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Clerical Ability Test

General Description The tests in this Clerical Skills Test Series each come in packages of 20 and include all necessary scoring material. Tests available are: ALPHABETIZING & FILING Designed to measure the ability to store and retrieve files in alphabetical order. ATTENTION TO DETAIL Ability to recognize likenesses and differences rapidly and accurately. BOOKKEEPING Measures the ability to handle some of the materials and problems with which an experienced bookkeeper deals. CODING Ability to code numbers and symbols according to a simple formula. GRAMMAR & PUNCTUATION Measures grammar, punctuation ability and the skill to do correspondence.

MANUAL DEXTERITY Measures aptitude for fine and gross muscle control and coordination of eye and hand. MECHANICAL COMPREHENSION Measures the ability to perceive and understand the relationship of physical forces and mechanical elements in practical situations. NUMERICAL SKILLS Facility with numbers, files, codes, symbols and simple arithmetic. PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY Measures logical ability, deductive and inductive reasoning. PROOFREADING SKILLS Measures the ability to proofread. READING COMPREHENSION Measures the ability to read and understand the English language. RECEPTIONIST SKILLS Ability to deal with situations that face a receptionist including telephone etiquette. SPATIAL PERCEPTION Measures the candidate's space relations aptitude. SPELLING Measures knowledge of words and the ability to spell correctly. VERBAL FLUENCY Ability to think of words rapidly: to write or talk without blocking or searching for the right word. VOCABULARY Measures the ability to communicate easily and fluently with others.

Test-Taking StrategiesBefore the test: 1. Make sure that you have enough sleep the night before the test. 2. Have an adequate meal, but dont eat too much. 3. If you ordinarily wear glasses or a hearing aid, make certain that you have them with you. 4. Make sure that you allow enough time to get to the testing location early. Be certain that you know where to go and how to get there. If you arrive after the testing session has begun, you will not be admitted for testing.

ALPHABETIZING In each of these questions there is a name in the box at the left and four other names in alphabetical order at the right. Find the correct place for the name in the box so that it will be in alphabetical order with the others:

COMPARISONS Compare each pair of names or addresses. Indicate whether they are EXACTLY the same or different in any way:

Jeffery T. Liptmuss, Esq.

Jeffrey T. Liptmuss, Esq.

same different 1203 Maple Ave.; Apt. 3-B 1203 Maple Ave.; Apt. 3-B

same differentPetterson, Brittania & Marley Petterson, Brittaina & Marley

same different45508-67 South Somersette Ext. 44508-67 South Somersette Ext.

same different

FILING For each item, indicate which filing cabinet drawer from that set would be used by selecting the appropriate letter. Remember to follow the rules for alphabetizing; rules vary depending on the material to be filed. The drawers shown for each set are in alphabetical order. Do not try to memorize these drawer designations since different ones may be used for each question set on the test.

Indicate which filing cabinet drawer would be used: Damon Cedarville, II Aa -- Ch Ci -- Dh Di -- Fl Fm -- Ht Hu -- Jm

pre-authorized withdrawal Jn -- Mf Mg -- No Np -- Sm Sn -- Wd We -- Zz

Fredrickson, Dunbar & Crane; Attorneys at LawAa -- Ch Ci -- Dh Di -- Fl Fm -- Ht Hu -- Jm

verified refunds Aa -- Ch Mg -- No Np -- Sm Sn -- Wd We -- Zz

SPELLING Each question consists of three different spellings of the same word. Sound out the word so that you know what it is. Visualize the word spelled correctly in your mind. Examine each suggested spelling carefully. Consider spelling rules and exceptions.

Remember that if no suggested spelling is correct, select "none of these".

Select the word (if any) that is spelled correctly: separate truely seperate truley separete truly none of these none of these

Wensday Febuary Wednesday Feburary Wendsday Februery none of these none of these

Which one of the five makes the best comparison? Tree is to shade as chimney is to: (a) smoke (b) fireplace (c) brick (d) sky

Numerical Ability Test This section of the clerical test measures your ability to use numbers in clerical and administrative contexts. You are required to show your smartness in using numbers in operations like calculating the bills, managing travel expenses, finding out the unit pricing of goods etc. It is equally useful for assessing existing and prospective clerical staff. Numerical Ability Practice Question 20 papers cost hundred dollars. Ten papers are used to make a file. How much does a file cost? a) $ 50 b) $ 10 c) $ 20 d) $ 40

Answer $ 50

Numerical Reasoning Question What is the next number in the following series? 16 - 11 - 13 - 8 - 10 - 5 - 7 a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

Answer 2

Spelling Ability The clerical test includes this section to measure your ability to spell correctly. You are given a couple of sentences or a paragraph with some wrong spellings. You are required to find the wrong spelling and spell that correctly. For example, in countries like Germany and Japan, where mobile penetration is highest, most message saying gets done in varnacular. Which word is misspelled in the above given paragraph?

Answer varnacular should be vernacular

Question If you rearrange the letters "ANICH", you would have the name of a/an: a) Country b) Ocean c) State d) City e) Animal

Answer China - Country

1. Which diagram results from folding the diagram on the left?

Correct answer: A

2. Which of the cubes is the same as the unfolded cube below?





Correct answer: A

3. Which one of the Rubik's cube below can be part of the sequence?






1. Pick the piece that's missing from the diagram below A B Correct answer: A



2. Which figure is the odd one out?

Correct answer: D

3. Which of the following figures is the odd one out?

Correct answer: A

4.Which of the following figures is the odd one out?

Correct answer: C

5. How many four sided shapes does this diagram have?A. 5-10 B. 11-15 C. 16-20 D. 21-25 E. 26-30

Correct answer: E

Pattern recognitionOut of all mental abilities this type of intelligence is said to have the highest correlation with the general intelligence factor, g. This is primarily because pattern recognition is the ability to see order in a chaotic environment; the primary condition for life. Patterns can be found in ideas, words, symbols and images and pattern recognition is a key determinant of your potential in logical, verbal, numerical and spatial abilities. It is essential for reasoning because your capacity to think logically is based on your perception of the logic around you. Your pattern recognition skills are expressed verbally through your long term exposure to language and your mathematical and spatial abilities are based on your perception of numerical data and 3D objects

1. Find the picture that follows logically from the diagrams to the right.

Correct answer: A

2. Find the picture that follows logically from the diagrams to the right.

Correct answer: C

3. Please enter the missing figure: 4, 5, 8, 17, 44, A. 80 B. 125 C. 112 D. 60 E. 84Correct answer: B Explanation: The difference between the numbers follows the series 1,3,9,27,81

4. Please enter the missing figure: 13, 57, 911, 1315, 1719 A. 2123 B. 1879 C. 3002 D. 5004 E. 1784Correct answer: A Explanation: All odd numbers in a series.

5. Which of the diagrams follows?

Correct answer: A Explanation: All the characters are letters back to back (C,D,E,F)