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  • 7/29/2019 Chemistry Resources for Teachers


    Chemistry Resources for TeachersIn This Issue

    Cape Cod Science Cafe

    FREE Resources forTeachers

    Illustrated Poetry Contest

    High School ScienceTeacher Workshop

    National ChemistryWeek on Cape Cod 2013

    isbrought to you by the

    Cape & Islands BoyScouts Council of

    America, theNortheastern Section ofthe American Chemical

    Society and theEnvironmental

    Chemistry Division of theAmerican Chemical


    Sat. Oct. 26, 20131pm-5pm


    Camp Greenough,Yarmouthport


    K-12 & familiesCape Cod Science

    Cafepresents at thisevent:

    Science CareerPathways by localscientists ideal for

    September 2013 Edition

    SE MASS STEM EXPO: Chemistry Resources for Teachers from the AmericanChemical Society with Jennifer Maclachlan, CPRC Member


    I am a member volunteer for the American Chemical Society(ACS). I serveon the American Chemical SocietyNational Committee on Public Relations

    and Communications and had the opportunity to meet many SoutheasternMassachusetts educators at theSE MA STEM Expolast Spring while

    working at the ACS table. I spoke with the K-12 teachers about thenumerous resources available to them through the ACS as well as in ourown communities through the local Northeastern Section of the AmericanChemical Society(NESACS). Please find the links to theAmericanChemical Societyresources for teachers below and here is theChemistry

    Ambassadors programinformation (become one and/or find one inyour area). Note the deadlines for the Illustated Poetry Contest (must bereceived by 10/16) and the High School Teacher Workshop signup (reserve

    your spot and pay $20 fee by 10/4) as they are rapidly approaching!

    Additionally, I would like to invite you to join us at a specialmeeting of the Northeastern Section of the American ChemicalSociety (NESACS) that we are having Thursday October 3, 2013at U Mass Dartmouth. Since our monthly NESACS meetings normallytake place in the Greater Boston area, we applied for some grant money tohost a meeting in SE MASS as well as in New Hampshire. Our guestlecturer is Madeleine Jacobs, the CEO and Executive Director of the

    American Chemical Society and she will be speaking on "Everything youwanted to know about the ACS but were afraid to ask". This a FREE eventbut seating is limited so we're requiring an RSVP. Bring a friend and meet,
  • 7/29/2019 Chemistry Resources for Teachers


    grades 8-12 & adults

    High School ScienceSeries at the

    Museum of Science

    Boston duringNational ChemistryWeek: bring yourstudents for FREE

    Free; Requiresadvanceregistration

    Call: 617-723-2500

    FREE Busing for 75students per school

    to attend is available.

    More info here

    Contact metoday ifyou want to

    participate in the

    Cape Cod NationalChemistry Week

    event by staffing ahands-on science

    table with an energyrelated theme.

    Looking ahead:We have a followup

    Cape Cod ScienceCafe K-12 event

    planned for March29, 2014: Chemists

    Celebrate Earth Dayon Cape Cod.

    network and socialize with some local area chemists and scientists.This isa linkto more information about this special event. This is alink to theRSVP. Hope to see you there!

    Free Resources for Elementary, Middle and High

    School Teachers from the American ChemicalSociety

    Stay tuned to thisweb sitewhere the following resources are listed.This content is frequently updated.


    Hands-on Science Activities for Students, Gr. 2-5 classrooms (or kitchens) into science labs with more than

    140 hands-on activities that use household materials.Activities, puzzles, interactive articles, and chemist interviewshelp young scientists get an early start.Inquiry in Action-Science Teaching Guide, Gr. 3-6

    www.inquiryinaction.orgDownload the entire book for free or purchase a hard copy.Written for teachers and aligned with state standards, lessonscover chemistry-related physical science concepts commonlytaught in grades 3-6. Hands-on activities use householdmaterials to explore common phenomena so students realizethat science is part of their lives.

    Middle School Chemistry: Big Ideas about the VerySmall, Gr. 6-8www.middleschoolchemistry.comThis free curriculum can be used in its entirety or as asupplement to teach middle schoolers about the world ofatoms and molecules. Hands-on experiences, molecularanimations, and lessons which build on one another helpstudents develop a thorough understanding of basic chemistryconcepts.


    Classroom Safety by chemical safety experts help you identifyhazards before they become accidents. Find out how to ensurethat science activities and experiments are safe fPodcasts and Videos Featuring Current Events in Chemistry all-ages trip to the frontiers of knowledge, Bytesize Science
  • 7/29/2019 Chemistry Resources for Teachers


    Let me know if you'dlike to participatewith an outreachtable: the theme is

    water or if you wishto speak at this event.

    NESACS onFacebook

    ChemistryAmbassadors on


    translates scientific discoveries into intriguing stories aboutfood, medicine, and much more.Classroom Chemistry Celebrations chemistry twice a year with free hands-on activities,

    articles, puzzles and more. National Chemistry Week 2012 isOct. 21-27, which includes Mole Day on Oct. 23, and Earth Dayis April 22.


    ChemClub chemistry clubs for high school students provides freeresources for teachers who plan or advise the chemistry clubsin their schools. magazine for first-year high school chemistry courses thathelps students discover how chemistry works in their everydaylives, while boosting chemistry literacy.

    Chemistry Landmark Lesson on material from the ACS National Historic ChemicalLandmarks program, these lessons, reading materials, videosand student activities are designed as ready-to-go, inquiry-

    based student activities, easily implemented by a high schoolchemistry teacher or his/her substitute. They also integratescience and history to provide a more holistic perspective ofadvances in both fields.Global Challenges / Chemistry Solutions ACS podcasts focus on some of the 21st Century's mostdaunting challenges-in areas such as clean water, adequatefood supplies, national security, renewable energy sources,and climate change-and how cutting-edge chemistry mattersin the quest for solutions. Subscribe at iTunes.Science Elements podcast series that makes cutting-edge scientific discoveriesfrom ACS journals available to a broad public audience.Subscribe at iTunes.Chemistry Olympiad multi-tiered competition that brings together the world's
  • 7/29/2019 Chemistry Resources for Teachers


    most talented high school students to test their knowledge andskills in chemistry.ACS Scholars undergraduate scholarship program for students from

    targeted minority groups majoring in and planning a career inthe chemical sciences.Project SEED doors for economically disadvantaged students toexperience what it's like to be a chemist. Students enteringtheir junior or senior year in high school are given a rarechance to work alongside scientist-mentors on researchprojects in industrial, academic, and federal laboratories,discovering new career paths.ACS-Hach Teaching Scholarships and Grants to teachers, institutions, and second career teachers,ACS-Hach awards support ideas to transform classroomlearning and chemistry educators.PBS' 'Hunting the Elements' Television show and educationalmaterials's "Hunting the Elements" is an engaging look at howthe elements shape our world. The related classroom resourcesallow educators to explore the periodic table in detail withtheir students-from its basic structure and properties to thesometimes volatile behavior of specific elements. Among themany resources are "name that element," a downloadableelement iPad App and a classroom poster.

    The Northeastern Section of the ACS is participating in theACS National Illustrated Poem Contest.

    Details are outlined below.

    National Chemistry Week 2013 Poetry Contest - Energy: Now and Forever.Students in grades K-12 may participate.
  • 7/29/2019 Chemistry Resources for Teachers


    For additional information about the poetry contest, seethis link.Poems may be in any style (i.e. haiku, limerick, ode, ABC, free verse, endrhyme, blank verse, sonnet) but must not be longer than 40 words.

    All illustrated poems must b...


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