Chloe Utz Greek Culture Quest. Ancient Greek Art, Architecture, & Writing Art Much of the art in Ancient Greece was in the form of architecture, sculpture,

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Chloe UtzGreek Culture QuestAncient Greek Art, Architecture, & WritingArtMuch of the art in Ancient Greece was in the form of architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery, and music. A lot of the pottery produced then was painted to show significant events.ArchitectureThe architecture of Ancient Greece included houses, temples, tombs, and public buildings like walls, theaters, stadia, and stoas. Columns and intricate carvings were very popular. WritingEpic poems were very common in Ancient Greek society. Many poets such as Homer and Hesiod are still known for their epic poetry today. They told of many important events.

Map of Ancient Greece

Major Greek GodsZeusZeus was the most powerful god ever. He had thunder and lightning bolts. He was also the ruler of Mount Olympus.ArtemisShe was Apollos twin sister. Artemis is the goddess of unmarried girls and hunting. She has a set of arrows that bring painless death.

Trojan WarThe cause of the Trojan War can be blamed on the courtship of a beautiful woman named Helen. Her step father made all the men who wanted to marry Helen take an oath to protect her and her husband, King Menelaus of Sparta. When Paris abducted Helen to Troy, the Greek princes were shipped over to Troy to recover Helen. They fought and soon broke out into a war that lasted 10 years. Many clever tactics were created, such as the Trojan Horse. Most of the princes never returned.Famous HeroesHerculesHercules was very powerful, even as a baby. He grew up to be a hero who frequently beat the odds. Hercules even murdered his own children.

OdysseusOdysseus was one of the handful of people who made it home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. He was the one who created the Trojan Horse.

Famous MonstersCyclopsA cyclops is a giant creature with one eye in the middle of its forehead. In The Odyssey, the cyclops is a man-eater.

CentaurA centaur is a monster where the head, torso, and arms are from a man and the body and legs are from a horse. Some were said to have a short temper.

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