Cloud Computing and Digital Libraries - Keynote

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<ul><li><p>Cloud Computing and Digital LibrariesFirst perspectives on a future technological alliance</p><p>Pedro Lopes | | PDEI - Seminars | Jan 23, 2009</p></li><li><p>Outline</p><p> Internet Cloud-Computing Digital Libraries Issues</p><p> Services</p><p> Digital Data Storage</p><p> Cloud Libraries</p></li><li><p>Internet</p><p>[]</p></li><li><p>[]</p><p> Internet has changed, it is the platform for everything Accessible</p><p> Anywhere</p><p> Anytime</p><p> Everyone</p><p> Applications run in the browser</p><p> Entertainment: Hi5, Facebook, IMDb...</p><p> Productivity: Office Live, Google Apps...</p><p> Everything-as-a-service</p><p> Internet is the Cloud</p><p>Cloud Computing [Motivation]</p><p>How do novel applications work within the cloud?</p></li><li><p> GRID &gt; Virtualization &gt; Cloud</p><p>Cloud Computing [Architecture]</p><p>[]</p></li><li><p>Cloud Computing [Benefits]</p><p> Resource flexibility Improve service level and availability</p><p> Pay for what you use Cost saving, leveraging economies of scale</p><p> Rapid prototyping and market testing Increased speed to market</p><p> Self-service deployment Reduce lock-in and switching costs</p></li><li><p>Digital Libraries</p><p> Store information in the digital world Digital knowledge</p><p> Make it available online With some restrictions</p><p> Issues Lack of services / functionalities</p><p> Difficulties digital data storage</p><p>Data Storage &amp; Infrastructures</p><p>Get the data IN</p><p>Get the data OUT</p></li><li><p>Services [Problem]</p><p> Theres an enormous amount of data But theres a lack in advanced functionalities</p><p> What can we do with the data? Search</p><p> View</p><p> What new services? Information mining</p><p> Advanced queries</p><p> Semantics</p></li><li><p>Services [Solution]</p><p> Services can be easily created in the correct frameworks Cloud-Computing</p><p> Built-in framework</p><p> Easy development of new services</p><p> Increases momentum in the developer community</p><p> Faster testing and deployment</p><p> More processing power</p></li><li><p>Digital Data Storage [Problem]</p><p> Digital data Preservation</p><p> Component failures</p><p> Obsolescence</p><p> Attacks</p><p> Natural disasters</p><p> Distribution</p><p> Availability</p><p> Heterogeneity</p><p> Scalability</p><p> Authenticity</p></li><li><p>Digital Data Storage [Solution]</p><p> Preservation issues may be solved with distributed environments Cloud-computing</p><p> Built-in architecture</p><p> Distributed</p><p> Every single data bit is replicated</p><p> Metadata</p><p> Geographic distribution Scalability</p><p> Better availability is assured</p></li><li><p>Cloud Libraries [Conclusions]</p><p> Information is the most important component We shouldnt care about anything else</p><p> Leave that to the cloud-computing environment</p><p> Service development</p><p> Distributed architecture</p><p> Metadata</p><p> Digital libraries and cloud-computing are a perfect match Create a digital library based on a cloud computing operating environment</p><p> Microsoft Azure Services</p><p> Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud</p><p> Google App Engine</p></li><li><p>Questions?</p></li><li><p>Thank You</p></li></ul>