Christmas Decorations 1/3/2016 آ  JANUARY 2016 Christmas Decorations Pupil Council The Pupil Council

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    Christmas Decorations

    Pupil Council The Pupil Council have had a great influence over our

    Christmas preparations this year. They asked for im-

    proved Christmas decora- tions in the hall and as a re-

    sult each class designed, planned and created their own 2m by 1 m Christmas

    Banner. The hall looked very festive and the feedback from pu- pils and staff has been very


    St. John Vianney’s RC Primary School Newsletter

    St. John Vianney’s Christmas Carol Concert

    The Christmas Carol Concert went off with a bang! All classes

    between P4 and 7 prepared their own songs and musical ac-

    companiment to great aplomb. .

    The singing was beautiful and the musicians played exceed-

    ingly well.

    A big thank you to Mrs Evans for all your hard

    work in preparing the classes.

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    We have had a very busy December!

    Christmas Nativity

    P1e, P2g, P2/3 and P3d performed a wonderful Nativity and of

    course this was made possible by the inspired direction of

    Mrs Reid, Mrs Coventry, Mrs Dixon, Ms. Garvin and Mrs Malt-


    A big thank you to Mrs Evans who lead the singing of the choir

    of angels and our merry band of musicians.

    And of course we cannot forget Mrs Spence our Wardrobe

    Mistresses extraordinaire; who prepared all of the costumes!

    Christmas Dinner

    Everyone enjoyed being served by the Staff.

    The food was delicious! ( Thanks to our ter-

    rific catering staff). The children were wear-

    ing some great hats that they had created


    P2’s trip to Edin-

    burgh Castle

    P2 had a terrific trip

    where they saw and

    heard ‘the One

    O’clock gun; pre-

    tended to be

    Queens , Kings and

    Servants in the great

    hall. They even saw

    the Crown Jewels!

  • Scottish Week

    The Scottish Competition

    Pupils from the Nursery to P3 will be

    performing a Scottish song, dance or

    poem and the p4-7s are having mini

    Scottish Competitions in their classes.

    The pupils are busy learning their cho-

    sen piece off by heart and the 3 winning

    competitors from each class will be put

    forward for our grand final on the 9th


    This month the school will be celebrating

    Scottish Literacy. Each assembly has focussed

    on how we celebrate New Year, the Life and

    works of Robert Burns.

    The week beginning the 24th is our Scottish

    week and all classes will be learning about

    Scottish stories, poems, songs, dances and


    As a very special treat we will be welcoming

    the Storyteller Mrs. Mash and Mr. Pretzel the

    bagpipe player to the classes.


    As part of our cel-

    ebration of all

    things Scottish

    the classes are

    learning some

    new dance moves

    to the Proclaimer

    song ‘500 miles.’

    This will be per-

    formed as a giant

    whole school

    McFlashmob in

    the week before

    the February


  • SQIP Progress Report

    Improvement in Performance

     All classes are regularly learning how to

    improve both their mental maths agili-

    ty and problem-solving skills.

     The Read, Write Inc, Fresh Start and the

    SEAL support groups have been intro-

    duced and making a impact on pupils

    learning in literacy and Numeracy.

    Learners’ Experiences

     Teachers have undertaken training in

    the use of the iPad to enhance the

    learning experiences for the pupils.

     iPads are used throughout the school to

    create animations, movies, mind-maps

    and presentations.

     Pupils are now learning how to formu-

    late their own Success Criteria and have

    taken part in discussions with their

    teachers about their progress and the

    next steps in learning.

    Welcome to

    New Members

    of Staff

    We are happy to

    announce the new

    appointment of

    our P.E. Specialist;

    Miss Hutt and that

    Mr. Ramsay has

    successfully been

    appointed P5/6

    Class Teacher until

    the Easter holiday.

    Welcome to the


  • Dates for the Diary

    25th - 29th January Scottish Week 26th - 27th January Mrs Mash the Storyteller 1st Feb Lenten Appeal begins 3rd Feb P7 Transition Mass 10th Feb Ash Wednesday Liturgy 12th Feb February Week 22nd Feb All resume 25th Feb P4m and a trip to National Museum of Scotland 1st March P4a Assembly 3rd March World Book Day 3rd March P6 Trip to Dynamic Earth

    ICT Group

    Over the past few months, our ICT group have split their focus in two main directions: maintaining ipads and creating a new school website. The group have been responsible for installing apps and system updates on all pupil ipads, they have also been aided by the boys and girls from P6 & P7 who help to distribute, charge and collect the devices each day. The ICT group is also pleased to report that the new website nearly ready and hope that this will be operational before the Easter holidays.

    Tanzania Group

    Just before Christmas, our Tanzania group completed a ‘Tour of St John Vi- anney’ video for our friends at Omi primary. The video, as well as photos and messages from each class, has now been given to a representative of the Twende Pamoja partnership. This representative, who is currently vis- iting schools in Tanzania, will show the video to the boys and girls at Omi primary and, upon their return to Edinburgh, will feedback how the video was received and, hopefully, provide us with a response from Omi primary.