Churches Using Name Badges

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Name badges are used in many firms and sectors.The main use of a name badges are for communication.Now these badges are in use at churches also.You can see people with name badges at churches.


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  • Churches Offering Name Badges Analyzing The Reasons..

    The next time you attend church or other holy places, you would be first met by a group of

    organizers who would offer you name tags. Some may go for the option; others would not

    consider it. But they have a reason for the introduction of the concept : It is really very important

    to know each other as it is also a way for communication and enhancing the interaction factor,

  • just like any other corporate company. We also would not get the opportunity to minister if we

    do not know the names of the people.

    Reasons why name badges should be used in churches

    Creating that guest feeling

    It is a good old belief that people would have to be anonymous as they want to offer their

    prayers and speak to the God, tell their suffering and pray for their blessings. But this

    only creates a private space, more than creating such an isolation, it would be good if

    people try to speak to each other and if everyone has name tags with them, then things

    become more clear and easier. When some of them are ready to connect, then this

    impulse would flow to other categories and they would initiate fun programs or games,

    that would lighten the hearts of many. See. A simple name tag has such powers to create

    communication links with others.

    Inviting the people to talk

  • When you hear your name read aloud, it is the greatest feeling that you can get your

    day to be more lovely and beautiful. This is a true fact. So, through name badges, others

    would get invited to talk and they would connect with other people. A positive emotion is

    being created with the help of these; this is the true aim of inviting people to the church.

    Identifying the people: The memory losers are going to gain advantage

    Guess who first took the name tag, when it was offered? Probably the ones, who are

    losers in remembering all the names. In churches, usually for events, many of them are

    grouped together, and each of them, would at least contain 200 members. To be frank, it

    would be difficult to recognize each person, through their face or through their

    appearance. In such cases, name tags would be a great help. If you want to get more

    innovative include the special features of the person like his skills or talent.

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