Chilled out Music scene

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Chilled out Music scene . The genre. This magazine is all about the kind of music which you want to listen to on a sunny afternoon, drinking some home made lemonade in the garden. Typically the bands feature ill be listed under the Alternative, Folk, Country or Indie. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chilled out Music scene

Chilled out Music scene The genreThis magazine is all about the kind of music which you want to listen to on a sunny afternoon, drinking some home made lemonade in the garden. Typically the bands feature ill be listed under the Alternative, Folk, Country or Indie

Possible artists include:Mumford and SonsStornowayNoah and the WhaleBombay Bicycle ClubThe Temper TrapThe XXFlorence and the MachineElbowFoster the PeopleMGMT

Mission StatementThe aim of this magazine is to keep readers up to date with the genre of music they enjoy, as often, the artists are not front page news, unlike Jay Z or Lady Gaga. The magazine will become respected as an authority on all information given, and will aim to provide readers with up to date news and dates of gigs or festivals where the Artists are featured. Each issue will be written in rather personal way, making the reader feel special, part of a small number who appreciate true music. The focus of the magazine, is not about quantity; constantly giving the readers updates but more on quality, providing them with well researched and well written articles. Reader ProfileHamish is 20 and he lives in Plymouth, while studying Anthropology at the University. He has a very prevalent social conscience and enjoys being out in the community. He would much prefer to spend the day outside, say on a walk, rather than inside, for hours on Facebook at a time. He is a bit of a traditionalist and prefers to stay in contact with his friends by either calling them, or being a bit of a romantic, writing letters. In terms of music, he listens to it throughout the day, mainly as background while he completes his coursework, or while having topical debates with his friends. How will it be delivered ?The magazine is the key format. It will be placed on the shelves of magazine outlets such as W H Smith. More importantly, readers will have the opportunity to subscribe, which will work out the cheapest way of reading it. It is also the most favorable way to read it. This is because, each month, it will be delivered in a small package and along with the magazine, the delivery will include a free poster and a surprise gift e.g. a mug, T-shirt or CD.Obviously this service will have to come at an extra cost, but the ABC1 Target audience of the magazine should be able to afford this little luxury.

Name ?I do not, yet have a firm name choice for this magazine. I do however have two ideas.BreezyLoungeWhat do you think is better ?Euro-pop Magazine

Le Fromage

Europop a Brief HistoryThis type of music originates from Europe in the 1970s.Music has come from Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands.However, most of this style of music is from a Swedish origin.Although produced in many countries, one main feature of it is that is is primarily in English.The main difference between American and European pop is that European music is more centered around dance.

The ArtistsThe term Euro-pop covers quite a wide range of music, some of which you will have heard of and some you wont.Artists that are within this Genre or are heavily influenced by it include.

The Magazine There are very few, if any, magazines of this genre on British shelves. We are part of Europe, although are not on the continent, often meaning we seem to not share many of the European customs. This has also been reflected in our music tastes in recent years, American Artists making up a large proportion of the top 40 in the UK charts on a weekly basis. This shows that our musical influence is coming from across the Atlantic when we have a thriving music scene right on our doorstep. Eurovision Potential for a special edition ?

Eurovision is an annual music contest that the UK compete in every year, along with 42 other countries from Europe.It has has a global audience of more than 125million. The most notable winner of the contest is ABBA who won in 1974

Reader ProfileBella is 17, (the target audience is 14-24, 60% Female 40% male) and has many hobbies. She is very interested in world affairs and hopes to one day work for the UN. Her music interests are quite varied, from pop to rock, with most genres, such as folk, dance and trance included. She is not adverse to singing loudly in public and there are many cheesy classics on her iPod. In terms of fashion, she enjoys wearing bright colours and has a unique sense of style. She likes to support local causes as well as the local music scene or less well known bands. She is high spirited and a joyful person who engages actively in the Eurovision hype.

Mission StatementOur aim is to ensure this genre of music reaches the youth of the UK, as it has done on the continent. We aim to stay current an reveal new music on the scene. The magazine should become respected as holding all the right information on the Euro-pop music scene. Each issue will contain a well balanced mix of new artists, as well as updates on old favourites, inspiring the reader to broaden their musical horizons and embrace their inner cheesy music lover.

Possible tie- insThere is a lot of potential for synergy with European products and events as it is such a large market ( even though the magazine is targeted at the UK, the readers should enjoy a bit of European culture)Possible products include:

How will this be kept relevant?In todays world, keeping up to date with the latest information involves using a great deal of technology. This means that the internet crucial in capturing the young audience. Therefore this magazine will have an online presence, via Facebook, Twitter and having its own website.On the website, there will be an area for international users, which will promote a new age of pen pals and enable people from all over Europe to talk about the music, and maybe even meet up.