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2. The price of gold 3. Proposed documentary Beginning: videos from the2008 China GymnasticsTeam. Switch to youngchildren as they train to oneday be an Olympic gymnast inthe Olympic-driven systemwhich is called by Chinesepeople juguo tizhi whichmeans whole nation regime Middle: Sydney and BeijingOlympics-allegations ofcheating in 2000 and 2008 End: look to Rio with thefuture of Chinas gymnastics 4. Age requirement to compete 1997: FIG raised the minimum age tocompete to 16 years old 2000: Dong Fangxiao was a member ofthe Chinese team. They won the Bronzemedal. Birthdate listed as: 1983. In 2008she worked as a technical official duringthe Beijing Olympics. Birthdate listed as:1986 FIG investigated and found she was 14during the 2000 Olympics. IOC upheldthis and nullified the bronze medal alongwith Fangxiaos individual placement Her teammate Yang Yun admitted in aninterview that she was 14 when shecompeted, however she was foundinnocent and was able to keep her bronzemedal for uneven bars due to lack ofdocumented evidence (4) Younger gymnasts are lighter and morefearless-Nellie Kim, five-time Olympic goldmedalist for former Soviet UnionDong Fangxiao during the 2000 Summer Olympics 5. 2008 Beijing Gymnastics Team The Summer Olympics were held in Beijing, China Questions about some members age was raised before the games began Chinese newspaper profile listed He as 14. Now blocked to view national registry listed He as born in 1994 (1) Jiang was listed as 14 in Zhejiang Province sports administration (1) He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Deng Linlin, and Yang Yilin were thought to be underage 6. InternationalGymnastics Federation(FIG) investigated theteam over six weeks anddetermined thedocumentationconfirmed the ages ofthe members fit theeligibility to compete (2)"There was strongcircumstantial evidence,certainly, but theseinvestigations are notmy job. Im not thepolice or Interpol. If Ifind that there wascheating, then I can act- He Kexin won gold for Uneven bars. China won gold forBruno Grandi, FIGthe prestigious team all-around medal. China was rankedPresident (3)1st overall, winning 11 gold medals in gymnastics 7. Proof of falsified informationThis article was originally It was changed to thisposted on China Daily during the 2008 Olympics 8. The question remains Did they falsify their ages? Whydidnt China just use girls whocould meet the age requirement? Why is there so much pressure onthese girls at such a young age? What happens to the members ofthe team after they cannot competeanymore? Why is there a fascination withChina from the western worldwhen other countries have been A gymnast practices for Rio at the Generalcaught in sport scandals, most Administration of Sport of Chinanotably Lance Armstrongs dopingscandal? 9. Pressure is onChinese athletes training Chinese athletes post(8) career (7) Gymnasts train at the Guojian Xuan Lian almost half of 6,000Zhongju training center and the pressure is professional athletes retiring fromhigh to win gold at the Olympics There is enormous pressure coming from competition each year end upthe government-Chinese national coach, jobless or without furtherHuang Wen Bin schooling plan-Chinas national Parents hand their children over to the state news agency Xinhuaand tortuous methods are used to ensure theyoung gymnasts want to win Nearly 80% of Chinas 300,000 Crying is forbidden, four gymnasts sleep in retired athletes are struggling withunheated rooms on the same mattress joblessness, injury or poverty- At Shishahai Sports School 550 handpicked China Sports Dailystudents practice for 3-5 hours a day.Gymnastic students begin training at 4 years Zhang Shangwu joined theold (8) national gymnastics team when he Chinese diver Wu Minxias parents didnt tell was 12, but after his career ended,her about her mothers breast cancer and herhe was poor and was spottedgrandparents deaths because they didntwant it to affect her training (11) begging at a subway station lastyear (10) 10. Willing to speak out Fan Ye began sportskindergarten at 6 and retired at20 in 2008 The government pocketed themajority of Fans earnings From her memoir: After seeingthe intensity of Fans training atShijiazhuang, her mother toldone of her coaches that sheregretted putting her daughterinto the sports kindergarten. Thecoach responded: "Do you thinkshes only your daughter? Shesthe state property now! (9) Ye says if youre not a worldchampion, the state wont helpyou get an education at aUniversity 11. GovernmentJuguo tizhi: whole nationregime. First introducedin 1980 to channel allavailable resources to theOlympic games (13)Its been estimated thatduring the 2004 AthensOlympic games, Chinaspent $103 million to winone gold (12)The government investsmoney in many schoolswhere athletes train tohopefully be chosen forthe Olympic team. Theyspend more time trainingthan being educated 12. Shang ChungsongWho to look Zeng Siqiout for in Rio Huang HuidinChinas young gymnastsare already training for Tan Jiaxin2016. Here are thenames of six potential Lou Ninacontenders for the 2016Olympic Gymnastics Li Yitingteam. 13. Why is this important?Cheating scandals in sports are always going to be relevant.Take recent doping Lance Armstrong scandal for example. There is an interest by the public in this It is only a matter of time before members of the 2008 China Gymnastics team arefound to have been underage. It took ten years for the IOC to strip the 2000 team of their medalSimilar documentary: BBC did a documentary on Shanghai Circus Schoolstraining regime. Similar to gymnastics, young children are encouraged to trainvigorously to be number 1 at what they do: 14. What are my goals/who is my target audience? Goals: To create sympathetic characters in the young Chinese gymnasts.They train their whole lives to win gold at the Olympics. If there should beany outrage toward the Chinese gymnastic team, this anger should betoward the coaches/adults who forge their documents and falsify their ages My target audience is the Olympic viewers and people who watch sports.Usually the Olympics attract a higher demographic, but during the London2012 Summer Olympics studies found a younger audience was watchingthe games. Nearly 70% of children watched the games with their parents(5) I plan to reach my target audience (general public) mainly social media.Social media use will continue to grow over the next four years. I will alsoreach out to NBC because my documentary release would coincide withthe 2016 Rio Summer Olympics opening. If they do not want to tie mydocumentary into their coverage, I will market the documentary as a tie-into the 2016 Olympics. 15. Timeline It will take a year in pre-production planning andresearch It will take at least twoyears to produce the film. Iwould like to be finishedwith it by early 2016 It will take 4 months to editthe film in post-production I will release it when the2016 Rio SummerOlympics begin