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Graphic Design + Ilustrations

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  • RideOn Coalition is an organization that holds youth snowboarding events in order to create opportunities for kids who want to further their careers in the competitive snowboarding industry. By using a bright color palette and child-like doodles, it visualizes the idea of a kid daydreaming about snowboarding.

    Benjamin Wright3785 SW Shred WaySandy, OR 97054

    poster_11x17, direct mailer_5x7, rider pass_3.5x2.5, event ticket_2x4

  • Living the competitive snowboarding lifestyle can be hectic, so thats why we created the RideOn Coalition mobile app. It has a one step registration option, so you can sign up from the lift line. It warns you when you have to be at the starting gate and it even alerts you when a sponsor is in the crowd. The design was inspired by the same child-like doodles and bright color palette as the print.

  • OSO Apparel is a childrens clothing company. The branding is based around a bear, which is OSO in Spanish. They are uniquely distinct in their beliefs that while having fun and being creative, kids should look cool in the clothes theyre wearing. The whole inspiration behind the basis of these designs is inspire to create. Using bold graphics and a combination of bright and pastel colors, it evokes creativity and fun through color and playful graphics.

  • Porch Light 3972 N. Mississippi Avenue Portland, Oregon 97227 | | | 503.288.8773

    Porch Light (Lost & Found) specializes in rustic, primitive furniture and furnishing transported from another time and place. And with a simpler time comes a simpler design. Using the vintage boutique look the overall design was inspired by the classic 1950s furniture stores. Using simple typography with a monochromatic color palette it gives it the feeling of Midwest rustic farmhouse.

    PORCH LIGHT3972 N. Mississippi AvenuePortland, Oregon 97227

    PORCH LIGHT3972 N. Mississippi Avenue

    Portland, Oregon


    PORCH LIGHT3972 N. Mississippi Avenue

    Portland, Oregon


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  • 4F stands for Fan Favorite Feature Friday. This is a ski and snow-board rail jam event sponsored by Auviq Lifestyle Apparel and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. Each month riders vote on their favorite rail or box that they want to see in the contest and which ever gets the most votes we feature it in the contest. The event posters were de-signed as a collectors set of 3. Each poster accompanies the other to make an extra large one. They use hand drawn illustrations and a color palette that reflects the sunrise, mid-day sun, and sunset.poster 11 x 17, combined 17 x 33

  • Jedi Mind Tricks is an underground hip hop duo from Philadelphia. Their lyrics are considered dark and controversial, and sometimes referred to as death rap. JMT wanted to create a way for their world-wide fan base to easily download and listen to their music and buy official merchandise. The design of the website is based on the dark lyrics by using a simple black, and red color palette. By using iconic imagery and a gritty typeface it gives it a raw style that goes hand-in-hand with Jedi Mind Tricks.


    12.01.12 Manchester manchester nq live united kingdom

    12.02.12 bristol lakota united kingdom

    12.05.12 glessen muk ev germany

    12.06.12 stuggart rocker 33 germany

    12.07.12 zurich rote fabrik switzerland

    12.08.12 bologna tpo italy

    12.10.12 vienna flex austria

    12.11.12 brussels vk concerts belguim

    12.12.12 praque vlkavarka chech republic

    12.13.12 gothenborg pustervik sweden

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour with Pharoahe Monch, O.C. & A.G. (D.I.T.C.), DJ Boogie Blind Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour Buy tickets

    Time: 8:00pm. Rap Mayhem Tour Buy tickets

  • Snow Magazine is a publication produced by snowboarders for snowboarders. Snow wants to set themselves apart from other snow-board magazines by only using world class photography, up to date articles on the latest trends snowboarders want to know about and only ads from companies that are rider owned for every hard core enthusiast. The design is clean and fast, to express the purity of the snow and the aggressive style of the sport of snowboarding.

    Ever wondered what riding gear multi-tasking, street-slaying, Portland native Darrell Mathes sends it on?


    DARRELLMATHESTen years ago, snowboarding was still ragged around the edges, the limits of the possible broken down and rede-fi ned each season by the likes of Peter Lines backside rodeos or Kevin Jones dizzying rotations. Decade fell square into this era as a milestone in progression, featuring a new guard of soon-to-be legends like Devun Walsh and JP Walker going past simply inventing new tricks to stomping them, con-sistently, with style, and on terrain that would fi nd your average pro throwing a method, at best. Decade was the stamp of ten years of infl uence by Mike McEntires Mack Dawg Productions

    on snowboardings history, encompassing some of the heaviest sessions and showcasing the best riders pushing themselves and our sport to new limits. That was 1998. Fast-forward ten crazy yearsthe jib revival fully ensconced, snowmobiles providing unparalleled access to backcountry terrain, and the level of rider talent at an all-time high, and MDP is at the apex of infl uence with its fi nal classicDouble Decade. Mack Dawg Productions Company have tapped more than just a fountain of constant enthusiasmtheyve created a living legacy of snow-board history and progression.

    Hailing from Portland, Darrell blew up in the early 2000s with defi nitive, street-heavy parts in KidsKnows Love/Hate and Blank Papers 91 Words for Snow. As a founding member of Vid-eograss he helped usher in a new direction in shred movies, and you can be sure to check his skills in their latest movie,The Darkside. Heres what helps him get it done.

    Your chosen steed is the Ride Machete GT; a fi ne twin all mountain sword if there ever was one. What do you like about it? And what board do you ride for street?

    I like the Machete because it is lightweight and it makes me feel that I have good board control while riding in pow. I ride the Kink 147 for urban because it is soft which helps me when Im doing presses and the Slimewalls give it durability so it can handle the streets. You rock the Ride Rodeo bindings? What makes these such good freestyle binders? The bindings have good fl exibility for hitting rails and the high backs have really good side-to-side.

    Whats the story with Howl gloves? And what model are you sporting there? HOWL is a company I started with Nima Jalali. We started this company because we could never fi nd gloves that fi t our style and they just were never quite what we wanted. Now that we have the opportunity to have our own glove com-pany, we put together an amazing team and are able to design gloves that we think are what people want. Im sporting the Jeep-ster mitten, which has the right amount of thickness and its the

    most comfortable glove Ive ever worn. Being a good Portland lad Holden was the obvious outerwear of choice. What makes Holden outerwear the shit?

    So the Videograss project worked out pretty well for you?Yeah the Videograss project is really cool. Really good crew, re-ally good jibbers, its nice to be able to ride with people who like to hit rails. Its a little bit different than riding with all the DC guys who mainly focus on park or contest riding or backcountry. Got to change it up and get back to hitting rails in Salt Lake, shot with Justin Bennee a bunch, Darrell Mathes. My friend Sean McCor-mick was fi lming so it was just a crew of homies going out and seeing what we could do. Our fi rst trip was up to Spokane, Wash-ington and there was like three feet of snow in the city there. You got a photo jumping off a cliff up there right? Yeah, (laughs) that was kind of cool. Probably one of the biggest cliffs Ive dropped and it was right in downtown. Defi nitely the most gripped Ive been trying to drop a cliff before.

    Holden hits it because they make the best outerwear that Ive seen. They really have the best fi t, which makes me feel really comfortable when Im riding. Holden is always pushing the limits with their materials and the fi t of all of their products. The company also takes in all the details plus it is owned by snowboarders so they are dialled in on what snowboarders actually want to wear. Vans is a pretty rad boot company toride for. Which model do you choose?






    Triple Base Technology divides the nose and tail area int