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1. CINEMAADVANCED LEVEL 2. Write the words for these definitionsThe person who writes the script (the story of a film)The person who finances a filmThe person who chooses the actorsThe person who decides how a film is madeThe person who operates the cameraThe collective name for the actors in a filmThe most important acting roleA subsidiary but nevertheless important acting roleA special film word for the scriptThe audio element in a filmThe name of people involved, which appear on the screen at the end of the film 3. Adjectives to describe films Heavy /atmospheric/ moving/subtle/ corny/ sensitive/harrowing stylish/ predictable /stunning /thought-provoking /contrived /plodding/ tedious/ far-fetched/pretentious/ fast-moving/ disappointing/ memorable/ overrated/ amusing/ underrated 4. Differences betweenAn extra and a lead roleA scene and the setTo direct and to produceSound effects and soundtrackA comedy and slapstickThe mainstream film and an experimental film A shot and a take