CitizenM Amsterdam City Hotel

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A brand new concept that offers affordable luxury for the citizens of our 2.0 generation world

Text of CitizenM Amsterdam City Hotel

  • CitizenM Amsterdam City Hotel

    Clia Soumay

  • Mor e than what you cou ld imag ine

    You are the world citizens, who desire and deserve best quality

    services for reasonable prices. You are welcome o our

    luxurous environment. Let get surprised !

  • Fe e l a t h om e , wh i l e y o u r e b e i n g a s s i s t e d

  • Come for Work, enjoy the Culture and have Fun!

    After a day at the World Trade

    Center (at two minutes walking

    distance) or a cultural excursion at

    the Museum Quarter, we know

    that all you need is a good rest in a

    nice and comfortable room,

    designed just for you

  • L e t g e t m o r e i n f o r ma t i o n f o r y o u r n e x t B o o k i n g

    vClia Soumaye

    vCitizenM Amsterdam