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Closing Ceremonies

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Closing Ceremonies. Instructions. We will have five rounds of questions. Each team will send up a representative one at a time to answer a multiple choice question from an old AP exam. For each correct answer, your team receives one point. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies

InstructionsWe will have five rounds of questions.

Each team will send up a representative one at a time to answer a multiple choice question from an old AP exam.For each correct answer, your team receives one point.

If you get the question wrong, you do not receive the point and that player is eliminated.

You may not repeat a player until the fifth round.Round 1In a federal system, political power is primarilyVested in local governmentVested in the regional governmentsVested in the central governmentDivided between the central government and regional governmentsDivided between regional governments and local governmentsRegistered voters directly elect which of the following:I. The President and Vice PresidentII. Supreme Court justicesIII. SenatorsIV. Representatives I onlyIV onlyI and III, III, and IVIII and IVMost of the individual protections of the Bill of Rights apply to the states because of the Supreme Courts interpretation of the ConstitutionsFourteenth AmendmentNecessary and proper clauseSupremacy clauseTenth AmendmentFourth AmendmentA state has 11 electoral votes. In a presidential election, the Democratic candidate receives 48 percent of the states popular vote, the Republican candidate receives 40 percent of the vote, and an independent candidate receives 12 percent of the vote.

If the state is similar to most other states, how will the electoral votes be allocated?The Democratic candidate will receive 6 electoral votes, the Republican 4, and the independent 2.The Democratic candidate will receive 6 electoral votes and the Republican 5.The Democratic candidate will receive all 11 electoral votes.The House of Representatives will determine the allocation of electoral votes.The votes will not be allocated until there has been a run-off election and a candidate receives a majority of the votes.Which of the following form an iron triangle?President, Congress, Supreme CourtPresident, Senate Majority Leader, Speaker of the HouseInterest group, Senate Majority Leader, House Majority LeaderExecutive department, House Majority Leader, PresidentExecutive department, Congressional committee, interest groupThe establishment clause in the First Amendment does which of the following?Guarantees freedom of speech to all citizensPrevents prior restraint of the pressProhibits the setting up of a state churchDefines the concept of dual citizenshipAllows citizens to enter freely into contracts with other citizensGriswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade are similar cases in that both are based onRights of gay men and lesbian womenRight of privacyRight to an abortionRight to freedom from cruel and unusual punishmentRight of women to equal protection before the lawWhich of the following principles is most fundamental to democratic theory?

Free elections and suffrageMinority ruleUniversal public educationPolitical PartiesA written constitutionRound 2Which of the following is an example of checks and balances, as established by the Constitution?A requirement that the states lower the legal drinking age to 18 in order to receive funds through federal highway grant programs.Media criticism of public officials during an election campaign period.The Supreme Courts ability to overturn a lower court decision.The requirement that presidential appointments to the Supreme Court be approved by the Senate.The election of the President by the electoral college rather than by direct election.The primary function of political action committees (PACs) is toServe as fund-raising organization for challengers.Provide members of Congress with unbiased information regarding proposed legislationConsult with the President regarding domestic policyEncourage broader participation in politics among the electorateRaise campaign funds to support favored candidates.The role of a conference committee in Congress is toHold hearings on proposed legislationOversee the actions of the executive branch of the governmentDecide which bills should be considered by the full SenateConduct hearings that make information available to the publicReconcile differences in bills passed by the House and SenatePresidents have had the most success in changing the direction of decisions of the federal judiciary byThreatening to ask Congress to impeach specific judgesUsing the media to build consensus for the Presidents positionUsing the appointment process to select judges with judicial philosophies similar to the PresidentRequesting that Congress reduce the term of office that judges may servePressuring Congress to pass the appropriate legislation to override judicial opinions.

Which of the following groups believes that bargaining and compromise are essential to a democracy?

ElitistsPluralistsIndependentsDemocratsRepublicansWhich of the following is true about the right of free speech, as currently interpreted by the Supreme Court?It protects the right to express opinions even without the use of actual words It protects the use of language deemed obscene by the courtsIt allows citizens to disobey laws that they believe to be unjust.It is protected from infringement by the federal government but not from infringement by the state governments.It cannot be limited in any manner.

Congressional standing committees are best described asSpecifically appointed investigative bodiesJoint committees of the two houses of CongressCommittees created for each sessionPermanent subject-matter committeesAdvisory staff agencies.

In McCullough v. Maryland, the Supreme Court established which of the following principles?States cannot interfere with or tax the legitimate activities of the federal government.The judicial branch cannot intervene in political disputes between the President and CongressThe federal Bill of Rights places no limitations on the states.The federal government has the power to regulate commerce.It is within the judiciarys authority to interpret the constitution.

Round 3When selecting a vice-presidential candidate, a presidential nominee is usually concerned primarily with choosing a running mate whoHas significant commercial wealthAdds balance and appeal to the national ticketComes from the same ideological wing of the party as the PresidentCan serve as the most important domestic policy advisor to the presidentCan effectively preside over the Senate

22Which of the following statements reflects an action taken by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention?I. Setting a date for the abolition of slavery in the NorthII. Outlawing the future importing of slaves.III. Setting a number for counting slaves for representation purposes

I onlyII onlyI, II, and IIII and III onlyII and III onlySupreme Court justices were given tenure subject to good behavior by the framers of the Constitution in order to ensure thatJustices are free from direct political pressuresJustices remain accountable to the publicJustices are encouraged to make politically popular decisionsCooperation between the judicial and legislative branches is assuredPresidents are encouraged to seek younger nominees for the Supreme Court

Which of the following generalizations about group voting tendencies in true?Jewish voters tend to vote RepublicanProtestants voters tend to be more liberal than Catholics on economic issuesMore women than men identify themselves as RepublicansRural voters are more likely to support Democratic candidates than are urban votersAfrican American Democrats tend to support the more liberal candidates within their party.

A corporate lobbyist would be LEAST likely to have an informal discussion about a pending policy matter with which of the following?A member of the House in whose district the corporation has a plantA member of the White House staff concerned about the issueA member of the staff of Senate committee handling a matter of concern to the corporationA journalist for a major newspaper concerned about the issueA federal judge in whose court a case important to the corporation is being heard.

Which of the following is a significant trend in the presidential nominating process over the past three decades?Replacement of national party conventions by national primaries for each partyIncreasing importance of presidential primaries rather than state conventionsA sharply declining role for political action committees (PACs)Decreasing cost of campaignsIncreasing control by political party leaders over outcomes

Which of the following statements about Congress is true?Members of Congress only occasionally are interested in and pay attention to constituents.The legislative process is frequently lengthy, decentralized, and characterized by compromises and bargainingLobbyists and political action committees (PACs) successfully induce most members of Congress to trade their votes for campaign contributionsThe growth in the size of Congress as an organization is the principal cause of growth in the federal budget deficitDebate in both houses is structured by elaborate rules enacted by leaders of the majority party.

Which of the following is articulated in the War Powers Resolution?The President may declare war.The President must finance any war efforts from a special contingency fund.The President must bring troops home from hostilities within 60 to 90 days unless Congress extends the time.The President may not nationalize state militias without congressional consent.The President may not send troops into hostilities without a declaration of war from Congress or a resolution from the United Nations.

Round 4The committee system is more important in the House than in the Senate becauseThe seniority system plays no role in the House and therefore committees must play a larger roleThe Constitution mandates the type of committee structure in the HouseCommittee members are appointed by the PresidentTh

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