CleanTECH San Diego C3 Breakfast Dialogue on Climate Change March 27, 2014

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  • CleanTECH San DiegoC3 Breakfast Dialogue on Climate ChangeMarch 27, 2014

  • 102 member organization across the public-private-academic landscapeCreated in 2007 to accelerate the region as a world leader in the clean technology economy

  • Electric Vehicles 6,000+ EVsEV sales up 130% over last year600 public charging stations (up 62%)Savings = 10,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas

  • #1 in solar installationsSan Diego has more solar rooftops than any other U.S. citySolar Power

  • Nearly 6,000 EVsEV sales up 130% over last year600 public charging stations (up 60%)Savings = 10,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasIntelligent Street Lights3,000 GE smart lights in downtown San Diego$250K savings annuallyReal-time dataCustomizable brightnessSpring 2014 installation

  • Solar-to-EV at San Diego Zoo5 charging stationsBusy months had 120+ plug-in eventsTrue zero emissions: 100% solar energy

  • Nations first multifamily complex with net zero living114 units100% solarEnergy usage displays and wireless smart thermostats in every unit

    EcoLuxury Apartments

  • San Diego International AirportOn of the first major U.S. airports to implement a sustainability policy $1 billion Green Build completed in 2013LEED Silver certification

  • UC San Diegos World-renowned MicrogridGenerates 92% of campus electricity$8 Million+ in annual savingsOne of the worlds most advanced microgrids

  • OBJECTIVE:Understand the appetite of San Diego companies to engage on climate issuesBusiness Forum on Climate Change Survey

  • KEY FINDINGS:Companies are concerned about the impact of climate change on their operationsEstablishing goals to reduce energy consumptionEngaging employees in conversations about energy and water reductionsDesire to better understand climate changes impact on supply chainsClimate Change Survey

  • NEXT STEPS:Share case studies/best practicesFacilitate conversations with policy makersCreate tools to integrate existing data into business planningCommunicate why this is important to other businesses and the publicClimate Change Survey

  • California ClimateDeclarationTackling climate change is one of Californias greatest economic opportunities of the 21st CenturyAnnounced Feb. 25 at Climate Leadership Conference in San Diego Signed by 140+ California companies including Sapphire Energy, Sullivan Solar Power, Renovate America, and the San Diego International Airport

  • CleanTECH San DiegoJason Anderson,

    *Quick fact on Evs in the region*Quick fact on solar in the region*Quick fact on street lights in SD*Quick fact on Solar to EV project*Quick fact*Quick fact*Quick fact*As an ongoing program of the San Diego Foundation's Climate Initiative and in conjunction with CleanTECH San Diego, the Business Forum on Climate Change aims to support the local business community to collaborate on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for changing climate. The forum is intended to provide an opportunity for companies to: network with like-minded companies; share challenges and opportunities associated with meeting emission reduction requirements; showcase successful strategies and learn innovative ways for businesses to take a leadership role in addressing climate change in our region

    We wanted to better understand what activities companies in the region were already undertaking related to climate change, and what their appetite was to engage more on the issue and how we could help them do that.

    MethodologyInterviewees: Senior VPs, VPs, or Director level10 Companies Interviewed

    **-Companies, especially larger ones, believe there is a link between their sustainability efforts and employee engagement, recruitment but they have not documented this. They are looking for help to do so, and also for help to better engage and educate employees on climate and other sustainability topics. Collaboration-there was a plea for efforts to work with corporations on sustainability to work together. Feel like efforts may be starting to duplicate. Also, still feel like there is not enough regional collaboration at the planning/policy level, especially when it comes to infrastructure issues. Hunter: We need as much collaboration between groups like this one and Sustainability Roundtable, TMS circles, etc. How can we work together?? Airport: How do we get SANDAG to get serious, needs to be much more regional approach: impact on energy, roadways.

    Messaging: What can the clean tech business community do to get the word out? That our businesses are concerned. SDGE: Elected officials need more info. Work on messaging. Do away with notions that climate causes money, need to show ways to make money, to improve the company-HR, operations, change outlook for the business. How can individuals and businesses have direct impact? Not one more burden, can make changes and will see improvements in HR, make things run better, put money back in general fund. Help people connect the dotswe need to do a better job with the community.

    -Messaging-more work needs to be done on messaging to the public about why issue is important to local businesses

    Point 1-dont want a PR showcasePoint 2-like informal networking time with policy makers in intimate setting, but want to interact with policy makers who are not already believers in climate change actionPoint 3-If they had 10 years of these dinners, awards were issued, are they associated with metrics, how have they moved the needle? Needs to better understand the reason for the dinner.LT-People want to be part of something bold and courageous and unique. If there is something well established, objectives that are clear. Need a goal or objective to make this unique and significant. People dont understand the implications of AB32. Is that a unique addresses legislation and makes sure all businesses are on board for what this means. Every year more companies have to purchase RECs.

    *Quick fact*