Cheetah Fact Sheet - Animals 2/Endangered Animals 1...Cheetah Fact Sheet Cheetah's are a species of “Big Cat” that live predominantly in Africa and South Western Asia. Unlike most big cats, they do

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  • Cheetah Fact Sheet

    Cheetah's are a species of Big Catthat live predominantly in Africa and SouthWestern Asia. Unlike most big cats, they donot have the ability to roar. Cheetahs huntmedium sized mammals such as gazellesand zebras. They like to do their hunting inthe morning or the evening. They are partthe the cat family, also known as felicidae.They are the fastest land animal in theworld, being able to run up to 120 km/hr (70mi/hr). They have a zero to sixty of threeseconds! When running at such highspeeds, cheetahs use their tails to help themsteer.

    Cheetahs have black spots all overtheir bodies, and white underbellies. Thespots are believed to help them camouflage.The black streaks below their eyes help keepthe sun out of their eyes.

    Female cheetahs live mostly by themselves except when for when they give birth tocubs. The give birth to an average of three to five cubs, of which they usually take care of foreighteen months. Females live across create expanses of land which are called home ranges.On the other hand, male cheetahs live in groups called coalitions. Coalitions like to occupysmall area called territory. Territories are placed in areas where they are likely to meet otherfemales.

    Cheetahs are threatened by competition with other predators, habitat loss. They arealso hunted for their fur, and sometimes killed by hunters defending their livestock.

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    ACROSS2 They are covered in these. 5 A group of males. 7 They hunt this animal8 They are the _______ land animal in theworld. DOWN1 Female living area. 2 They use their tales for this. 3 The live in this continent. 4 They are part of this family. 6 They lack this ability.


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