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Clementine and Helen Highwater - Seven · PDF fileEnrico Pieranunzi. Tina May is the consummate jazz performer and her partnership with Pieranunzi places her with a supremely sensitive

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Text of Clementine and Helen Highwater - Seven · PDF fileEnrico Pieranunzi. Tina May is the...

  • Caf Economique - The Cure Which Makes the Patient Worse Austerity is often presented with severe warnings of the consequences of a failure to deal with the budget deficit. Prof Malcolm Sawyer, University of Leeds, will argue that there are policy alternatives over the nature / scale of public expenditure, the structure of taxation and the balance between them. Tuesday 04/10/2016. 7.30pm. 4 otd.

    Bookish Comedy and Literature Bookish is a fun, entertaining and irreverent look at two very different books. It takes those works and turns them into a production which is not only informative but through action and humour demonstrates both the power of the written word to communicate a message. With original music performed live. Wednesday 05/10/2016. 8pm. Tickets : 6 /5 conc.

    Seven Jazz Tina May + Enrico Pieranunzi One of Europes finest jazz singers, Tina May, and Italys internationally acclaimed pianist Enrico Pieranunzi. Tina May is the consummate jazz performer and her partnership with Pieranunzi places her with a supremely sensitive accompanist and a brilliantly creative improviser. Thursday 06/10/2016 8pm. Tickets : 16 / 14 conc. Doors 7.30pm.

    Sunday Jazz Gary Boyle Quartet With an impressive pedigree as a session player, sideman, band leader and solo artist having worked with Dusty Springfield, Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll, Mike Westbrook, and many more veteran guitarist Gary Boyle is a master musician. Sunday 09/10/2016 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Tickets : 10 /8 conc. Kids under 16 free.

    A diverse selection of interesting and

    entertaining films from all over the world

    Please see our Screen Seven Film Programme or check our website for

    details. Mondays 8pm Tickets :

    6 /5 conc

    Test your general knowledge in a relaxed

    atmosphere - a great way to end the weekend

    with friends. With our resident quizmaster Roger

    Hunter. Sundays 8pm Tickets:

    Free with 1 raffle

    Caf Cinematique Two Days One Night Film screening at 7.15pm followed by an opportunity to join an open and lively discussion and lively discussion about attitudes towards mental illness and the strength of the individual to overcome.. Tuesday 11/10 /2016 7pm Tickets : 8 on the door.

    Seven Live Chapel Allertons #1 Music Night With Steve Sidman, expert on banjo, Choir of Loretta, Jennifer Jordan, Oscar Clementine and Helen Highwater. Plus Laurence & Tiff, Leeds legendary Two-Man-One-Man-Band and top-notch piano player /singer, Caroline Noh. Wednesday 12/10/2016 8pm Tickets : 6 otd.

    Seven Jazz / Fusebox Ellery Eskelin + Matthew Bourne and Chris Sharkey For the past thirty years Ellery Eskelin has been at the forefront of the global improvised music scene. Matthew Bourne is an award winning contemporary classical composer and Chris Sharkey, a noted guitarist improviser and composer. Thursday 13/10/2016 8pm Tickets : 12 / 10. Doors 7.30pm.

    South Asian Arts UK Sangam Three internationally renowned musicians play together for the first time. Ustad Dharambir Singh brings the richness of the sitar, Pandit Bharat Bhushan Goswami adds the soulful sarangi and Pandit Ramdas Palsule showcases the intricacies of the tabla. Friday 14/10/2016 7.30pm Tickets : 12 / 8.

    Soul Seven Retro Disco Funk Classic tracks from Motown to stax. If you like dancing but not sure city centre clubbing is what you want this is a perfect alternative. Dance your socks off to Funk, Soul and Motown and generally good dance stuff. Saturday 15/10/2016 7.30-11.30pm Tickets : 7 / 5 adv /8 otd.

    Romeo and Julien A re-telling of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet with Latin beats and classical vibes. Four dancers and four musicians explore the divide between the Spanish Montagues and French Capulets. Will the star-crossed lovers overcome their traditional differences? Sunday 16/10/2016 Shows at 1pm, 5pm, 7pm Tickets : 6 / 4 conc. Show length 20 mins.

    Caf Psychologique Chat and think over a drink. Caf Psychologique builds on the idea of the Caf Scientifique movement and other Caf such as Caf Philosophique. Tuesday 18/10/2016 8pm Tickets : 4 otd.

  • Alastair Savage Alone With History Prize winning traditional and classical violin player with tracks featuring a tribute to 18th Century fiddle master Neil Gow as well as 19th Century virtuoso James Scott Skinner, dancing master to Queen Victoria. Wednesday 19/10/2016. 7.30pm. Tickets : 10 / 8 conc.

    Soho Theatre Pajama Men: 2 Man 3 Musketeers The spectacularly surreal Pajama Men have won acclaim across the globe. The shape-shifting double act return with a live, comic existential meltdown that takes place as two comedians attempt to stage an epic, historical, romance novel in under an hour. Thursday 20/10/2016 7.30pm Tickets : 11 / 9 conc

    Tumbleweed Americana Steve Forbert Steve Forbert vaulted to international prominence with a folk-rock hit, Romeos Tune, during a time when rootsy rock was fading out. Forbert observes. Looking back on it, I was helping to keep a particular American songwriting tradition alive at a time when it wasnt in the spotlight. Thursday 21/10/2016. 8.30pm. Tickets : 13 adv / 15 otd. Doors 8pm.

    Mewl Music - Ragged Union Bluegrass Two years after appearing at Seven Arts as a trio, Ragged Union return with their blazing six-piece line up. Guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and tight vocal harmonies hard-driving modern bluegrass at its absolute best. Friday 22/10/2016 8pm Tickets : 12 adv / 15 otd.

    Sunday Jazz Ben Lowmans Django Project A nonet that performs music in a French Gypsy Jazz style. The band has beautifully intertwined melodies with a steaming hot rhythm section, combining to create a rich, driving authentic sound. Sunday 23/10/2016 1.30pm 4pm Tickets : 10 /8 conc Kids under 16 free

    Kill For A Seat Susan Murray and Chris Kent Susan Murray Mainstream success written all over her... brightly energetic, a real talent', Edinburgh Guide; and Chris Kent, A comedy natural, The British Comedy special guests and your charming host, Silky. Wednesday 26/10/2016 8pm Tickets : 11 /9 conc Doors 7.45pm

    Caf Scientifique - Universal Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos is the latest book by Professors Jeff Forshaw and Brian Cox. Jeff Forshaw will be talking about Universal, and the science of cosmology (the scientific study of the large scale properties of the universe), including recent theories of "inflation". Thursday 26/10/2016 8pm. Tickets : hat donations

    The Rob Dylan Band Rolling Thunder Revue The Band was formed by a group of musicians who share a passion for the music and songwriting skills of Bob Dylan. Recreating the Rolling Thunder style the performance brings together the lyrical nature of the songs within a powerful musical arrangement. Friday 28/10/2016 8.30pm Tickets : 8 adv /10 otd.

    The David Nobbs Comedy Tribute Evening David Nobbs was a staunch supporter of Script Yorkshire. In his memory this is a Script Yorkshire Comedy Script Competition Night : five short, sharp pieces of new comedy writing which wed like to think would raise a smile from the great man himself. Saturday 7.30pm 29/10/2016 Tickets : 5.

    Sunday Jazz Lady Luck Its the 125th anniversary of the birth of songwriter Cole Porter this year. Leeds ladies of jazz, Jenny Smith and Kate Peters and the ensemble Lady Luck have joined forces to celebrate the wit, charm and style of one of the doyens of American music and to share their love of tunes like Lets do it, Begin the Beguine, Anything Goes this list is endless! Sunday 23/10/2016 1.30pm 4pm Tickets : 10 /8 conc Kids under 16 free