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CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AYUKO FUJII. The school I worked ・ the smallest school ・ I taught Yr1 & 3 → Yr2, 3 & home economics → Yr1 & 3 → Yr1, 2 & home economics

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Text of CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AYUKO FUJII. The school I worked ・ the smallest school ・ I taught Yr1 &...

Classroom Management

Classroom ManagementAyuko Fujii Hello, everyone. I know most of you have had more experiences than Ive had. So today, I just would like to share with you what I have done so far. Before starting, let me introduce my city. 1

The school I worked

the smallest schoolI taughtYr1 & 3 Yr2, 3 & home economics Yr1 & 3 Yr1, 2 & home economics

Kato city

My city is in the southern part of Hyogo prefecture. I was raised in this city. It has about 40,000 people. I worked for one of the schools in my city for four years. It is the smallest school in the city. Each grade has 2 classrooms, and there are between 22 and 35 students in a classroom. There were about 170 students last year. I taught not only English but also home economics there. I made these as a sample last year. I taught every grade and all students, so it was very hard to organize the lessons, grade, run my homeroom class and school events and do other desk work. But I could experience a lot of things while I worked there. I have taught Yr1 a lot since I became a teacher. And I found training the students and let them get used to studying at the very beginning of junior high school was very important. 2Q. What is the key number as a teacher for you? What do you think is the key number as a teacher for you? For me, its 3. Have you ever heard that first 3 days or lessons of the school year are the most important days? It is called the three golden days.3First 3 days(lessons) are important Set the Rules and tell the studentsto create a peaceful atmosphere so that anyone is not afraid of making mistakes during the classesto make every student feel comfortable in the classto build up good relationships between students and students

Every year, I set the rules in my class and tell the students about it. At junior high school, students have to spend a day with their own classmates. I think we teachers have to organize the lessons to make every student feel comfortable in his / her classroom, to build up good relationships especially between students and students and to create a peaceful atmosphere so that anyone is not afraid of making mistakes. So I always pass my students this handout which shows how to study English including rules.4My classroom rules1. Positive attitude

volunteerchoose numbers (date, time, cards)stickerspraise when the student gives a wrong answer the way of raising handbut sometimes Here are some rules. First, I ask them positive attitude. I give them stickers as a reward. To be fair to everyone, I ask them to show the numbers of the times by their fingers like you did at my demonstration lesson. Many of the Yr1 students have positive attitude, but there are a few students who are shy or dont want to speak in front of the class. So I sometimes choose numbers at random so that everyone can participate in the lesson and get some stickers. And even if they say wrong answer, I give them a sticker and I try not to forget to praise them.5My classroom rules2. well-controlled class and interact with classmatesseat arrangementnormal, pair workgroup workquiz, individual work Second, Id like my students to concentrate on what they are doing, so I often ask them to arrange the seats depends on the activity. Normal style and pair work style is this. Its not the right picture, but when they work in groups, they do like this. And when they have quiz, they face to the front and get seated separately. This is for preventing from cheating. Sometimes when Id like them to concentrate on their task quietly I use this style. Until they get used to moving their desks, I count down.6My classroom rules3. homeworkChecking sheetmake a line with their homework and checking sheet during the break

see how students spend their break no break see what they think through talking with them students can be punctual Third, I give the students homework in almost every lesson. Its because Id like them to have time to study at home. But I need to check their homework, so I check them during the break. The students make a line with their homework and this checking sheet and show them to me. I give them stamp when they do their homework. I use the break time, so I can see how students spend their break and what they think through talking with them. When students dont do their homework, I can ask them what happened. Also, they can keep time to get their homework checked. At the end of each term, I collect this sheet and grade for their homework attitude. But the only disadvantage is I dont have break until my free time. So, The most terrible day was Friday last year. Because I had four lessons in the morning, I couldnt go back to the staff room until 2 oclock. 7My classroom rules4. greetings5. speak and listen to English as much as possible

Lets Try!!Classroom English Fourth and fifth are related to classroom English. Id like students to get to used to English and listen or use English as much as possible. So I made this lesson plan until mid-term exam and teach them some classroom English that I often use. In the first lesson I teach these three. I always ask my ALTs if they really use in their countries and sometimes change the phrase. Lets try together. 8The school where I work now is The differences

bigger students problems Finally, this is the school where I graduated from and I work for from this April. Do you know what this is? Anyway, I teach Yr1 again this year, so I tried to use the same ways as Ive done at my previous school. But some of them didnt work. They like stickers, but they dont like TPR activity like Stop talking. They are much more matured than the students of my previous school. As I told you before, this is my hometown, so I have worked with my homeroom teachers or math teacher who know my junior high school days. One day, my math teacher said to me, You have to try various ways of teaching while you are here, because you will have no time to prepare for the lessons when you move to other two schools. He was right. So Id like to know a lot more various ways of teaching and activities and find a good way for my students next four months.9Thank you Thank you very much for listening.10

Class ( ) No ( ) Name ( )

1Class ( ) No ( ) Name ( )









Class ( ) No ( ) Name ( )










Yr1 EnglishLesson Plan


Good morning.

How are you?

Im fine, thank you.Self-introduction

(teachers and students) Im ~. I like ~.

My sister / brother is ~.Stop talking.


Speak louder.

Here you are.

Thank you.

Youre welcome.Alphabets

Check their homework

Review classroom EnglishRaise your hands.

Repeat after me.Alphabets

Carta capital letters

homeworkwrite A to Z 5 times

How are you?

Im fine / so so / not so good /

great / sleepy / hungry.Review small letters


homeworkwrite a to z 5 times

How is the weather?

Its ( sunny / cloudy / rainy / snowy / windy ).Roman Alphabets

Homework : worksheet ( Roman alphabets )

Look at .

Open your textbook.

Close your notebook.Check the answers worksheet


Practice words : repeat, read, writeTextbook P.10 bag, book, cap, CD, computer, door, Japanese, music, picture, table, tea, T-shirt

Practice words : repeat, read, write

Textbook P.11 chair, desk, English, eraser, notebook, pen, pencil, window

Practice words : repeat, read, write

Textbook P.12 apple, baseball, basketball, bike, cake, cat, dog, flower,

juice, milk, orange, pizza, shoe, soccer, tennis

I am (name).

Rules of English sentences


Game ( from 1 to 100 )

Textbook P.14 repeat new words, read, write