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Classroom Rules and Procedures The following discipline procedures will be used in class!

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Text of Classroom Rules and Procedures The following discipline procedures will be used in class!

  • Classroom Rules and ProceduresThe following discipline procedures will be used in class!

  • Classroom Rules1. Students are to bring all required materials and supplies to class each day. 2. Students are to be in their seats, quiet, and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. 3. Students are to follow directions the first time they are given. 4. Students are to raise their hand to be recognized before speaking.5. Students are to remain in their seats unless given permission to get up. 6. Students should not eat, drink, or chew gum in the classroom.

  • Disciplinary Procedures1st offence- Warning2nd offence- Parent Notification3rd offence- Detention4th offence- Referral to the office This procedure may be altered according to the severity of the offence!!!!

  • Incentives1. Praise2. Parent contact3. Nomination for student of the month award4. Homework passes

  • Classroom Procedures

  • Being Prepared and Writing UtensilsBeing PreparedBring required materials each day. (3-ring binder, loose leaf paper, writers notebook, pen and a pencilWriting UtensilsStudents may use a pencil or a pen (blue or black ink) Blue or black ink should be used for formal writing assignments. Typed or computer generated work will be accepted with prior approval of the teacher.

  • Entering and Exiting ClassEntering ClassAfter entering the room, students may not leave without permission. Students may not leave books and materials outside the classroom for any reason Upon entering, students should go to their assigned seats and prepare for class. Begin working on sentence corrections and analogiesExiting ClassThe teacher will dismiss the class Not The Bell. Do not pack books to exit class until instructed to do so by the teacher. Students will be dismissed by rows. Students are responsible for cleaning the area around their desks before leaving the room.

  • Maintaining Your Notebook and Writers NotebookYour NotebookKeep the following in your notebook: Class rules, class procedures, class notes, vocabulary assignments, D.O.L, Daily analogies, and PACT materials All materials must be dated and in the right order. Notebooks will be checked every nine weeks. This grade will count as a test grade. Writers NotebookThis will be a black and white composition notebook (Hardback). This notebook will be used for private entries as well as class assignments and writing starts.

  • Papers

    Paper usage Writing on the back of homework and class work is permitted and encouraged. Do not write on final drafts.Do not write on the bottom line of the paper, go to next page.Heading Papers Write your name and date in the top-right hand corner of the first page. Write your last name and number any following pages in the upper right hand corner.Do not fold papers!!!Passing in papersEach student should place their paper on top of the paper beside you and pass them across the row. The student on the last seat should collect all papers place them on the teachers desk.

  • Restroom and WaterRestroom Students should use the restroom before class. After entering the classroom, students will not be allowed to leave unless it is an extreme Emergency.Watera. Students should get water before class

  • Pencil Sharpening and TrashPencil SharpeningStudents are to sharpen pencils upon entering the classroomIf your lead breaks during class and if your have no other writing utensil, raise your hand and wait for further instructions.TrashTrash will be thrown away when your are dismissed from class. Keep it at your desk until you are dismissed.Pick up all paper around your desk before leaving the room.

  • Walking In The Hallways As A ClassStudents are expected to walk in a straight line when in the hallway.There will be NO TALKING in line. Other students are still in class.All class rules apply in the hallway.

  • Library Privileges and A.R. RequirementsStudents will visit the library as a class once every two weeks. They may also visit the library during their Study Hall, at Lunch, and during their Break.All students will be required to read and pass a test on two Accelerated Reader books each nine weeks. These grades will be counted as a test grade in my grade book.If the student fails to meet this requirement they will receive a zero for a test grade in my grade book.Failure to comply with assigned work in the library will result in the loss of library privileges.

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