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Chocolate decorations

The decorations are a versatile wildcard chocolate in confectionery, are mainly used to garnish cakes ,

cupcakes, rolls stuffed, enrich baskets of pastry or desserts such as cups and ice cream.


To give a sweet quid pluris, enriching both from the decorative point of view, and from the taste. In this case I

made the triangles, (but according to the method shown can prepare any other person from Chocolate Drops

who usually buy their weight in gold in confectionery, in Geometries of various types, Hearts, Flowers, and all that

are in able to draw) ideals, not only to enrich your sweets but also as greedy trees to hang on your Christmas tree,

as long as we move away from sources of heat, or placeholder ribbon and accompanied by a greeting card and in

the final analysis can also serve as chocolates, accompanied by a good cup of coffee or cappuccino will make

their stunning figure. With just 100 grams of chocolate you can prepare a good supply of chocolate decorations to

decorate your cakes, save someone to decorate your Christmas tree, or adorn your Christmas table and pack the

rest for some present. They are undoubtedly a bit laborious to implement, especially if you want to achieve a

bright and shiny like the plot of the saplings, the chocolate should be tempered. This operation is necessary to

ensure that no compaino whitish spots on the decorations due all'affioro cocoa butter rising to the surface when

the chocolate solidifies to a too low melting point without a good temper. Here are the steps and some tips to

make chocolate decorations in the house.

Preparation time: Preparation time: 1 hour + 4-5 h for cooling

Cooking time: 1 '

Total: 5H


For about 50 pieces

100 grams of dark chocolate or white or milk that is of excellent quality and with a good percentage of

cocoa butter (between 25% and 30%)


disposable pastry bag

Wilton nozzle 1

thermometer for tempering

5-6 sheets of baking paper


ruler (if sometimes achieve geometries as in this case)


How to create drawings for the decoration of chocolate:

Firstly fornitevi of 5-6 sheets of baking paper. Better a few more and not less! the melted chocolate will not wait for

you realizziate other schemes, it may solidify into pastry bag compromising your entire creation. So better

anticiparsi, the written paper can reuse it by placing it on the contrary in contact with future foods.

In this case I made the triangles, but you can draw whatever you want ... the chocolate chips, hearts, flowers,

geometric shapes of various types, written and all that you are able to draw.

The important thing is accuracy. Ensure that you can follow a guideline and get a result as perfect as possible.

With the help of a ruler and pencil, made of triangles with base 5 cm and height 7 cm, plotted finally the two equal


Turn the sheet of baking paper on the contrary, to avoid placing the chocolate on the pencil. For reasons of

hygiene it would be good to work in this way. and assembled the pastry bag with the nozzle suggested:

Tempered chocolate:

Depending on your chosen chocolate (dark, milk or white) in the article - filled chocolates - you'll find the step by

step instructions with pictures to temper your chocolate.

Once your chocolate as described in the article linked above reaches temperatures of:




proceed to insert it into the pastry bag previously assembled.

NOTES for those who do not have the thermometer:

An indicator to understand if the chocolate is ready to be used is certainly our lip (the temperature

is about 30 ) is not a certain method such as that of a precision instrument but it is an aid that is

approaching at the indicated temperatures.

Anyway, the textures of chocolate ready to pour into pastry bag must be full-bodied, slow down the

tape, nor wire (too much liquid) will stick to the spoon (too compact in the process of cooling) This

so that you can achieve well-defined decorations, which have a visible and substantial. A chocolate

too much liquid creates the condition for decorative dishes, immaterial, and thickness A dense

chocolate too is likely to cool down during the construction phase, penalty, cooling in the spout and

you'll have to repeat the whole operation.

After pouring the chocolate in a piping bag, tie a knot at the end of the piping bag so that during the decoration

does not come out of the liquid chocolate. Steady hand and strong grip, press slightly, the chocolate will flow

easily, draw long lines and small hatches otherwise you risk being inaccurate

1st traced the contours of the triangle (triangle 1 from right)

Add 2 within a line swayed but not too much that it fills from left to right or vice versa (from right triangle 2)

3rd add the second line swayed over the previous year. Without exaggeration. The plot must be visible

(triangle 3 from right)


Each chocolate is different.

The amount of cocoa butter affects so much about the outcome of tempering, which is the

dissolution upon cooling. Over time I noticed precisely through direct experience in the field that

even at the same temperature by dissolving two different fluxes, in the phase of tempering and

subsequent cooling, there were several times densification. Let's talk about Chocolates with

different percentage of cocoa butter, in some it was not even mentioned. Depending on who you

are to melt chocolate (I would recommend one that is at least 60%) accounted for if once traced the

outline first and second oblique line inside the triangle, the consistency is what you want: a full-

bodied and rounded line. If the lines were to recline slightly and flatten stop, made before other

triangles, phase 1 and 2, and then finish the triangle with step 3.

Polished effect; Polished effect - Matte, Matte Effect

It is worth dwelling for a moment on the issue. The effect ever more beautiful in my opinion is polished, what you

get with a full tempering your chocolate. That indicated in the article above and found that the chocolates stuffed .

I emphasize that the effect is very visible in bright shiny dark chocolate, less in the milk, still less in White.

Despite the shiny effect is of greater impact, more beautiful and more professional, you can choose from

depending on the type of preparation is a more opaque (eg to decorate the Black Forest Cake I wanted a softer

effect and less dark - I prefer glossy more in total black, but it is only a matter of personal taste) is a mixed-Matte

Glossy (in some saplings I chose to draw the baseline (figure 1) with semi tempered chocolate and decorate with

the rest of the tempered chocolate. Operation complex the latter that has actually been proven primarily as a

demonstration of the effect, this will force it to separate the water bath. Tempering a part as described above (for

the shiny effect), while for the more opaque effect, allow to cool in the pan second batch of chocolate, constantly

turning and lifting the chocolate from the bowl with small blades (in this case, semi-temper, a term that does not

actually exist officially but I coined to make sense), and proceed in this manner until the temperature indicated

above: 31 for dark chocolate, milk chocolate to 29 , 28 for white chocolate.

According to this method will make a matt effect but consistent and conscious without whitish spots. If you pour

the hot chocolate into a piping bag directly latter will solidify to a melting point is too low, otherwise, whitish spots

that emerge on the surface. To sum up, my advice is to proceed in most cases to a complete tempering especially

if you do not have a thermometer and familiarize yourself with the very best knives in the pot and pour the

chocolate sure success on the marble. At any mistakes you learn and if you be thrilled with that branch of the

pastry undoubtedly will buy a thermometer and you will begin to experience, even wrong, only experience will give

you a perspective of the behavior of the chocolate. The factors in play for a perfect result are so many. At this

point, after having made all your triangles, chocolate chips or various decorations, left to harden. Theoretically,

just a couple of hours, but I suggest you leave deal a little more. Usually I prepare deco late in the evening and

the morning were perfectly ready to be detached and used. Unplug your decorations chocolate gently lifting them

from the parchment paper:

The decorations are ready to be used:

Take this opportunity to thank the sweet Nahomi ... A few weeks ago I won her giveaway and I received a lovely

package many delicious things including labels made from her ... one of these MADE WITH LOVE, I attacked on

the box. .'s not beautiful? in the next few articles I will show you other beautiful gifts :)

(Recipe and photographs by Simona Mirto )

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