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  • Civil War Soldiers from Banner Township (Fulton County) Illinois

    August 2011; updated February, May, June 2012, February 2014These men volunteered for the Civil War from Banner Township (Fulton) Illinois. From research at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., summaries of pension records have been included when available. If one of these men is from your family and you have photographs or additional genealogical information to include, please contact Janet Turnbull at Abbey, James DavisEnlisted 4 August 1862, 36 years old, as a private in Co. E, 103rd Infantry. Discharged 7 March 1865 at Camp Butler, Illinois. Description at enlistment: 511 tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, married, born in Onondaga Co., New York. Abbey, James DavisCivil War Pension Application, National Archives, Washington, DC: Was a fifer for his unit. Married Mary Jane Campbell on January 1, 1857, in Bremer Co., Iowa. Their children: Martha Ann born 5 September 1858; William Henry born 19 September 1861; Eugine H. born 16 January 1866; Lillie May born 13 July 1871 and died 21 February 1939 in Lafayette (Tippecanoe) Indiana. my husband left home some time between the first and tenth of April 1879. The reason he assigned for leaving home was that he was going to do some work for Samuel Mattox living about two miles from where we lived. He did not tell me when he would be back. The domestic relations were friendly. His age was about forty seven years. I have made diligent search for him without any success whatever, never found any trace of him. To the best of my knowledge and belief he is dead, because if living he would have written to me, or in some way have communicated with me. (Affidavit of Mary J. Abbey, 22 December 1893). Zack and Elizabeth Clary, near neighbors, testified that the marriage seemed to be sound, and that Mary had been alone since 1879. In 1882 James applied for a pension from Tioga Co., Pennsylvania. He claimed that he had been in Co. E, 103 Illinois Infantry and had typhoid fever which settled in his back and kidneys. Stating that his first wife had died, Sarah E. Quick became his second wife on 27 February 1885 in Hillsboro, Pennsylvania, and they had a son, Cornelius Roy, born 2 December 1886. James died 16 June 1888. There is no proof that Mary Jane, his legal wife, obtained a divorce. Sarah E. Quick, James second wife, was born Sarah E. Celly on 3 April 1860 in Potter Co., Pennsylvania. Abandoned by her father as a child, she was raised by two families in New York. Sarah first married George H. Howard at Cuba, New York, on 6 February 1877. He was a furrier and treated her cruelly, according to testimony by neighbors who nursed her back to health. George had left his previous wife, Mona Cappel, in New York without obtaining a divorce.

  • Sarah died in 1891, leaving her child, Cornelius, an orphan. Cody R. Hosley, 54 years old and Cornelius court appointed legal guardian, attested in 1896 that Cornelius was bound out to his nephew, Joel R. Adams, 39 years old, of Cattaraugus Co., New York. Joel R. Adams of Franklinville, New York, a farmer, stated The child was in the hands of the Postmaster of the town of Postville [?] this county and state when I got him. I got the child November 22, 1891. Neither Hosley nor Adams had known Cornelius parents. Joel Adams testified that the child was attending school. Addis, Simon PeterEnlisted 4 August 1862, 20 years old, as a private in Co. E, 103rd Infantry. Promoted to Waggoner on 21 June 1865. Mustered out 21 June 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee. Description at enlistment: 58 tall, light hair, blue eyes, born in New Jersey on 18 February 1843. Married Georgianna Sheaff on 1 November 1866 in Fulton County, Illinois. He died 16 February 1922 in Canton (Fulton) Illinois. Burial at Orendorff & Breed Cemetery (Fulton) IL. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C., the pension file is not available. 1860 US. Census for Banner Township, Fulton County, IllinoisProbably the son of Aaron D. Addis (57) and Jane Suydan (54) born in New Jersey. He had 3 siblings. He was 17 years old in 1860.

    Simon Addis, Orendorff & Breed Cemetery (Fulton) Illinois Photograph courtesy of Janine Crandell

    Auten, Joseph R.Enlisted 4 August 1862, 30 years old, as a private in Co. E, 103rd Infantry. Description at enlistment: 58 tall; light hair; gray eyes; married, born in New York. Mustered out 21 June 1865 as a corporal. Auten, Joseph R.Civil War Pension Application, National Archives, Washington, DC: Son of John Auten, who died 20 February 1876 at Utica (Fulton) Illinois of congestion of the lungs. Joseph Auten married Sarah C. Richel on 3 July 1862. Her first marriage was to John M. Richel. Sarah and John Richel were married on 12 November 1857, and John died on 28 December 1857. During the winter of 1857 became acquainted with Mr. John M. Richel and Sarah who were both employed at the farm of Capt. Amos Babcock. While working on the farm John was taken suddenly ill and died in 4 days and buried in Orendorff Cemetery, Orion Township. Sarah L. Ruey

  • [Joseph Auten] received a gunshot wound on the left side of his back close to his backbone, and said wound was serious while said claimant was engaged in the Battle of Atlanta, Georgia about 28th day of July 1864.Charles Suydam, 1880. Three children were referred to in the pension file: Gertrude born 18 March 1875; May born 30 May 1869 and married Frank E. Williams on 25 December 1890; and Alice Adams, married Walter Adams in 1888. Joseph Auten died 10 September 1882, and is buried in Walnut Creek, Banner. His wife, Sarah, died 22 October 1915. However, his military gravestone is in Orendroff & Breeds Cemetery.

    Joseph R. Auten, photograph courtesy of Janine Crandell Allbaugh, JesseEnlisted 13 August 1862 as a private, 42 years old, in Co. K, 103rd Infantry. Description at enlistment: 61 tall; dark hair; black eyes; married, born in Pennsylvania. Died 30 March 1865 in Wilmington, North Carolina, of chronic diarrhea. Allbaugh, JesseCivil War Pension Application, National Archives, Washington, DC: Jesse was born 4 February 1819. Married Nancy Richman 18 June 1843. Nancy was born 8 November 1818. She died in 1848. Jesses second wife was Frances Cochran, married 11 February 1849 in Newark (Licking) Ohio. Frances was born 8 September 1820.Their children: Naomi born 17 April 1850; Alwilda born 18 March 1852; Theophilus born 15 April 1858; Habazinah born 14 July 1854 and died 2 September 1854. Children by his first wife: an infant daughter who died at birth in 1844, and John R. born 17 June 1845. John was a private in Co. F, 65th Infantry out of Chicago. He died near Knoxville, Tennessee shot dead on the field by the enemy. The family lived in La Harpe, Illinois, in 1869. Frances died 10 November 1895.

  • Benson, George C.Enlisted 14 August 1862, 24 years old, as a private in Co. C, 103rd Infantry. Mustered out 21 June 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee. Description at enlistment: 58, light hair, black eyes, born in Knox County, Illinois. Died 5 February 1917. Benson, George C.Civil War Pension Application, National Archives, Washington, DC: Born 27 February 1838 in Greenbriar Co., Virginia to William C. Benson of Virginia. George married Rachael M. Rambo in Knox Co., Illinois on 12 March 1857, who was born 6 May 1837 and died 15 February 1920. Their children: James Emry born 22 July 1866; Lura J. born 5 March 1871; John William born 17 February 1858 and died by 1915; Harvey born 2 July 1860 and died by 1915. In 1865 they lived in Copperas Creek (Banner) Illinois; 1869 moved to Iowa; 1873 moved to Missouri; 1908 living in Martinstown (Putnam) Missouri; and in 1917 were in Worthington, Missouri. George Benson died 5 February 1917 of pneumonia. Burial in Pleasant Home Cemetery, Worthington (Putnam) Missouri.

    George C. Benson

    Used with permission Benson, WilliamEnlisted 14 August 1862, 29 years old, as a private in Co. C, 103rd Infantry. Mustered out 21 June 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee. Description at enlistment: 510 tall, light hair; grey eyes, married, born in Greenbriar Co., Virginia. Benson, WilliamCivil War Pension Application, National Archives, Washington, DC: Married Martha J. Rice in Bourbon Co., Kansas on 31 October 1869. George O. Alyea and Mary J. Alyea were present at their wedding. Their children who were living in 1896 and less than 16 years of age: Emma, born 25 February 1881; Lyda born 11 February 1890; Lemul born 26 May 1884, and Robert born 16 May 1888. Injured at the Battle of Dallas on 28 May 1864, he described the event in 1881: was inside the breastworks of the union forceswas lying in the rifle pit shooting on the rebels when a cannon ball partially spent was thrown inside the breastworks and rolled in the rifle pit striking this affiant on the point of the right hip and severely wounding him so that he was carried from the field and placed in hospital. The cannon ball weighed about 12 pounds. After returning to Fulton County, in 1866 he suffered an accidental gunshot wound which resulted in the loss of his right forearm. Benson stated that a gun falling from a load of wood going off and the load hitting my arm. More details are provided by Ed Griffis in 1893: His nephew handed him the

  • gun, it slipped out of his hand, and the hammer struck the wheel and was discharged. Struck Benson in the wrist. After the war he moved to Scott County, Illinois, and in 1879 moved to Hickory County, Missouri. He could only do light work and was a day laborer teamster. He died on 6 November 1896 in Sylvania (Dade) Missouri. Martha married William L. Talley in Dade Co., Missouri, on 27 February 1899. Breese, Noah WebsterEnlisted 4 August 1862, 28 year