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Cloud-based Facile Field Data Collection Kazuki Kobayashi Shinshu Univ. (Japan) Yasunori Saito Shinshu Univ. (Japan)

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Cloud-based FacileField Data CollectionKazuki Kobayashi Shinshu Univ. (Japan)Yasunori Saito Shinshu Univ. (Japan)12BackgroundSHINSHU UNIVERSITYICT agriculture for high quality and increase of productionField monitoring systems for precision agriculture

Garcia-Sanchez11Hirafuji 05Lee 10Riquelme 09

2First of all, let me explain the background of our research.There are some researches about ICT agriculture for high quality and increase of production.They developed field monitoring systems like this.3Problem and ApproachSHINSHU UNIVERSITYSmall farmers worriesComputer skillsInitial costsEffort for maintenance Approach:Very easy field data collectionwith commercial items and popular Web services3However, there is small farmers worry.There are many small and older farmers in Japan.They need field monitoring system, but they feel it is out of proportion to the benefit.Their worries are computer skills, initial costs, and effort for maintenance.Here, we propose a very easy field data collection with using commercial items and popular Web services.4Devices and Cloud ServicesSHINSHU UNIVERSITYDSLR Camera(EOS Kiss X4)Wi-Fi SD Card(Eye-Fi)Micro Controller(Arduino, Ether Shield)Photo MOS RelayTemperature SensorPhoto Sharing(Flickr)Text data Sharing(Twitter)Job Scheduler(Google Apps Script)DevicesCloud ServicesWi-Fi Converter4This slide shows devices and cloud services we used.The devices include Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera and Micro controller.The cloud services include Flickr, Twitter, and Google Apps Script.5Digital Single Lens Reflex CameraSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

Canon EOS Kiss X4 with 18-55 mm lens ($540)5Id like to introduce devices.We used Canon EOS Kiss X4 because we want to collect high-definition images.

6SD Memory Card with Wi-Fi capabilitiesSHINSHU UNIVERSITYEye-Fi Pro X2 8GB + Wi-Fi ($105)

6This is the SD memory card with Wi-Fi capabilities.It can automatically send image files to a cloud service such as Flickr and Picasa.7Micro ControllerSHINSHU UNIVERSITYArduino UNO ($29)

Ethernet Shield($45)

7A micro controller, Arduino controls the camera shutter and posts sensor data to Twitter through the ethernet Shield.8Wi-Fi ConverterSHINSHU UNIVERSITYPlanex MZK-RP150N ($29)

8This is a small Wi-Fi converter.It connects the arduino ethernet shield.9Photo MOS Relay and Temperature SensorSHINSHU UNIVERSITYPanasonic Electric WorksAQY214EH ($4)National SemiconductorLM61BIZ ($1)

9We used photo MOS Relay to control the camera remote release switch.A temperature sensor, LM61, can sense a minus thirty to plus one hundred degrees Celsius.10DevicesSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

10This slide shows the overview of the connected devices.The system is simple and easy to setup.11HousingSHINSHU UNIVERSITYHand made housing

11When we use the system on a farm, a housing like this is needed.12TwitterSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

Arduino automatically poststemperature informationto Twitter as text data

12From this slide, Id like to introduce cloud services.Arduino automatically posts a temperature data to Twitter.Users can see the list of temperature on a Twitter client like this.A tweet includes date, time and temperature.13Code for Twitter Posting and Camera ControlSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

Controls the camera focus and the shutterPosts the temperature value to Twitter after converting a sensor value to temperature13We developed an arduino code to control the camera shutter and post temperature value to Twitter.The code turns on and off the two photo MOS relay, read the temperature sensors voltage, and then post the converted value to Twitter.14FlickrSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

Eye-Fi sends photos to Flickr

14Flickr is a popular website that provides an image hosting service.It costs $24 per year with unlimited photo uploads.The camera image is automatically send to Flickr through Eye-fi SD card.Users can see the thumbnail images and high-definition images on a Web browser.

15Google Apps ScriptSHINSHU UNIVERSITYApps Script constantly watches Twitter (temperature) and Flickr (photos)Captures the temperature information and posts it to the photo on Flickr as a commentThe script finds the photo which is taken at the same time as the temperature15We developed a Google Apps Script to integrate the temperature data and the image data.It watches the update status of Twitter and Flickr.When it detects their update, it captures temperature information from Twitter.It searches the Flickr image that has the same time stamp as the temperature information and then it posts the temperature to the image as a comment.16Data FlowSHINSHU UNIVERSITYFlickrWi-Fi SD Card(Eye-Fi)Micro Controller(Arduino, Ether Shield)Wi-Fi ConverterGoogle Apps ScriptTwittertemperatureupdateinfo.temperaturephotocontrol signalupdateinfo.DSLR Camera(EOS Kiss X4)16This is the data flow diagram.First, a photo and a temperature value are send to Flickr and Twitter, respectively.Next, Google Apps Script detects their update and posts temperature value from Twitter to Flickr.

17Flickr with Temperature dataSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

17The apps script integrates temperature data and image data like this.So, users can see the image and the temperature on the same Web page.

18Graph Viewer -- Chrome ExtensionSHINSHU UNIVERSITY18In addition, we developed two original application as Google Chrome extension.First one is the Graph Viewer.The popup window appears when an icon on the browser toolbar is clicked.

19Graph Viewer -- Chrome ExtensionSHINSHU UNIVERSITYfromFlickrfromTwitter19It shows images from Flickr and a temperature graph from Twitter.When a mouse cursor is moved on the graph, the image is quickly changed.It provides integrated view of time series data.20Comment Manager -- Chrome ExtensionSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

20Next one is comment manager.21Comment Manager -- Chrome ExtensionSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

Add to Flickr commentFrom Flickr commentIt behaves asFlickr wrapper21It behaves as Flickr wrapper.It shows a temperature value, an image, and comments.An authorized user can add comments like this.Users can easily access the collected data and manage comments without visiting Flickr page.22ConclusionSHINSHU UNIVERSITY

Cloud service based field data collection methodCloud cooperation anddata integrationLow initial costLow maintenance effortDevelop a packaged device and provide it to small farmers22Id like to conclude my presentation.We proposed a cloud service based field data collection method and built a test system.It achieved cloud service cooperation and data integration at low initial cost and low maintenance effort.In the next step of this study, we will develop a packaged device and provide it to small farmers in Japan.I hope this system will help them.Thank you very much for your attention.