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Programme designed for Mess Up The Mess Theatre. It utilised a two colour print, which saved costs, but also looked beautiful.

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  • Tour DatesSeptember 2011

    2/3rd September, Ammanford Miners Theatre, 7.30pm

    5th September, Swansea Grand Theatre, 7.30pm

    6th September, Carmarthen Lyric Theatre, 7.30pm

    8th September, The Melville Theatre Abergavenny, 7.30pm

    10th September, Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

    13th September, Ammanford Miners Theatre, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

  • 2 CLICK

    Strangers2 is an

    international script writing and

    performance project involving collaboration

    between young people and professional

    artists from Wales, New Zealand, Australia

    and Hong Kong. Using multi-media and

    communications technology, young people

    have connected on a global scale, exploring

    their cultural landscapes and celebrating

    diversity through theatre. The project

    has been led by Mess Up The Mess Theatre

    Company LTD in Wales with delivery

    partnerships through Australian Theatre

    for Young People, Hong Kong Academy of

    Performing Arts and Inspired Productions

    in New Zealand.

    The journey began the moment

    the Strangers project curtains closed in

    Feb 2008 and we at Mess Up The Mess Theatre

    Company, inspired by an initial attempt

    at international collaboration over the

    internet, began looking for new partners

    to create a new Strangers2 programme. What

    wonderful and diverse partners we did find!

    Hong Kong Academy of Theatre Arts is such an

    amazing and dynamic organisation providing

    first class higher education and reaching

    out to the community by engaging in cutting

    edge programmes. When we visited in April

    2010 with our Peer Leaders we were blown

    away by their resources, wonderful staff

    and committed and talented young people.

    Around our Strangers table we also have the

    Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney

    who provide a very real training ground for

    the Australian theatre industry and Inspired

    Productions, a small but pioneering youth

    arts organisations based in Nelson,

    New Zealand.

    All the organisations

    differences including the languages we work

    within has made for some creative challenges

    that have gradually shaped the project.

    The initial project camp

    in Hong Kong enabled us to find a method

    of working that meant it was possible

    to work collaboratively but in line with

    organisations differing needs. It was at

    this camp that we devised a series of on-

    line creative challenges designed to inspire

    the dramatic content for two very different

    final productions. Each group was asked to

    respond to the projects theme with poetry,

    characters, video, movement and song. The work

    created was showcased on a project blog and

    has inspired the full length English language

    script written Click by Dafydd James and an

    abstract performance piece performed by the

    young people in Hong Kong. The productions

    are inspired by the same source material and

    feature multi-media art that has been created

    collaboratively between all 4 groups.





    Character development


    Song writing

    Script development

    Rehearsal technique



    Technical theatre

    Stage management

    Costume design


  • 3 CLICK

    On reflection, I can honestly

    say that this has been one of the most

    stimulating devising processes I have ever

    been part of. It has certainly been one of the

    craziest, but that, as the young people of Mess

    up the Mess well know, is not necessarily a bad

    thing: the mess that such craziness brings can

    often be creative. It all began with a trip to

    Hong Kong, followed by a series of workshops

    in music, film, character creation, poetry and

    movement across three continents, and countless

    e mail/Skype/MSN interactions with the young

    people in Australia, Hong Kong, Wales and New

    Zealand. We even interacted in character via

    chat, developing scenes across space and time

    zones. In Wales, I had the honour of working

    with a variety of groups: the Ethnic Youth

    Support Team, the Carmarthenshire Barnados

    Young Carers group, the Rising Stars Theatre

    Company, 2active8 and the Monkton Priory

    Project. It was always going to be a challenge

    to creatively represent such a wide-spectrum of

    communities, whilst avoiding the didacticism

    that might accompany any play that engages with

    youth issues. If the play succeeds to strike

    that balance I have my young teachers to thank,

    if it fails, the fault is all mine!

    Everything that we developed

    together was uploaded onto the projects

    blog (created by Carolina Vasquez, whos

    wizard-like skills in film and projection

    have certainly extended the creative

    horizons of the play). Click has evolved

    directly from that blog but the play is

    equally about the process which led to its

    creation: the international relationships

    that were forged, the problems and

    advantages which come with communicating

    via the Internet, the highs and lows

    of negotiating cultural similarities

    and differences. It is both created and

    inspired by the young people that I have

    encountered over the last two years; it

    is very much their play. Finally, I am

    sure all the young people involved in the

    project wont mind me turning the spotlight

    for a moment onto Sarah Jones and Peri

    Thomas, without whom Mess up the Mess nor

    Click would have existed. It is a privilege

    to know you and though you do not want it,

    you never get the praise you deserve.

    Im glad that when we encountered each

    other, we Clicked



    "As a Latin American living in Wales it has been fantastic for me to get the opportunity to

    work on 'Click' with such a diversity of cultures, languages and ethnicities. Mess Up The

    Mess have, once again, managed to create a production where young people get the opportunity

    to learn new skills and discover what they're good at. I have definitely learnt lots creating

    the digital media for 'Click'. The biggest challenge for me was to use, create and treat

    social networks in a way that was realistic for young people- spelling mistakes and all!

    Social media is such an important part of our lives

    and I'm very excited to see how it all comes together on stage."

    CAROLINA VASQUES Multi-Media Artist

  • 4 CLICK

    Tonight has been a long time

    coming! What started life as the Strangers2

    project a creative collaboration with young

    people and professional artists from around the

    world has, as intended, finally given birth to

    a play that is being performed over the next

    month in 3 countries around the world!

    The aim of this project

    was to write, rehearse and perform one play

    inspired by a collective process (previous

    MUTM international collaborations have led to

    sharing the process but not the full final

    product) and this was a big enough challenge

    without the added pressure of making it

    entertaining, relevant and engaging for

    young people and audiences around the world.

    Dafydd has super-exceeded these expectations,

    including those of the young people engaged

    in the project, and created a play that is

    honest, relevant,

    funny and challenging. I hope that our play,

    while presenting the reality of the world

    in which young people live, celebrates the

    tenacity of youth, at a time when society

    is in danger of marginalising young people

    further, particularly those most at risk of

    slipping through the net.

    It is both refreshing and

    scary to direct a play that so clearly

    explores youth culture. This reality is not

    often one which adults are invited to be

    part of, so while I hope our young people in

    the audience connect with the play I also

    challenge adults to listen, watch and be

    open with what they have to share. Dafydd has

    grasped the voices of the young people we

    have encountered on our journey and it is a

    huge honour to present this production this


    As I write this note two

    weeks before opening night, my mind is a

    little bit blown away by the concept that

    three other wonderful youth theatres around

    the world are sharing the same journey as us

    right about now!


    Artistic Director

    Mess Up The Mess & Strangers 2 Project

    South West Wales

  • 5 CLICK


    Natasha Nicholls /// Stage Manager

    Katy Stephenson /// Lighting Mentor

    Charlotte Neville /// Designer Mentor

    Jess Hughes /// Deputy Stage Manager

    William Harley /// Sound

    Robyn Elias /// Sound

    Jacob Thomas /// Lighting Tech

    Cei Jordan /// Lighting Tech

    Cerian Wilshere /// Costume

    Jade Lewis /// Costume

    Ellis Davies /// Projection

    Amy Davies /// Props /// Set


    Alex Griffiths

    India Marsh

    Jacob Tho