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    We use the cloud every day. Your friends, children, parents and grandparents do, too, but they may not know it.

    Cloud computing plays a role in everyones lives in some way whether its checking a bank account balance, posting to Facebook or Twitter, making purchases online, streaming movies or getting a prescription filled at a pharmacy. Even a phone call to the Internal Revenue Service to inquire about your tax return involves someone accessing your records in the cloud.

    So how do you answer when youre asked what cloud computing isin terms theyll understand?

    Check out the Cloud At-A-Glance, which includes an infographic and talk track, for a high-level snapshot of cloud computing that can help you better understand and explain cloud computing. The simple language is designed to help novices and seasoned cloud experts talk about the cloud in basic terms.





    GLOBAL POWER Using almost any device, users applications can connect to our global network of world-class data centers.

    A high-speed network, combined with easy access to data and applications, lets people run their business the same way they shop, bank and communicate.

    PERFECT PRECISION Users can deploy the exact amount of resources needed, breaking free from the scalability limitations of traditional computing.

    UNMATCHED AGILITYUsers deploy servers to scale up or roll back capacity almost instantly as requirements change. This allows businesses to keep up with evolving market demands.

    CONTROLLING COSTS The cloud is always available, offers unmatched economies of scale and can deliver the exact amount of computing power required. Users pay only for what they need.



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