswerHootsuitebooking and other enquiries. Use it to: create awareness of catering, event services and network with target groups. Start discussions and get involved in others. 15. Use it to: create photo collections to demonstrate potential designs of events- type of food, ambience, PLATFORMS visual history. Also to sell services and artwork (e.g. by Kat, Newble) by listing prices and website referrals Use it to: Rank in searches, attract circles with similar interestsUse it to: encourage check-ins which relate back toFacebook. Set up donationsschemes throughNOTE: Flickr and:mayorship. Where anamount of 4p is associatedYouTube to be added with check-ins and rewardedonce contributors are by us in an invite of sortsdiscovered 16. Use it to: Time posts, reach multiple platformsTOOLSsimultaneouslyANALYTICSTRACKINGCONVERSATION CMS Use it to: Blog or asPLATFORM CMS system. Comes with useful MANAGEMENTplugins that respond to changing landscape needsUse it to: trackinfluencers/thoughtleaders within ourscope. Trackcampaigns andeffectiveness 17. RESOURCESInput: approveInput: creativecontent/storytellingdirection/strategy/atopics and review pplication,posts in alignmentresearch, posting,with objectives analyticsHours: 2 weekly Hours: 10+ weeklyDevelopment1 internteamInput:PinInterest/FaceboInput: writing onok posts of dishestopics of interest,for week-on-weektable bantercook-offs conversation,photographyHours: 15minsdaily (iphone pic)Hours: As wishedCatering Brothers andTeam staff 18. METRICS FACEBOOK: MEASURE LIKES AND MENTIONS TWITTER: MEASURE MENTIONS /TWEETS AROUNDPOSTS WEB SITE TRAFFIC: MEASURE TRAFFIC TO THEWEBSITE BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER POSTS SEARCH: MEASURE SEARCH RESULTS AROUND KEYTERMS BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER POSTS CODES: USE CODES ATTACHED TO EACH PLATFORMAND PROMOTIONAL POST THAT SHOULD BE USEDWHEN MAKING BOOKINGS. 19. GOVERNANCE QUALITIES TO ADHERE TO: EVERY POST CARING,INSIGHTFUL, INPIRATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL. i.e.DEVELOP CHARTERHOUSE FRIENDLY STANDARDS DESIGN, COLOURS, FONT TO ADHERE TO:GUIDELINES TO BE ESTABLISHED TONE /LANGUAGE AND INFORMATION USED:GUIDELINES TO BE ESTABLISHED HIERARCHY OF APPROVAL PROCESS: CONTACT POINTS: HOW IT EXTENDS THROUGHPLACE ASPECT OF FOUR PS IN MARKETING EFFORTSCOULD BE ENCOURAGED AT EVENTS 20. SYSTEM OVERVIEW Brainstorm content relatedCommunityto assessmentManagers Post and respond ChannelsTrack conversationsListenAssessEngageVideos/Topics, Facebook Group 1 platforms tags Group 2Topics,Email platforms Improve and exploreCommunitymore options 21. OTHER Developing donation APPCONSIDERATIONS YOUTUBE CHANNEL (revenue aspect) to be created once a small budget or volunteer is discovered. Videos of location, coffee discussions in documentary style skills tutorials from brothers/staff