Cloud Computing - A Crash Course

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Did a 20 min speech and presented these slides for a group of business owner in 4_2010.


<ul><li> 1. TVG Consulting<br />Copyright 2009 Consulting, INC. TVG <br />Cloud Computing<br />What is it ?<br />Presented by Garett Chipman<br /><br />Office | 818-579-7370<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Whatis Cloud Computing?<br />Migration or establishing:<br />Businesss IT infrastructure, services,<br />Applications, technical processes -<br />And placing those responsibilities and <br />Maintenanceinto what is called a hosted <br />environment in theinternet for a fixed price, <br />allowing for scale ofgrowth or flexibility of a <br />companies needs.<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br /> 3. Type of Cloud Solutions:<br />Exchange Email hosting<br />Hosted Services and Files<br />SalesForce(free): <br />Starbucks using for client retention patterns<br />Google Apps - free<br />Facebook - free<br />Twitter / linked In.<br />Billing and accounting services(online quickbooks)<br />Office applications<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br /> 4. Ok. What some benefits of Cloud computing?<br />AssetsvsExpenses<br />Standard computingis and asset,Cloud computing is an expense.<br />Growth and fast scalability<br />Cloud Allows smaller companies to grow on-demand within minutes<br />Cloud is easier to compete with larger competitors<br />Unlimited storage needs for whole company. No hardware upgrades needed<br />Cloud allows you to Pay as you Go model<br />You pay only what you use.<br />Monthly fixed cost.<br />Very affordable for small businesses.<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br /> 5. Which is for you?<br />Typical on-site computing<br />Want to own the asset for write offs.<br />Want their data at their offices<br />Want more control of their environment<br />Access data from anywhere<br />Not sure of cloud computing benefits.<br />Cannot be down / no backup internet or remote offices<br />For users between 5- 10,000 users<br />Cloud Computing<br />Pay as you go model / add or subtract users on the fly Flexible growth.<br />No upfront costs. Very affordable<br />Support is included in what you pay monthly for.<br />Access data from anywhere<br />Budget conscience flat cost.<br />For users between: <br />For Cloud Apps: 1 25 , Hosted Exchange: 1-500,Virtual computing: 5-25,<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br /> 6. How does it apply to me and my small business?<br />Cloud is here and not going away<br />Merrill Lynch: 2012 = annual global market for cloud computing to surge to $95 billion (Microsoft=$51 bil, Google=$16 bil, Amazon=$14 bil, Yahoo=$7 bil)<br />If you have a business between 5-25 employees and you <br />meet the following:<br />New or existing business<br />Service industry related: <br />Sales teams / Mobile presentation needs / access to client data<br />Real Estate / Construction / Retail / Insurance / PR/Marketing<br />Concerned about budget<br />Dont want to wait for IT guy to come fix your issues<br />Hassel free applications.<br />Have all users access to all files, calendars meetings, documents, emails, mobility 24.7 NO EXCUSES.<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br /> 7. Example of all-in-one solution<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />TVG Consulting = Your Trusted IT Business Advisor<br /> 8. TVG Consulting - FACTS<br /><br />Office | 818-579-7370<br />Been a Managed Services Provider since 2005.<br />Profitable the 1st year providing MSP services.<br />Nominated Top 250 Managed Services Provider in North America in 2009<br />Partners: Microsoft Certified Partner / Dell Gold Reseller / HP provider /Sonicwall / Ingram Micro/ Cisco /MSP Partners / OWN Web now / AhSay / Vault Logix / Exchange Defender<br />Provides remote Managed Services anywhere in North America with the ability to be on-site for physical support in 2-4 hours.<br />TVG Consulting<br />OnGuard IT<br />.<br /></p>


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