Civil War Made By 07. Intro The Civil War was the bloodiest, and most violent war ever fought in American history. The civil war was first started from

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  • Civil War Made By 07
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  • Intro The Civil War was the bloodiest, and most violent war ever fought in American history. The civil war was first started from when the confederacy shelled fort Sumter, and the union declared war on the confederacy. The civil war was the war that most American soldiers were killed in.
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  • union and confederate armies Union and confederate had similarities, and differences. Their cloths were obviously different the way their cloths were different is the colors. Their similarity is they were both fighting for something. like the Union was fighting to keep the United States together, and the Confederate were fighting to leave the United States and start their own government and country. The Union And Confederate
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  • The Battle of Gettysburg The battle of Gettysburg is the most well known battle that was fought in the Civil War. It first started when Union and Confederate soldiers unexpectedly saw each other in the town of Gettysburg. The Confederacy tried to run the enemy lines, but almost lost 2/3 of their men.
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  • General Grant General Grant was the General that led the Union army to victory. After the war, he was elected the 18 president of the United States. His full name is Hiram Ulysses S. Grant. Hiram Ulysses S. Grant is on the fifty dollar bill.
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  • Military Tactics and Technology Military Tactics, and Technology changed the way of how wars were fought. Instead of marching in crowds, soldiers covered behind walls or hid in trenches. The more accurate rifles replaced the old muskets. The cannon was useful for taking out large crowds of people. Pointed bullets replaced the old big round musket balls.
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  • Combat Conditions Civil war combat was a nightmare of horrors to all the soldiers. Many soldiers were scared of getting shot, and catching diseases around them. A lot of soldiers didnt want to join the army Some joined the war to fight for their country, and loved ones.
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  • Medical Care During the Civil War, medical care was very poor. Some soldiers died cause doctors didnt know how to heal soldiers. The doctors sometimes gave soldiers the wrong kind of medicine, and some even died from the wrong medication. Soldiers got infection from the dirty environment or the doctors never washed their medical tools.
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  • Food and Drink In the Civil War, a lot of soldiers hated the food. They ate pickled meat that was preserved in salt. Union soldiers ate a cracker bread called Hardtack which was filled with worms and weevils. (a type of beetle). The Confederacy ate a boiled root called Chicory..
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  • Conditions On the Home Front On the home front, there was a severe argument on the drafts. For people to escape the drafts, they were able to pay a fine of $300. Draft Rioters broke out, and burned down the drafts office, and killed many innocent African Americans. More than 100 people died in this little act.
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  • From Gettysburg to Appomattox General Grants plan was to attack the South from two sides. General Grant got a lot of his men killed, and some people even called General Grant a butcher. His attempt did successfully work, and the Union won the war. Before the Union won the war, the Confederacy predicted that they would lose the war, and fortunately they were right.
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  • conclusion After the civil war, many bodies lay dead on the battlefield. some were lucky and only survived with minor injuries. some soldiers survived, but were sadly paralyzed. Soldiers that survived were sad to lose friends that fought with them through the whole thing. The civil war was truly a very tragic war.